What Cause vaginal Itching Swelling & Solution

Vaginal swelling and itching are everyday problems for those who like to make an unhealthy relationships and mostly indulge in more than one partner for mating. Do you have this similarity? Then be careful while making a relationship? or use home remedies for vaginal itching treatment.

What is the vagina?

vaginal swelling

The vagina is a women’s genital part which is known as groin, crotch, and many more names according to geolocation. But here we have to understand its part. A women's vagina is a complicated organ that has many parts to do different works and make women healthy and also provide organisms during mating.

Parts of vagina


    Causes of swelling




Mons pubis


Vestibular bulbs




Labia majora


Vulvar vestibule,




Labia minora


Urinary meatus






Vaginal opening


Skene’s  vestibular gland



When we search for vaginal swelling or swelling of labia then we must have to understand its parts and their works. I mean to understand how the vagina protects itself from swelling, itching, irritation, infection, and many more health issues that cause vaginal swelling and itching.

Vagina has many parts but the labia are the most sensitive parts that are responsible to protect your vagina to be infected with any infection that leads to swelling your vagina.

Labia has two parts that are known as external labia and internal labia. For your better understanding, you may think that your labia are just like your lips, as we have upper and lower lips that help us to protect our mouth to enter any unwanted entry.

The upper labia is known as labia Majora, it is just like a curve skin that appears outside of your vagina The lower labia is known as labia minora and it is the internal parts of your vagina and both of them have the same works to protect your vagina from unwanted irritation swelling infection in the vagina or any parts of your vagina.

Human labial is different in size according to woman to woman and also responsible for vaginal swelling, allergies, cysts, and other vaginal health issues let's understand about size of the labia according to this chart that is designed by researchers from the Department of  Gynecology, Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospital, London in (2004).



    Mean {standard deviation}

Clitoral length (mm)


5.0 - 35.0


19.1 [8.7]

Clitoral glands width (mm)


3.0 – 10.0


5.5 [1.7]

Clitoris to the urethra (mm)


16.0 – 45.0


28.5 [7.1]

Labia majora length (cm)


7.0 – 12.0


9.3 [1.3]

Labia minora length (mm)


20.0 – 100


60.6 [17.2]

Labia minora width (mm)


7.0 – 50.0


21.8 [9.4]

Perineum length (mm)


15.0 – 55.0


31.3 [8.5]

Vaginal length (cm)


6.5 – 12.5


9.6 [1.5]

Tanner Stage (n)





Tanner stage (n)





Color of the genital area

Compared to the surrounding skin (n)

Same color



Color of the genital area compared to the surrounding skin (n)

Darker color







Rugosity of the labia (n)


Smooth (unwrinkled)



Rugosity of the labia (n)


Moderately wrinkled



Rugosity of the labia (n)


Markedly wrinkled



It’s natural for the labia to vary in size from woman to woman and even from one side of the labia to the other.

What are the symptoms of vaginal swelling?

·        Genital itching or burning

·        Discharge from the vaginal area

·        A fishy smell

·        A small bump on the labia

·        Pain when walking or sitting


              What causes vaginal swelling?

              As we feel vaginal itching swelling in the vagina or irritation all happen because of this labia that is called external and internal labia but don’t think that they are alone responsible for this swelling of the vagina. there are some more causes that are associated with this labia to arouse your vaginal swelling or labia swelling and they are.



               Yeast infections


              According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 3 out of 4 women will have a yeast infection at some point during their lifetimes. Yeast infection is a common issue it appears because of the overgrowth of yeast in your vagina mostly called Candida fungi and further causes swelling, itching, burning, irritation, and pain during mates. Overgrowth of fungi (yeast) imbalances the Ph balance of your vagina which causes these types of health issues. Using antibiotics birth control pills and eating too much sugar in your diet can increase the chances of an imbalance of yeast in your vagina and cause swelling and many more issues. You may see vaginal discharge these are common symptoms of yeast infection.



              Bacterial vaginosis

             Bacterial vaginosis is a post situation of yeast in your vagina it means when your vagina is filled up with yeast and you are facing different types of vaginal issues it is called bacterial vaginosis. A yeast infection turns into bacterial vaginosis when a couple of women have multiple sexes with a new partner or douching. These are the common cause that leads to bacterial vaginosis. These activities diminish good bacteria in your vagina that is quite essential for vaginal health and result we face swelling in the labia.

swelling in labia



              How to find that you have Bacterial Vaginosis


           Bacterial vaginosis has some clear symptoms that would help you to identify that you have bacterial vaginosis secretion from your vagina they are color discharge from your vagina, they may be green, white, gray, or yellow and sometimes it shows some smell odor such as fishy smell if you find these symptoms then you have to go for treatment for bacterial vaginosis.




     According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trichomoniasis (“trich”) is a common sexually transmitted disease that currently affects 3.7 million people. It’s caused by a parasite and in 70 percent of people don’t result in symptoms when symptoms arise, they include swelling, itching, burning of the vaginal region, painful urination, and an extremely fishy vaginal odor.



your your skin comes into contact with something it’s allergic to, it’s likely to swell. So when the labia are irritated by allergies like the perfumes in soap or detergents, latex in condoms, or certain fabrics in clothing, it’s not uncommon for redness and inflammation to occur.


Bartholin’s cyst

Bartholin's cyst is known as Bartholin's cyst after (Caspar Bartholin) who describe accurately this gland in 1677.

A Bartholin's cyst appears when your Bartholin gland is blocked which is situated within the labia and causes swelling on the outside of the vagina and also pain during sex and walking. About 2 percent of women (mostly in their childbearing stage) will get Bartholin’s cysts. Many women won’t know they have a cyst unless it becomes infected. If there is no symptom there is no need for treatment. If the cyst has infected an abscess occurs that is typically red and very painful with swelling to the surrounding area.

