Heart Problems During Pregnancy The Signs & Symptoms


Pregnancy is a gift of nature to women that she can birth young ones for the next generation, while a woman is pregnant they have to care for their fetus from outsider disaster.

signs of heart problems during prgnancy

During pregnancy a woman has to suffer from heart-related issues there maybe sometimes it releases some signs and sometimes it doesn’t show their signs. Heart problems can harm baby and mothers during pregnancy so it would be best to take the necessary steps to know the symptoms and eliminate them before it harms you hear are some signs of heart problems that appear after the conceive read them carefully and understand what they can harm and how we can safe our self.

Signs of heart disease may occur during pregnancy




Chest pain

Shortness o breath

Trouble breathing while lying down

Palpitations (awareness of heartbeat)


According to medical experts, these signs are not seen always. You may experience shortness of breath while trying to take a rest in bed. According to maternity experts, it is due to the expansion of the uterus. As your pregnancy grows your chest gets pressure to adjust itself and shifts its pressure to the heart and pregnant women experience heart problems during pregnancy. If you are experiencing any symptoms like this don’t wait immodestly consult with your health provider.


During pregnancy days women also may experience ankle swelling and lower back pain to eliminate them you can use power hormones because these all are connected directly with your hormones so think about it and use them during your pregnancy. According to a national survey, almost 90% of women have suffered from heart-related issues during their pregnancy.


Heart conditions and pregnancy: Know the Risks


It is important to understand the health condition due to heart problems during pregnancy you have to force to birth your baby with aC-section which is costly but safe most of the time and these health conditions is known as a high-risk pregnancies. During pregnancy, women wear lots of pressure that increases their blood pressure which further affects their heart and causes heart-related issues during pregnancy.


If you are a patient of heart then during pregnancy you need special care here are some lists that will help you during pregnancy for controlling your heart-related issues.


How does pregnancy affect the heart?


During pregnancy, a woman needs more nutrition which further increases the pumps in the body through blood circulation further creates pressure on your heart and increases the heart problems during pregnancy but multiple other reasons cause heart problems during pregnancy and after the medical check-up your health provider can explain about them.

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Sometimes it is also seen that at the time of labor a woman experience heart problems due to increased blood volumes and pressure up to 50% while you trying to push and it may be continued after the childbirth so take the necessary step after the childbirth for a healthy life.


What are the risks?


woman grooming kit

Heart problems during pregnancy depend on your presence and experience of pregnancy and your heart conditions. It depends on the nature and severity of your heart condition and some other things involved in it see below to understand in detail.


Heart rhythm issues – 


They show minor abnormalities during pregnancy but they do not harm you or your pregnancy if it is minor. For the treatment of arrhythmia, you will have to use some medication.

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Heart valve issues


This type of hearth related issue appears if you have an artificial heath valve then your pregnancy will be considered risky. Sometimes your heart valves do not work properly and at that time you have to suffer health issues during pregnancy because it slows down the pumping process that causes heart problems during pregnancy.

pregnancy medial images
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An artificial or abnormal valve can increase the risk of life due to infection in the heart lining and its valves. These artificial heart valves can increase risk during pregnancy due to the need of adjusting blood thinner which can stop the blood clotting for more information about blood clotting you can read about heparin uses. Read carefully heart valves issues during pregnancy and their uses below.


  • Congestive heart failure.
  • Congenital heart defect if you were born with a heart problem, your baby has a greater risk of developing some type of heart defect, too.
  • Your heart problems during pregnancy may cause premature birth.


Some heart conditions may cause more complications than others?


This depends on your health conditions if your health conditions are ok then there may be a minor risk of heart problems during pregnancy. It is also seen that certain heart conditions can stop your heart to works properly during pregnancy. Those problems can be life-threatening for both of mother and the baby, on the other hand, some heart problems need major treatment- such as surgery on the heart before your pregnancy you can use folic acid during pregnancy it can be helpful to keep maintain your pregnancy.

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Women with high blood pressure or with the congenital condition of Eisenmenger’s syndrome are advised not to conceive it may be highly risky during pregnancy and can harm the arteries in the lungs which is known as pulmonary hypertension.


What about medication?


