7 Things About vaginal lip warts treatment

Vaginal warts appear mostly in those people who are sexually active and it is the most common type of sexually transmitted infection in young couples. According to a medical survey it is seen that people who indulge in sexual activity are prone to papillomavirus (PVH), this virus is easily transmitted from one person to another and infects them.

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Genital warts mean a wart that appears on your genital area mostly appears on moist tissues of the vagina such as on the lip of the vagina. You can see them sometimes and sometimes they are so small that you can’t see them. it may be looks like a small colored flesh bump. Sometimes it looks like cauliflower but your partner can identify them or a medical examination can help you to identify them.

Here one thing is clear that vaginal lip warts or genital warts appear on the moist tissues and some of them can cause cancer while others are ordinary vaginal lip warts these all are spread by sexual intercourse who don’t use protection and they have multiple sex partners HVP is the virus that causes these types of vaginal lip warts.


Symptoms of vaginal lip warts


Before knowing the treatments for vaginal lip warts you must have to understand that is a wart because sometimes people by mistake miss judged. So you must have to understand its symptoms which help you to treat them easily at home or clinical what you prefer most.


According to a medical survey on most sexually active couples and normal active couples it is seen that in women vaginal lip warts grow on their vulva’s wall. The vulva wall is the middle area of the external parts of the vagina and the internal part of the vaginal. The area of the anus, anal cavity, or sometimes cervix is also infected with this type of genital warts.

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In men these types of genital warts may appear on the tip or shaft of the penis or it may appear on the scrotum vaginal warts are easily treatable and you can do them at home with regular home remedies or you can take medical help to remove them permanently.

There are some other places where genital warts can appear. it may appear on your mouth or your throat if you are doing oral sexual activities with anyone who is infected with (PVH).


Symptoms of vaginal lip warts or genital warts in women


It may appear on the lip of your vagina it also may be pink or red

Severe vaginal warts sometimes appear in a form of a cauliflower-like shape

Itching or discomfort in your genital area

Bleeding with intercourse

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Your vaginal lip wart sometimes may be small and it may be larger and visible sometimes it is not visible it is also seen that it may multiply themselves so it is important to identify them and use proper treatments it can weaken your immunity systems.


When to see a doctor


Consulting with doctors depends on your symptoms if you or your mating partners have any symptoms of warts on the vaginal lip you can consult with doctors.



As we have already mentioned that too much indulgence in mating activities causes HPV warts on the vaginal lip according to medical examination it is found that there are more than 40 + types of strains that cause genital warts on men's or women's genital areas. Vaginal lip warts are one of them.


Risk factors


The risk factors may increases if you are mating with multiple partners without any safety measures. these all infections are done by the HVP virus to stay away from them you must have to use a condom while having intercourse.


vaginla lip wart treatment at home impages

Having unprotected sex with multiple partners

Having had another sexually transmitted infection

Having sex with a partner whose sexual history you don’t know

Becoming sexually active at a young age

It may compress your immune system

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Treatments of vaginal lip warts 


As we know there is multiple vaginal lip warts removal here some of them I am going to discuss so keep close your attention to them. It is known that vaginal lip warts are diagnosed only when they appear and their treatments are mentioned below.


Pap Tests


Pap tests are one types of diagnosis to find out vaginal lip warts and this is done only for women, for this treatment it is important to consult regularly with your doctor they will do some types of pelvic examination. In this test, your doctor will see if the changes in your cervix that appear due to vaginal lip warts it may be early signs of cervix cancer.

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While allowing yourself for a pap test your doctor will use a device that will bring your vagina mouth to see the inner areas your doctor may also use a long-handle tool to collect a small sample of your cervix cells to examine them.


HPV test


The HPV test is used to determine the risk factors for your cervical cancer there few types of vaginal warts that can cause cervical cancer in this test your doctor will collect cervix cells to check if there is any cell that is related to cancer.

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These types of tests are done most of the time for women who are older than in their 30s, this treatment is not allowing younger women.


Other treatments for vaginal lip warts


Treatments are used to destroy or remove the vaginal lip warts if they are hurting you irritating you or it is itching, burning, or it releases pain. If you don’t have any symptoms like this then you don’t have to go for treatments. You can ask your doctor who will guide you on how to handle vaginal lip warts but here some of the medications are available which will help you to remove them.

Some medications for vaginal lip warts removal


These treatments will allow you to apply directly on the affected area to remove vaginal lip warts for skin and they are.


Imiquimod (Aldara, Zyclara)


It is an external use ointment it helps to boost your immunity systems that help your body to fight against vaginal lip warts or any types of genital warts in men and women. 

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it would be best that don’t do mating activities while applying these creams it may irritate your partner's skin. And also weaken condoms and diaphragms. While using these creams you may experience skin redness, blisters, cough, body aches, and fatigue.


Podophyllin and Podofilox


It is a plant-based resin that can destroy the cells of warts and it is used for removing vaginal lip warts. You should use them only externally and do not use them while pregnant you can take the help of your doctor or you can use it at home yourself.

While using podofilox you may experience some side effects such as mild skin irritation, sores, or pain.


