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Fight against COVID with T cell Immunity.

 Coronavirus pandemic make everyone aware of their won health, there are many research papers has published to show how you can improve your immunity system so that you can create a strong immunity against coronavirus.

According to biology, the human body has had a strong immunity to the system that fights against any outsider to defend our life and our wealth?

 How our immunity works what are the parts of immunity and how complicated works our body has to do to protect us against outsiders.

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Parts of the immunity system

Immunity system is a defense system of the body that helps to identified pathogens virus and other toxic cells and then they kill them with killer T cells lets understand the parts of our immunity system

There are two main components of our immunity system

Innate immunity system and adaptive immune system



                                                             Components of the immune system

Innate immune system


Adaptive immune system

Response is non-specific


Pathogen and antigen-specific response

Composed of leukocytes


Composed of antigens, B cells, T cells

Exposure leads to immediate maximal response


Lag time between exposure and maximal response

Cell-medicated and humeral components


Cell-mediated and humeral components

No immunological memory


Exposure leads to immunological memory

Found in nearly all forms of life


Found only in jawed vertebrates



These both are the main components of our defense system and works to identified self and non-self molecules.

T Cells

T cells build up with subcells and work as killer cells that kill damage, infected cells, or dysfunctional cells. T cells work with B cells and they have the ability to identified antigens and can activate auto to kills damaged cells. When T cells find any virus affected cells they release cytotoxins, and filled the plasma membrane into damaged cells and finally kills the damaged cells. In medical language, it is called CD8.

T cell further divides into helper cells, without helper cell t cell unable to manage all the activates. This T cell helper is just like a volunteer they don’t have the power to kill damaged cells but they can inform about damaged cells to take further action.

Further this T cell helper divide sub-parts which is known as Gamma Delta T cells.

Further T cells work with B cells and jointly they control our defense system to replicate any pathogens to produces there offspring which live life long in a body to identify any pathogens, and react strongly if they find them in the future. This is an adaptive system and can be as a form of either passive short-term memory or Active long term memory.


A new research show some proof that can help you to understand about your immunity system and there working procedures, According to a paper published in cell, infection or natural exposure to the novel coronavirus may prevent recurrent episodes of severe COVID-19. This happens as once infected with SARS-COV-2, the immune system evokes robust, broad and highly functional memory T cell responses.


According to the study, the SARS-COV-2 specific t cells are found even in the family members of people who have been exposed to the virus and have tested negative on the antibody blood test. These cells were also seen in convalescent individuals who have a history of asymptomatic cove infection.

All the categories of people who have recovered from moderate to severe COVID 19 infection, in the convalescent phase after mild or severe disease or exposed to family members, exhibited, robust memory T cell responses months after infection, even in the absence of detectable circulating antibodies specific for SARS-COV-2. Claims the study.

The scientists were able to detect the similar memory T cell response directed against the internal and surface proteins of the virus in people in whom the SARS-COV2 specific antibodies could not be detected.

This means that seroprevalence as and indicator may underestimate the extent of immunity in the population, say, scientists.

The dissociation of antibodies (its absence) and a robust T cell response is noteworthy. It reinforces how much we miss by focusing on antibodies out of convenience since T cells response is only assessed in research labs, says Research Director and Founder, Scripps Research Translational Institute

Studies found that once infected, even the animals were fully protected from reinjection. To date, no case of reinfection has been found in the world, whether they recovered from mild or severe COVID infection or were completely asymptomatic.

Antibodies may not be detectable in people who have mild symptoms or were completely asymptomatic. At the same time, the SARS-COV-2 specific T cells were found in the humans that have been infected.

The study.

The team of researchers characterized different T cells in 206 people including people who have recovered from moderate or severe disease and convalescent individuals and healthy blood donors.

The study was small and had limited clinical follow-ups thus it cannot be completely claimed that robust memory T cell response can protect against severe COVID-19 infection. However, the 2002 SARS a MERS induced potent memory T cell response that persists even when antibody responses wane.

When the antibodies wane with time, the robust T cell memory formed after SARS-COV-2 infection, potent adaptive immunity is maintained, which provides protection against the severe re-infection with the virus.


The human body is the most complex device ever know by the scientists and further inventions are running to know new information about humans' body what can do.

This body is like your country as our country feel safe with their security forces, army, military, and another support system they always ready to defend any hardships our body works the same.

Immunity system and building a strong system is not a ordinary things some of us thinks that if we eat healthy food our immunity will increase but it is not true always.

Immunity system is a procedure of performance as according to time periods of your body’s movements

Sleeping and rest can affect our immunity system if you are not taking proper rest it can decrease the production of antibody which further shows a slow immune response in your body.

So wants to keep healthy then take proper rest to defeat your diseases and help your body army to produce a proper amount of antibody in your body.

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