Top Causes of infertility in men?

Fertility is not a simple word but it is the meaning of an entire civilization. Fertility means the ability to produce a new one such as the same. 

Fertility is the life of every living entity. And we are going to talk about the male fertility factor as well as we will learn about female fertility.

Male fertility depends on your health and living tendencies. These are the common factors that either increase or decrease your fertility factors. So take care of your male fertility factors that make you a complete man. know how to regain your virginity after losing it.

male fertility factors

Before you move toward the path of fancy male fertility treatments. must find these male fertility symptoms that make sperm healthy for pregnancy.

Male fertility can be treated with natural ingredients. There was a time when It is not easy to find out the right solutions for male fertility. but you can get them from nature with the right solution. 

there are some simple things that can be done to boost male fertility. and to increase sperm count, motility, and testosterone levels. before resorting to ICSI or other medications.

If, we compare male and female fertility factor that causes infertility. We find that over 30% of tests are done in the USA every year. And increasing to a percentage every year. Our lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity, and poor health care. these all are the main factor that causes male infertility. and damage your chromosome.

Top Reason | Why male infertility Happens 

1. Sperm count is a fixed number of chromosomes per drop of sperm. (how many sperm are present in a sample)

2. Motility means circulation or locomotive movement by chromosomes. (whether the sperm move in the proper way)

3. Morphology shows us the shape and health of chromosomes. (the shape of the sperm which indicates how healthy they are)

In women, increasing fertility means

Improving egg quality ( enhance libido

Regulating the cycle to ensure ovulation

Facilitating implantation by improving the uterine lining

Preventing miscarriage and maintaining progesterone levels

these are the fertility factor in men

Increase sperm count

Improve sperm motility

Fix any sperm morphology issues

Boost low testosterone levels

Top Key points for male Infertility?

Male fertility depends on your willpower and the strong approach that you have to achieve this goal. If you keep promising that you want to increase your male fertility. And get ready for change you get results.

Male fertility can be decreased or increased with your food, and your lifestyle. as you take good action for your life you will get enough sperm that depends on your food and lifestyle.


Environmental concerns such as pesticides and chemistry & heavy metal exposure

Alcohol use

Genetics & chromosomal problems

Varicocele & other medical conditions

Hormone imbalance

Celiac disease

Certain medications


How To Make Sperm Healthy For Pregnancy

Male fertility only sperm production does not only cause. healthy sperm but above we have mentioned the quality of sperm. that makes sperm healthy for fertility or pregnancy.

How To Make Sperm Healthy For Pregnancy

One important fact about sperm men produce millions of sperm every single day. That helps to get pregnant a woman. do you know which is the best style for getting pregnant fast? these activities also support getting pregnant a woman.

You can increase your sperm count by taking some simple steps. That can help you to improve the health of sperm and make them able to be fertile. some times we find that due to impotency males are unable to be fertile. if you also have any signs of impotency then you must go with this to treat them first. 

Although sperm are produced every day, it will still take 2-3 months for any lifestyle changes. to make a big impact and increase sperm count. and testosterone levels so make sure to view this as a marathon and not a sprint!

Best Natural Supplements for Fertility in men

Natural Supplements mean that the food. or other natural ingredients that help you to boost your fertility such as Maxo cum. and a man would be able to produce healthy sperm in a huge amount with the natural smell. 

You can buy it from the supermarket or you can buy it from us, that will naturally help you to increase your sperm. and not only sperm but you will be able to produce healthy sperm. that will help you pregnant with your wife and make everyone happy.

Best of 11 Methods Boosts Fertility in

1. Sleep up to 8 Hours.

Male fertility is dependent on their health condition and for good health, you must sleep up to 8 Hours. Sleeping is just like charging and repairing your body and its daily need. So never avoid sleeping. Proper Sleeping helps male testosterone be active and produce more sperm.

