Irregular Menstrual Cycle Is Poor Lifestyle

Are you a woman then must you befall in those days of women's menstrual cycle. It’s time for some damage control. here are interesting articles on how to control heavy bleeding during periods. Most women are facing these days just like a war and those days are very uncomfortable for them. just because of shorts of personal hygiene, Here I have found some very interesting information just for you, these ideas or information must help you during your periods ladies as these common lifestyle mistakes could be the reason you have irregular periods.

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what is a menstrual cramp?

Irregularity, uncanny pain, and feeling grumpy depression, irritation in nature, and uncertainty are just some of the things associated with our periods. which leads to urinary infections, But what can you do about them? Did you just say nothing? Well, that’s not true!

Most of the time you find that your friends stay fit and stay happy in their periods but not you. Ever you thought why this, Have you ever wondered why your periods are tougher and or more irregular than your friends? That’s because you indulge in certain things that are making your periods go out of whack.

That’s why we’ve got Dr. Veena Aurangabadwala, a gynecologist at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai to talk about the habits that are giving you irregular periods.

 reasons for menstrual symptoms.

1. You’re not sleeping enough

Inadequate sleep is your period’s ultimate foe. Insufficient sleep can disrupt the hormonal balance in your body and due to that irregular periods are experienced, says a gynecologist. She also suggests that women who suffer from insomnia are likely to experience irregular periods.

2. Exercising too much 

If you’ve just started working out with full Josh, the irregular periods are going to haunt you. Suddenly starting a rigorous workout and that too without warming up first can be fatal for your menstrual cycle.  that may lead to many grooming problems in you so You should gradually step it up especially if you have not been working out for quite some time, according to lady doctors.

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In fact, she also suggests that sudden vigorous exercising can also lead to weight gain as your body doesn’t adapt easily to this change and you might need medical help.

3.  stressed

According to the doctor, stress is one of the biggest reasons for irregular periods.
Says gynecologist due to work pressure your mental health gets disrupted which affects your cycle. In extreme cases, it can also lead to POCS.

4. eating habits

Your body needs to adapt to certain situations in order to function smoothly, so if you suddenly go on a crash diet or start binge eating, then it will affect your hormones and ultimately mess with your menstrual cycle. healthy eating doesn't mean you eat too much it means that you eat healthy food or easily detectable food like these 8 herbs and seeds that are ideal to boost your immunity.

5. smoke and drink 

Although they don’t have a direct connection to your periods, according to a gynecologist they might affect your sleeping patterns which then impacts your periods. there are deadly effects of tobacco or tobacco products if you are addicted to smoking or like this habit try to manage a minimum dose of them to live your life safe.

6.   lacks eating right

If junk food is bae then you are in deep shit. In fact, if you consume excess sugar then also your periods can also go for a toss. healthy food establishes a breeze between you and your internal system which is called immunity you should know briefly how to boost your immunity system so that you stay fit.  Excess glucose affects your menstrual cycle and hormones. You should take a balanced diet and include protein carbs, and fiber in proper proportion. Also. Binge eating is a complete no.

7. Your cosmetic products are messing with your hormones

Not all products but shampoo, hair dyes, and medicated moisturizers might have male hormones that can impact your cycle. you should use your brain before being any cosmetic products. if you have irregular period problems then you can use natural beauty care ingredients which is available in your kitchen 

8. You work irregular shifts

Yes, it’s true. Irregular shifts mean disrupted sleeping patterns and because there is a direct relationship between sleeping and aging, it leads to an ultimately menstrual mess. A study published in the journal Epidemiology finds that women who work irregular shifts are more prone to have irregular cycles and our expert agrees with it too.

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So, how many of these mistakes are you committing? Sisters, when it comes to taking care of your menstrual cycle, it’s better late than never. So take care of yourself and use these best sanitary napkins to stan free periods.

Sanitary napkin for stan free life.

Are you worried about staining your clothes or bedsheet when you are in your period? This worry can be reduced to an extent if you are using trusted sanitary pads properly. While most of the pads these days convert fluid into gel preventing leakage, others work in different ways.

To reduce your stress about staining to an extent, the present and modern technology has invented the menstrual cup which is best according to many lady doctors but if you're not feeling comfortable with a cup then, here is a list of some of the most popular sanitary pads available in the market. that you can use if you are not happy with your existing one.

Whisper Ultraclean

Whisper has been one of the most popular brands for sanitary pads over the years and is still popular in the market because of its variety of options available. 

Besides looking up the fluids, these pads even help in locking the odor so that you do not have to worry about the foul smell when you are close to others. Since the surface has a soft and dry protective layer, you can stay comfortable at all times.

Sofy antibacterial Extra-long pads.

As the size on the pack suggests, these extra-long pads by Sofy are meant for heavy flow and nights when you do not want to change the pad every few hours. 

These pads have deep absorbent layers that keep the top sheep clean and dry to give you better comfort. These pads have a green sheet that is enriched with natural ingredients to ensure that your hygiene levels are maintained at all times and you have a minimum risk of infection and allergies. Since these pads have an added fragrance, you do not have to worry about the odor.

Stayfree Secure XL Ultra-thin sanitary napkins

Stayfree is another popular brand when it comes to sanitary pads. Since these pads by the brand are quite thin, you will be comfortable while using one when you are on periods. 

Being XL in size and using gel-based technology for absorption, these pads are suitable for both regular and heavy flow days. The surface has a dry cover ensuring that you stay comfortable at all times even when the flow is heavy.

VWash Wow Ultrathin Sanitary Napkins

If you are conscious about maintaining your intimate hygiene, you must be aware that VWash is a popular brand when it comes to initiating washes for women. The brand is emerging as a popular brand as well in the market of sanitary napkins. 

These pads have an impermeable bottom layer ensuring that there is no leakage or staining. Since these pads are irritation-free and have a soft side surface, you will not feel any discomfort close to your thighs while walking or performing your daily activities.

Admire Perfumed Sanitary Pad

For women whose main concern while menstruating is always the foul odor, it is always preferred to go for perfumed sanitary pads. 

These sanitary pads by Admiria have a pleasant fragrance that covers up the period odor when you have been using a pad for too long. The double-layer protection reduces the chances of leakage and stains to allow you to stay relaxed when you are on your period. Since the wings are delicate, you will be comfortable while moving as well.


women are the beauty of this humanity and life depends on them, if you are a woman then you must understand why I am saying this, being a lady is more complicated than being a man, women are complicated creations of nature so they have too much variety in their there life cycle. And periods are the flowers that help women to bloom. if a woman hasn’t a period no one likes her, and if they go through a tougher period that is another problem for her personal and parental life so I told her the life of a woman is more complicated than a man.

You should care about your wealth first then do anything later your good health is not just for yours but it affects all of your family so please ladies care much much more about your health. And use the suggestion above mention for you to stay fit and stay happy. As you know this is the time of the global pandemic and all parlors and salons are closed how do pamper yourself 

Hope you like this post if yes then share it with your co-friends who are suffering like you and show your best human nature lives and lets us live. Follow us for a more exciting story.

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