What Is importance of Vaginal pH? Balance


Vaginal pH is a balance meter that indicates whether your vagina is acidic or basic. pH is an indication for any substance to know its taste. Most of us have read about pH in chemistry while reading in high school.

vaginal pH balance check


Everything has its pH balance and your body’s different parts have different types of pH balance.


And your vagina has its pH balance. Vaginal pH indicates lots of information about your vaginal health such as vaginal infection, your health conditions, pregnancy, and hormonal changes.


 if your vagina pH balance has changed, it can cause vaginal health-related issues such as yeast infection or others.


If you got my point then let's start with why pH balance matter for women and its importance for them


 pH balanced for a women


Ph- stands for Power Hydrogen as we have read in chemistry and it is measured by a scale which is known as pH meter sheet. This pH sheet has 0 to 14 numbers and 7 is the middle number.


Whose meaning is pH is balanced normal neither acidic nor base? In this sheet 0 is for acidic and 14 for base


VaginalpH is important for women because it indicates much information about their health condition and also helps to prevent multiple harms, pH is useful for the digestion of foods. it also fights against infection and keeps your vagina healthy.


Your most acidic part of the body is the stomach which helps to break down foods into digestible levels and remove harmful bacteria.


This is the reason vaginal ph is important for women and they should keep their vagina healthy just by regularly checkup their vaginal pH with a ph meter at home or clinic.

 What Matter For Vaginal ph Level?


According to an expert team of researchers, they believe that a balanced vagina’s ph balance is determined at 3.8 to 4.5, vagina nature is acidic, while growing older your vagina’s pH will change and it will lose its acidic nature to basic.


Vagina ph depends on different types of bacteria; these bacteria are generally present inside the vagina to keep vaginal health.


Digital PH meter

These bacteria cause the vagina not to dry and fight against infection and they regularly produce vaginal fluids for maintaining a healthy vagina. Your vagina’s acidity helps protect it against germs.


What causes unbalanced vaginal pH in women?


Vaginal pH depends on multiple things such as your health condition, your age, your personal life, and many more as you grow older your vagina pH changes, keep in mind good health practices will help your vagina to stay healthy with balanced vaginal pH levels.


Things that change your vagina pH are listed below read them carefully and create a healthy environment for healthy vaginal pH.


Menstrual flow- being menstruation is a natural process but it also affects your vaginal pH, while a woman moves from menstruation to pregnancy their pH changes.

Drugs- it is seen that consuming antibiotics change your vaginal pH, if you are taking antibiotic pills increases your vagina pH, antibiotics are used for multiple health-related issues and it kills vaginal bacteria which is useful for maintaining vaginal health.


most women use birth control pills that also cause unbalanced vagina pH.


Douching the vagina- Douching is a method of cleaning the inside of the vagina manually for different reasons.


Douching is different than cleaning the vagina with or without shop or water there are multiple instruments for douching you can use for cleaning the inside of the vagina.


 if you are willing to douche it would be best to consult with your health provider it will be helpful to maintain your ph.


Top Symptoms changed vaginal pH


If your vaginal pH has changed your body will indicate you, and changing pH can increase the chances of vaginal infection or other vaginal health-related issues in women.


Your vagina pH balance might be off if you’re experiencing common symptoms of an infection. Some of these symptoms include:


A strong, fish-like smell coming from your vagina

Grey, green, or foamy vaginal discharge

Itching around the vagina

Swelling and irritation around the vagina

You may experience pain while intercourses ( may other issues for pain while intercourse)

Burning sensation while urinating

probiotice for women


Above mention symptoms are common symptoms of changed pH while suffering from unbalanced vagina pH you will see bacterial vaginosis, trich, or yeast infections, and these all start with unbalanced pH, you may experiences itching or burning surrounded area.


Tips for Healthy vaginal pH? 

Maintaining a balanced vaginal pH does not cost a lot it is simple to keep your vaginal pH up to date here are some common steps to keep it maintained.


Use condoms.  Using a condom while intercourse will help to keep away vaginal infections, unprotected sex can lead to infections.


While having unprotected mates can cause infections in your vagina and can change your vaginal pH changed. You can use femidom a female condom.


A condom will protect you against any harmful bacteria germinating your vagina and keep your vaginal pH balanced.


Avoid douching-wash the area surrounding your vagina with mild soap and cold water instead. Douching can disturb your vaginal flora and disturbed your pH balance.


Check Your Diet- diet also damages or enhances your vagina pH balanced, several types of food help to balance your virginal bacteria.


Greek yogurt is enriched with healthy bacteria if you consume yogurt it will help to keep maintain your vaginal bacteria and your pH balance will be ok according to your health condition.


Wear the right clothing- tight clothing can reduce airflow to your vagina and lead to Vaginitis. Wear cotton underwear, and loose-fitting pants Buy the best cotton paint to paint a healthy vagina.


What to do if pH is unbalanced


Vaginal pH Balance is important for women's overall health and unbalanced pH can lead to many health-related issues in women. Unbalance pH can cause pelvic inflammation, infertility, STD., etc.


Take a pH test- you can purchase an at-home kit to test your vaginal pH, pH solutions are available with special paper so that while applying you fill comfort and harmless effects inside the vagina pH test.


 While checking with ph paper you will see the change in color of pH paper and it will indicate your pH level.

Take the right medical or dietary procedure for balancing your vagina pH, Different pH ranges turn different colors. Your vaginal pH can also change even if you don’t have an infection.


Need of doctor For vaginal pH


 While suffering from vaginal unbalanced pH you don’t require consulting any doctor. If you are not satisfied with this, consult with some specialists, they will ask about your medical history as well as they will examine your vagina and there is a possibility that they will collect some samples for the test.


Litmus Paper

After the test, the health care provider will suggest you proper guidance with medication or with diet.


Final Words...

Vagina pH is a basic healthy indication as to your vaginal pH changes you will experience changes in your life and you will see the changes with vaginal health it may be itching, irritation, inflammation, etc.


You can check your vaginal pH with a pH meter which is easily available in the market you can buy it from the supermarket or ask your health provider.


To keep a healthy vagina and balanced pH you need to consume healthy foods and follow the steps which are mentioned above in this article.


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