Optimal testosterone levels are crucial for male fertility. As we know that when we sleep our body helps to produce more fertility hormones. That is important and gives a lesson that if you take a good amount of sleep. it will help you to increase the male fertility factor.

sleeping and male fertility

Besides, lack of sleep or disrupted sleep cycles. may affect the production of sperm in men so sleeping is necessary.

2. Eat More Healthy Fats

Fats such as fish oil omega-3 eggs. and many more fat items are available in nature to boost your fertility health. we are surrounded by healthy foods and meals. that can help us to get more and more fertility factors for increasing sperm count.

Increased intake of healthy fats. such; as walnuts and avocados. have been shown to have a positive impact on male fertility. for the best idea of healthy fat, you can read healthy food for sex.

A 2010 study that proved Omega-3 fatty Acid is how much important for male fertility. This study shows that men who are suffering from infertility have a low amount of Omega-3 Fatty acids. than that of those who have a proper amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acid.

So it is advised that consumers eat healthy food or take an Omega-3. Fatty Acid supplement to boost male fertility.

Healthy food fats are the same for female infertility treatment.

That is the reason people are moving toward the Keto diet. That is helping to increase sperm count because of the high-fat content.

3. Avoid Soy Products

As we have past knowledge that soya is a good source of protein and very healthy for our health and body. Of course, soy is good food but not for male fertility. Soya can decrease the factors that support male fertility. Soy products contain phytates that can interfere with zinc absorption. which is essential for sperm production.

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Common foods that contain soy

Soybean sprouts

Soy milk



So, avoid soy products if you are interested to increase your fertility factors.

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4. Reduce EDCs exposure & increase your male fertility factor.

EDC stands for Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. which play a symbolic role in male fertility and sperm quality. There is some information that will help you to figure out how EDC affects male fertility. This is a complimentary part of fertility without it we can’t imagine fertility.

EDC availability

Plastics (Bisphenol-A)

Personal Hygiene Products (Parabens)

Food (pesticides and chemicals)

Tips to improve EDC Exposure.

Instead of dryer sheets consider getting Wool Dryer Balls that don’t use any chemicals.

Instead of traditionally made cleaning products. try an all-natural product like Puracy Natural. All-Purpose Cleaner or a plain old vinegar and water solution.

Switch to organic fruits and vegetables, especially the dirty dozen. which include nectarines, peppers, and strawberries.

5. Control Your Alcohol Consumption

As per our lifestyle, we like to consume alcohol which is very bad for our fertility health. alcohol can lessen your sperm quality. While a little alcohol is in moderation. won’t male fertility, it most won’t help to increase sperm count.

A study on fertility shows that heavy drinking can damage your genital Organ. and lower sperm quality. If you are unable to give up then you can control your limit. This little effort also helps you to improve male fertility. Check your health and improve the male fertility factor. and became a loving husband to your sweet wife.

If you stop consuming alcohol that can change your life. and also you will get a positive result for your male fertility factor.

6. Avoid Overheating

Will you believe overheating can affect male fertility factors? that cause infertility in men and women. According to Scientist Research. humans, sperms need a lower degree temperature. then that of body temperature. and it requires up to 4 degrees lower to maintain the male fertility factor in sperm.

What can cause overheating?



Hot tubs



7. Do Regular Exercise

It is said to exercise can change your life. exercise help to improve our muscles strong and you can cure most of the internal damage. Do regular exercise. If you will do exercise. it will help to increase your sperm counts in men which create vital factors in male fertility.

Exercise is also great for eight maintenance which is a huge fertility risk factor in both men and women.

Exercise tips that help to improve the male fertility factors.

Swimming and working out in cool temperatures are great. as they help to avoid overheating. that sports such as cycling can cause. Yoga is also awesome for controlling stress. levels and increasing blood flow to the pelvic area.

There are certain fertility yoga poses? that are great for helping to increase sperm counts and reproductive health.

