4 Makeup Rules Every Girl Should follow

from long long ago women are using different makeup tips to look beautiful and to be beautiful that is their right on the other hand women are always beautiful. One important idea about making it is not just applying different cosmetics but it mostly depends on your health, your good health derives your makeup and tells you which makeup tip is good for you as many beauticians say. 

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there are many parts between makeup like face makeup and eye makeup according to time, everything changed and women think that she does not look as beautiful as they were before. cosmetic surgery is also a type of makeup that is costly.

to enhance her beauty they apply many beauty tips like they apply makeup tips to enhance her appearance but many time they don't know how to apply makeup and they make many mistakes here are some major points that every girl must follow at the time of applying makeup.

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Makeup may seem simple but a bad blend or a wrong pick and spoil the look. here are some pointers to keep in mind before applying any makeup.

Browse Before Blush:

More than eye shadows and blush, the biggest deal is brows, says Delhi-based makeup expert Shotgun Sharma, who feels that people don't understand how important brows are.

It has to match the shape of your face. I would say go for fuller and shaped brows," she advises. There are rules to shaping the brows and it all depends on your face shape. What she also emphasizes is a decent gap between brows.

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A thumb rule is to have a gap that matches the width of your nose. Shara is certified for brow shaping which is a discipline in makeup now. Also, pay attention to the ends that should be well-defined. 

Makeup artist Anju Dogra says that if there was a template for perfect brows it has to be Deepika Padukone. His advice? Keep brows stronger.

Don't Follow Videos Blindly

Sharma also cautions that eye-shadow makeup videos are very deceptive. "These videos are lit specially and edited professionally. so results of the shadow colors may vary when you try to translate it to your eye," she notes. 

A good start to eye shadow is to use a primer for your lids, as that makes the shadows then show true color. Sharma advises not to go too matchy-matchy with shadow colors and your outfit. 

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Dogra advises picking matte shadows for better color. Use shimmer on the upper lid and not the socket as that can make the eyes look deep-set. Other things to be careful about: are the amount of kohl, liner shape, and non-clumpy mascara.

"Always blend the shadow with no sharp or defined line and use the highlighter just under the brows, not covering the socket bone," he suggests.


Sharma is not a bit fan of highlighting as most people overdo it. " the idea is to make you glow not like you have a bulb on your nose." she adds. 

The rule: don't use it on your nose as it can make it seem like you have an oily T-zone. also, highlighters accentuate acne. Gupta swears by glitters in different ways from eyeliners to face - it can make your sparkle in the right manner. 

Dogra adds, "Always apply the highlighter on the highest bone point of the cheek and not all over or you'll look oily. the Indian tone is already peachy and doesn't need much enhancement."

Lip service

When it comes to lipsticks, it's a good start to line with a lip pencil to demarcate it first, Dogra suggests. the right step is to first moisturize, draw the line so that the broke lip line is not seen, and then fill in and blend. 

Dogra eschews the overdrawn lip trend that in most cases seems like you have tried too hard to make it look plumper than normal.

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If you have dry skin, don't use too much power as that blocks the pores. Use a blot film and mineralized powder. To use the powder, take a wet sponge and sprinkle it with powder. Use light-pressed powder or translucent compact.

Indian skin doesn't need too much bronzer. Just a touch of a shade 3-5 times darker in color and apply it lightly on the jawline. towards the cheek, it's not for small foreheads.

Reference: Times of India

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