Trichloroacetic acid


this is a chemical-based compound that is used to remove vaginal lip warts if it is internally while using this treatment you will allow burning the genital vaginal lip warts and you may have to suffer from some side effects such as mild skin irritation, sores, or pain to the related area.



Sinecatechins (Veregen)


It is a cream used for vaginal lip warts removal treatments it is an external cream and also used for removing anus warts while using them you may experience skin redness, itching or burning, pain, etc.


genital warts causes and solutions

It is recommended that don’t allow any types of over-the-counter warts removal creams because they may harm your genital area always consult with a registered medical practitioner for the treatments of vaginal lip warts removal.

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Surgical treatments for virginal lip warts removal 


If your body has developed a larger vaginal lip wart then your doctor will allow surgical treatments for the removal of vaginal lip warts. 

It is advised to you don’t allow surgical treatment if you are pregnant it may harm your baby these types of surgery include.


Freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)


in this treatment freezing is allowed for the vaginal lip warts removal your doctor will freeze the surrounding area. After a few days, your body will release new skin and your warts will disappear it may take more than a one-time treatment. While using these treatments you may experience pain or swelling or both.




In these treatments, your doctor will use an electric current to burn the vaginal lip warts. You will experience pain blisters swelling while applying this treatment.

Surgical excision


While allowing these treatments your doctor may use special tools to cut off the vaginal lip warts. Your doctor may use some medical anesthesia for the treatment, and it may be painful for you after the surgery.


Laser treatments


Laser treatments are costly and use to remove vaginal lip warts for women and men. In these treatments, your doctor will use an electric light beam to remove your vaginal lip warts after the treatments you may experience scarring and pain in the body or related areas.


What women can do when they have vaginal lip warts?

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At firsts, they should create a list of their symptoms of genital warts. Then they should do these



You should identify symptoms when appearing on your genital area and describe them in your words and also check for your sexual partner if they also have any symptoms.

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Sexual history

You must write down your mating history and all the possible causes that can cause vaginal lip warts if you have had unprotected intercourse with a new partner. This information will help you to understand which treatments will be most effective for you in removing vaginal lip warts.


The basic question you may ask your doctor while suffering from genital warts is.



What are the tests which I have to do?

It would be allowed to test for sexually transmitted infections?

Which treatments would be best for me?

How much time it will take to complete

How can I reduce the chances of getting infections from others?

My partners also have to be tested for this

Will it be back after the removal?

Am I at risk of complications related to genital warts?

Can I buy medication online what websites do you recommend?


What to expect from your doctor.


While consulting with your doctors they may ask so some of the questions they are including below.

How severe are your symptoms?

Do you practice safe sex? Have you always done so?

Have you had intercourse recently with a new partner?

Does your partner do their tests for STI

Have you had the HPV vaccine?

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

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What are the Complications while treating vaginal lip wart treatments?


Vaginal warts are appearing due to infections and (HPV) causes these types of infection complications can include:




It is a matter of concern that cervical cancer is closely related to vaginal lip warts which appear due to HPV infections in women. There are certain types of HPV that cause cancers but it is rare and not easily associated with all infections. You must consult with your doctor and allows a Pap test to identify your conditions and save yourself against cancer of the cervix.


Problems during pregnancy


It is rare to appear vaginal lip warts during pregnancy if appear they may regularly increase their sizes. And it will create problems while urinating and also can create difficulty while birthing the child. It can cause heavy bleeding stretching the vaginal wall.

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If you have a genital wart it would be difficult to birth a normal delivery and if a baby is born if their mom has a genital wart then a wart will or may appear on the throat of the baby and it will be removed by surgical therapy so think about it and do as your doctor recommend.



To prevent vaginal lip warts or any genital warts you must control your mating activities and also use protection while having intercourse it is the best treatment to minimize risks of genital warts or vaginal lip warts. 

You must use condoms every time you can use a female condom if your male partner is not using it because it is your body and you have the right to protect them against any infections. We have listed some tips to save yourself against genital warts there are mentioned below.



Vaccination can help you to stay away from vaginal lip warts in women


At present, there are three types of HPV vaccine approved by the FDA. And they are GArdasil9 vaccine is used for both males and females ages 9 to 45 to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts.

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According to CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had recommended that a woman should be vaccinated to protect against these types of woman health-related issues. These vaccines are used for women and men who are at least 9 years old.


These vaccines must be taken before any sexual activities, it is also seen some side effects while using the vaccine for virginal lip warts removal or treatments and it may be headaches, fever, or flu-like symptoms

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A new publication of the CDC recommends that all 11 and 12 years-olds receive two doses of HPV vaccine within six months apart Earlier there were three vaccines for this but now only two vaccines are recommended. New research has proved that these vaccines are useful only if you are over 15 years.


Final words…


There are multiple treatments are available for vaginal lip warts treatments. Such as pap tests and home remedies and vaccines you can use any of them but you should consult with your doctor they will help you to choose the best treatment for your vaginal lip warts removal at home or a clinic.

Vaginal lip warts are the result of your unprotected mating activities so keep in mind that using a condom while you are going to create a relationship also should limit your partner to protect your vaginal from these types of health issues.


Trusted sources


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