Get support

Getting support is an invention of modern science. and is spreading like fire at present time is also a great way to find out good male fertility factors. while most men & women are struggling to get pregnant. join online forums, read blogs, and research all they can. en report a lack of social support for their infertility diagnosis.

You can also join some of the communities that can help you to solve your fertility problems. there are lots of families who get the right solution. and learn more about the male fertility factor that makes many families happy.

9. Stress management

As per recent published that has shown positive results. that if you control your stress level that can help you to improve your make fertility factor. High-stress levels can affect male fertility. by decreasing testosterone levels and affecting sperm counts. Another study has shown. that men are more getting affected or suffering from stress management. than those females that are due to workload so think about it. the tendency to bottle things up and lack of social support.

stress & fertilty

Go out with friends

Take a yoga class

Go to the gym.

10. Stop caffeine consumption.

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There are many caffeine products that can help your health to improve. but there is also caffeine precuts that are not good for the male fertility factor. so use your brain while consuming any caffeine precuts. Overdose of caffeine can causes weaken your sperm count and sperm mobility. stop consuming caffeine to increase sperm count and mobility.

A study published in 2017 found some evidence. that excessive use of consumption of caffeine can actually damage sperm DNA. fragments that can cause male infertility.

It’s worth remembering those drinks. such as cola, caffeinated black, and green teas, and energy drinks. all contain caffeine ad should be considered when adding up your total daily intake.

Smoking must be prohibited.

Smoking affects all three sperm analysis factors. (count, motility, and morphology). but the good news is that levels will go back to normal around one year after quitting. If you do smoke, the best thing you can do is to stop as soon as possible to help your body start the recovery process. join us and overcome smoking.

FAQ on Male fertility factor.

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Treatment of male infertility.

There is some treatment available for male infertility. In this article, everything is mentioned above. if you wish to overcome male infertility you must follow the tips that have been shown above in this post.

Male infertility means a low count of sperm weakens sperm or loss of movement of sperm mobility. These cause male fertility.

You can check for this. if you wish to be fertile these herbal ingredients will help you a lot. as many couples get happiness back on their faces you also can get try this and enjoy your life. buy max cum now.

Male fertility age.

Fertility means the natural capacity to produce offspring. When we talk about male fertility it starts from age of 14th and continues up 60-80 years.

If you care for your health then it will continue till life. Because often we have found that news published and show at the age of 80+ couples have their first child.

This proves that male and female fertility depends on your health condition. If you do not care about your health then you will be lost this ability at the age of 50 years.

What is male infertility?

Male fertility is a natural capacity to produce offspring. As a measure, the fertility rate is the number of offspring born per mating pair. individual, or population. Fertility differs from fecundity, which is defined as the potential for reproduction. Lack of fertility is infertility while a lack of fecundity would be called sterility.

Human fertility depends on factors of nutrition. sexual behavior, consanguinity, culture, instinct, endocrinology, timing, way of life, and emotions.

Male fertility hormones

There is a number of male fertility hormones. that can help you to balance your male fertility few of them are as listed below.

Male puberty.

Transgender hormone

Anti-mullerian hormone




Androgen (male sex hormones

Foods to increase male fertility

The lists of food that can help to increase male fertility factors. those are mentioned above you can read them. and also can note down them or you can buy them from supermarkets they are safe and easy to use.

Final words…

Male fertility depends on many factors that jointly cause infertility. or low sperm count in men. Female fertility depends on the quality of their eggs.

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As above mention many ways to improve your fertility. you can apply to improve your fertility factor or you can consult with your doctor that can help you better.

It is advised that don’t try to cure yourself without proper knowledge. and consult with your doctor. if you find any uncommon symptoms against your male fertility factor.

Fertility and sperms count or mobility of sperm all depend on your personal health. your food your mood, and how you live. Your physical appearance your inner strength. so care all about them if you are looking for good male fertility factors inside you.


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