The causes of Bartholin’s cyst are unknown but it does not appear by sexually transmitted infection but gonorrhea may be causing this.


Sex without enough lubrication causes a swelling vagina.

 Swelling in the labia or vagina most of the time is directly connected with your sexual activity that has had without any lubrication. Lubrication is an essential part of your sex when we don’t apply lubrication while mating we are inviting vaginal swelling, itching, and irritation to your genital parts.

If you have had a mate then you can understand easily that mating is a work of friction and without proper lubrication, this friction can scratch the soft skin of genital parts and result in swelling pain during intercourse, and other issues.

So don’t forget to use lubrication while you go to formate. How to find good lubrication Here are some guidelines for the best lubrication that help you to protect against labial swelling.


 How is it diagnosed?

 Your doctor (usually a gynecologist) will ask about your medical and sexual history, as well as your symptoms, and then, do a physical exam. A swab or, less commonly, a tissue sample may be taken and sent to a lab to determine if you have an infection, and if so, whether it is bacterial, parasitic, or fungal in nature.

Your doctor will also look for any abnormalities, like a cyst. If there’s any suspicion of vaginal or vulvar cancer, your doctor may perform a biopsy of the tissue.


What is the treatment for vaginal swelling?

 Treatment will largely depend on what’s causing you to have a yeast infection, your doctor may tell you to use over-the-counter (OTC) antifungal creams or prescribe one to you. Bacterial infections may require antibiotics.

If you have common swelling problems because of allergies or yeast that can be treated by hydrocortisone or steroid cream. But you have Bartholin's cyst may not be cured by antibiotics and surgery is the only option to remove this gland to stop developing cancer.

vaginal itching


Self-care and prevention for labia swelling:

 First, find out the main root cause of swelling then you can make some self-care tips to stop swelling or itching your vagina. Use Lukewarm water if problems are due to a cyst and also you can take some painkillers according to your doctor's prescription.

 Avoid douching because it disturbs the good bacteria that help to balance your vaginal Ph balance and mismatches good and bad bacteria and resulting in the loss of good bacteria in your vagina and finally swelling in your vaginal.


·        Don’t wear tight clothing, including tight underwear or confining pantyhose.

·        Don’t use a latex condom

·        Must have good lubrication

·        Ate healthy food like yogurt

·        Don’t use scented products for your vaginal wash

·        Use cotton panty

·        Change your pad to the menstrual cup

In addition, you may want to investigate herbal treatments. In one study a vaginal cream made with garlic and thyme was as effective in relieving vaginal yeast infections as the commonly prescribed antifungal cream clotrimazole.

Tea tree oil, organic coconut oil, and oil of oregano may also be therapeutic, though this hasn’t been proven. Any of these herbal treatments may cause an itchy rash or other symptoms if you’re sensitive to them.


FAQ Related vaginal swelling


Vulvar swelling

Vulvar swelling or vaginal swelling is the same disease that looks different according to its sound. And their main cause is mentioned above if you are suffering from vaginal swelling then you should read this article carefully to understand the main reason for swelling in the labia or vulvar.


How to make the swelling go down from a yeast infection

Yeast infection is a common issue that causes infection swelling in your vulva or labia. If you find your swelling is just because of the overgrowth of yeast that imbalance the vulva Ph and causes itching and swelling in your genital part. You can go with a home remedy for vaginal itching or swelling if your problem is due to yeast.


Vulvar swelling differential diagnosis

vulvar swelling, a genital itching irritation problem, but here you have to know more information about it to diagnose it. Swelling of the vagina is sometimes because of infection or due to yeast candida fungi. If your problems are due to yeast then it diagnoses easily with home remedies or over-the-counter treatment. If your problem is internal and severe it may be diagnosed by some specialists and can be treated by operation so don’t foul play with your genital parts and make them fresh and healthy that keeps away swelling.


Vulvar swelling and bruising

Vulvar swelling is common during making a relationship without proper lubrication that scratches your sensitive skin parts which also called bruising because without lube when you penetrate your penis inside it hit the soft walls of the vagina and this bruising tears the vaginal sensitive skin and we find swelling in the vaginal and inflammation.

 First of all, find out the main reason for your vaginal swelling and then consult your doctor for the best treatment or go for a home remedy.


Yeast infection swelling

Yeast infection causes vaginal itching and swelling it is seen many times there are some symptoms of vaginal swelling due to yeast infection. Yeast infection is due to the overgrowth of Candida fungi inside your vagina that kills good bacteria that was quite essential for your vaginal health, and got disturbed by fungi and causes swelling in the vagina redness, and many more irrigational problems.


Itchy swollen vag lips during pregnancy

During pregnancy, some couples like to mate and ejaculate their sperm over the vagina that is protected by the labia and these sperm are highly carbonated energy that causes itching sometimes we scratch without any mind and cause swelling and irritation on the labia or vaginal area.

 Or sometimes because of your health condition, your vagina starts discharging and that also causes swelling of your vagina during pregnancy.

 It is advised that if you are facing any problems like this during your pregnancy day must consult some specialists or you can read this article on how to cure vaginal itching during pregnancy.

Final words…

Vaginal itching and swelling are not serious problems most of the time it appears due to yeast infections and can easily treat at home with home remedies.

 Most cases of swollen labia aren’t serious. If the swelling is chronic, painful, or accompanied by other symptoms, such as a vaginal odor, bump, or discharge, definitely have it checked out by a doctor.

 Most women will recover without any lasting consequences, although in some cases the swelling can recur.

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