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What is plasma therapy & how it is helping covid patients

Plasma therapy is an old treatment therapy that is conducting from the long past. Now according to the situation of the global pandemic, doctors are thinking of using this therapy for the treatments of corona positive patients. before reading further about plasma therapy some important symbols we must have to grave and those are your immunity system must have to stronger. you can eat healthy food to boost your immune system. 

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History of plasma therapy

Plasma therapy was discovered first time by German physiologist Emil von Behring, plasma therapy was first used in 1980. In 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had recommended plasma therapy to treat the Ebola virus disease. The plasma therapy was also used during a Spanish flu pandemic, during the H1N1 infection of 2009, doctors used plasma therapy to treat patients. you can understand it as cosmetic surgery both are different but just for building up your knowledge, you can think like this.

What doctors do in plasma therapy?

In plasma therapy, doctors take blood from recovered patients from the same diseases and separate there blood and plasma, plasma is the main liquid parts of blood which responsible for communication in vein and do all the necessary activities to make a person healthy and fit. It also carries oxygen from hearts to different parts of the body.

uses of blood plasma

How many infected by coronavirus worldwide

 The deadly coronavirus has infected more than 2 million people worldwide. Though doctors and governments are trying hard, pm modi has suggested 7 magical formulas to stay away covid-19 and also launched the Aarogya setu app for citizens' help and awareness because there is still no cure for the disease. Scientists are experimenting with various vaccines, drugs, and other treatment methods to fight Covid -19

One such treatment is plasma therapy. Reportedly, a  49- year-old male is the first person to receive plasma therapy in Max Hospital, Saket. The treatment worked for him and now is out of danger, reported the hospital.

What is ICMR

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has allowed states to start the clinical trials of plasma therapy. States like Kerala, Gujarat and Punjab have already initiated plasma therapy for patients suffering from covid-19.

100 other institutes have shown interest to study how safe and efficient is plasma therapy in treating the novel coronavirus.

What is plasma therapy?

Convalescent Plasma Therapy is an experimental procedure to treat Covid-19 infection. In this treatment method, plasma from a covid patient who has fully recovered is transfused into a coronavirus patient with critical condition.

How does plasma therapy work?

Plasma therapy treats patients by transferring the immunity form a healthy person to a sick person. For instance. As we borrow some household things from our neighbor in the absence of in our home to treat our guests who are high profile like the same plasma therapy is working this way.  The therapy uses antibodies from the blood of the recovered coronavirus patient to treat another critical patient.

This helps the infected person to develop antibodies needed against the covid-19 virus. The antibodies when transferred start fighting against coronavirus.

How plasma is donated?

Donating plasma is similar to donating blood and takes the same amount of time. Plasma donors are hooked up to a small device, which removes plasma and returns the red blood cells to their bodies simultaneously. Each and every time it will please you whenever you donate your blood to treat this deadly virus. Plasma can be donated more frequently as compared to blood It can be donated two-three times a week.

Plasma from one person can be used in recovering two infected persons.
Right now ICMR does not recommend using plasma therapy as a treatment option but only for the purpose of clinical trials.

Several other countries have also started plasma therapy trials including the United Kingdom and the United States.


Plasma therapy is the best-known therapy to treated covid-19 patients. Most of the country is doing trails for these treatments as they find some hope for treatments of this deadly virus. India has passed its trail and also gives one treatment on a patient which is now absolutely fine. These successful treatments have aroused and also motivated doctors to take one advanced step to make this therapy like a panacea for this deadly virus.

My words meaning is stayed home and stay fit, keep checking your immunity which is your own firewall for your safety, use sanitizer to wash your hand and also use mask-like n95 for stop spread of the virus  if your immunity system is weakened then you have to suffer more than a person who has built up a stronger immunity the system if your mind is stocked that what is the immunity system and how to build-up a stronger immunity then read my exiting and a scientific article how the immunity system fight against covid-19.
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