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Taking medicine during pregnancy for heart problems may be bad for your baby. So before taking any pills or medicine you should consult with your health provider they can only suggest to you what would be best for you during pregnancy to control your heart problems.

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How should I prepare for pregnancy?


  It is important to consult with your health provider before getting pregnant and taking all the necessary steps your doctor will guide you on what to do if you want to conceive. It is also possible that you have to consult with an obstetrician who specializes in very high-risk pregnancies. Your heart condition will be detected after the medical examination.


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Your doctor will examine how well you can manage your pregnancy with heart problems and what risks may appear during their pregnancy and how you should handle them.


During pregnancy for heart problems, you can use some medication that your health provider recommended for you. Those medications depend on your health conditions and help you to minimize your heart risks.


What can I expect during prenatal visits?


All expectation depends on your heart condition but you should keep in mind that blood pressure test and urine tests are compulsory during pregnancy to detect heart problems and these are the main culprit for heart problems during pregnancy.

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You should consult with your health provider almost every month to monitor your health condition. You should also consult with your cardiologist during those days and your treatment will depend on the severity of your heart condition.




An echocardiogram is a medical treatment that uses sound waves to watch medical imaging for heart problems detection.




This test records yr heart’s electrical activity.


Will my baby will be safe while pregnant women have heart problems


Pregnancy with heart problems can create a doubt in minds that how I would know whether my baby is ok or not for the answer you should consult with your health provider they will monitor your baby’s movement and its development through various methods and you can also use pregnancy miracle or bump to birth for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of the child.


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To monitor your child's growth your doctor may use ultrasound or another medical method so you need not worry about them but keep in mind that you have to consult with your health provider regularly.


How can I prevent complications?


Pregnancy with heart problems you should consult with your doctors and also do yoga meditation that can help you to remove your anxiety, fatigue and normalized your blood pressure to minimize your complication for more information about pregnancy complications you should read this amazing article it will help you to manage yourself with a high-risk pregnancy. For examples


Keep your parental appointments.

Take your medication as prescribed.

Monitor your weight gain.


You need the right foods for your healthy pregnancy you can read this article to understand what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy. Gaining too much weight places additional stress on your health.

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Manage anxiety.

Know what’s off-limits.


Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and illegal drugs.


When I should report my symptoms?


There are certain conditions when you should consult with your health provider and they are included.


Difficulty breathing

 Experiencing shortness of breath while bowel movement or at the time of taking a rest.

You also experience hearts palpitations, increased hearts beep, or irregular

pulse rate.

Chest pain

 A bloody cough or coughing at night


What about I do during labor and delivery?


While suffering from heart problems during pregnancy can develop some other women's health-related issues. You should consult with your doctor and try to birth your baby under a medical practitioner as you should visit a maternity center you can use maternity belts to protect your pregnancy and help to minimize high-risk pregnancies.

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Specialized equipment might be used to monitor you during labor. Your heart rate and ratio might require monitoring through labor and delivery.


Your contractions and your baby’s heart rate will be monitored continuously

To reduce stress from pain, your doctor might recommend that you receive medication through uncrate to your columnar vertebral (epidural) or an injection into your spine (spinal block) your health care provider may use a vacuum extractor to minimize your pain while labor. It would be unusual to avoid the c section because of heart problems.


Will I be able to breastfeed my baby?


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Yes, you can keep breastfeeding your baby while you have heart problems breast milk is so much important for your newborn baby. Discuss possible treatment adjustments with your health care provider ahead of time if you have a congenital heart problem that greatly increases your risk of endocarditic, your doctor will probably discuss the risk of mastitis while breastfeeding you can use a breast shield while feeding your baby. It will help to eliminate common infections which may appear while breastfeeding.


Final words…


Heart problems during pregnancy and their symptoms would be considered after the medical examination. During pregnancy, a woman needs more nutrients which also causes high blood pressure so consulting with your health provider will help you to monitor your health conditions. 

And for heart problems during pregnancy you should visit a regular clinic, it will help to minimize your heart problems and make you healthy for you and your baby. 

I hope you will like these post-heart problems during pregnancy if yes then share with your loved ones they will also get benefits during pregnancy. 

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