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know your cosmic power, super power of mind

phases of mind

Do you know that you have the superpower?

  yes, you have a superpower in your mind and in your thought. Every human being has the super cosmic power they birth with that power. 

then why we don't know about them, because we are unaware of it, but we have a superpower in our body and mind. 

yes, we have a superpower, the power which can give us whatever we demand we can get because everything is in our body.

 To attain this power to apply them we just have to open our mind's eye and watch them, they all power are waiting for us for our command to fulfill our needs. 

yes, we just have to watch them and it is very easy to do this. we have boundless power in our body, happiness satisfaction, enjoyments, and everything which we want to live a healthy and prosperous life. yes, my dear friends everything you can get. just believe in your self.

use your subconscious mind
Do you know why many people don't know about this ability because they don't know about them that they have limitless knowledge and ocean of love?

on the other hand, the truth is you-you can fulfill your all desire by applying them.

 as a magnetic iron can hold 12times heavy load. if we remove its magnetic power then it can't hold a leaf. and it is true we all know about this, isn't it?

Likewise, peoples have two type one who has the magnetic power they always full with confidence and belief, they know that they are built for success and achieve the goal they never give up in their life. 

they are the positive mind of people. another side the second types people who don't possess magnetic power, they are numberless so many. they possess fear, confusion, delusion and like this type of mentality.

whenever they get some chance to prove themselves they say. if I would not a success, if my money would be scammed, if I failed people will laugh at me.

 Remember these people who don't get success in their life, his inner fear stops them everywhere in their life
accumulation of power

You may be a magnetic person but you must have to understand the rule of cosmic energy and its working process.

 you can whatever you want, everything is present in you. just apply them and use it every day continuously and believe me you can get everything as your desire. pray every day what you want in your life. this simple rule can change you from bottom to top really, believe me, you can get what you want in your life.      

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