Myths About Energy Flows Through Vagina


There are several myths about the vagina however it allows energy to flow through it. you must clear some thoughts about your estrogen & progesterone.

Energy flows through vagina

The human body has been constructed through billions of cells. each cell is a powerhouse for your body and its power is stored in mitochondria. this part of the cells distributes energy throughout our body according to our needs.

let us understand how energy flows through the vagina. vaginal is a center of childbirth, organism, and a canal for menstrual flows. most of us think that menstrual flows are the energy and whey it removes our energy moving out from our body but it is not 100% true.

A woman has two types of hormones that cause energy and ideal health and those are estrogens and progesterone they are responsible for your energy flow or holding your power, you can ask your health provider they can help you better.


 An Introduction to  Energy Flows Through the vagina

The human body has seven chakras and we know them as healing points as we have read or seen by a yoga teacher or while meditating.

Our body uses power to maintain our good health. while a woman menstruates she removes, unfertile eggs through the vagina. this is the wasted power that needs to move out of your body. but it is not the real energy removed through your vagina. 

when you mate, it is the time when some enzymes remove because of the (vagina and penis). when mate your energy transmits to each other which is called emission transmission and then a woman is exhausted because she also loses energy. and then her body starts to absorb the sperms to fertilize her eggs this is power transmission.


Pros and Cons of  Energy Flow Through the vagina

Energy flow through the vagina is a myth but sometimes it is true, let's find out how your vagina discharge power.

There are several points of energy restorations in our body, power transmission starts through our mula chakra and this chakra is situated just in the middle of your vagina and anus. it is called the Mula chakra. when you practice meditation to release your energy and transcend to the top of your body. it has to cross the vagina and it is not easy for anyone to easily lift up it to your head.

woman energy flows

mula chakra is the beginning and when you stored energy on this point it will remove through your vagina, for example, a male feels an erection when the energy is stored with him woman has the same feeling. your energy levels will instigate you for mates and while you mate again you lose your stamina. it is natural and if you don't have the desire it means you are suffering from low libido that needs to cure.


Watch Out: How Energy Flows Through the vagina

One other point is when your vagina allows energy flows when a woman is suffering from some menstrual problems or with leucorrhea vagina release white fluids those are your power. if you find it then your body and your physical energy level will reduce quickly and you will feel extreme fatigue this is the main source of your energy flows.

Beautiful woman showing energy flows
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Leucorrhea is a medical disease that causes your vagina to remove your extreme vitality and can be treated easily.

There are many causes of leucorrhea most common is estrogen imbalance. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection and may reappear from time to time. It can keep occurring for years.

Balance energy through Yoga
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As a male has sperm and it is known as the main liveliness in men woman has eggs. if the quality of your eggs is damp and it has a bad smell such as a fishy smell it is a sign that you are suffering from some disease.

PGAD results in a spontaneous, persistent, and uncontrollable genital arousal, whit or without orgasm, unrelated to any feelings of XXX desire.

PGAD is a rare and its own concept apart from clitoral priapism has only been researched since 2001, it is caused by a pelvic arterial-venous malformation with arterial branches to the clitoris, surgical treatment is effective in these cases.


How I Find Time to make energy flows vagina

While menstrual flows if it is more than five days it means your body is removing external drops of blood through your vagina and your zeal are also moving out. so keep in mind your reproductive organ is the center of your ideal health and you keep healthy them.

You can check yourself during intercourse how you feel and after the intercourse what changes you have found in your body to understand how spark flows through your private genital parts. there are ovarian cysts syndrome that make a woman weaken so check for it and take the right steps to control it.

Energy is your daily needs and it flows from your vagina it means you are unable to control your emotions when your body demands to lift your vibrancy and wants to pass through the vagina, you forget about it and start making orgasm practice and again you lose it.


 Wrong Answers to Common Energy Flows Through the vagina

Generally we, the people or women think that while menstruation we lost our energy but it is not true.

Vagina has its own mechanism that controls its flow and never allows energy to move out.

Energy restoration in woman
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While intercourse you just burn your calories but you don’t lose your energy through your vagina.

The vagina is a canal that works like a supercomputer to maintain its own health, so you don’t need to worry about how energy flows through the vagina.

Final words.

The vagina is a canal for birth formate and for removing waste of eggs as a form of menstrual fluids. And it is the center you lose your energy and just by controlling them, you can hold your energy. 

Different types of vagina discharge allow your body to remove or discharge your energy through the vagina or through vagina discharge.

To live a healthy life you should maintain good health practices. That will help you to stop the unusual vaginal discharge and you will be able to control your energy levels.

Maintaining your estrogen and progesterone hormone levels you would be able to keep healthy life without losing your extreme energy through your vagina. and these all happen when you control your hormone and make it balance.

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