what is the secrete of meditation & how to do.

Meditation is a type of exercise that dealing with your internal goons who called goons of mind. and they are allure, hate, delusion, pride and sexuality. if you really want to know the secret of meditation than you have meditate.  Because it is a path of feeling, when you are meditating, it means you are dealing with yourself.

most of us want to win mind if you also in a queue then join yoga and do meditation.  let see what is the meaning of the winning mentality and how to find them. 

Do you know what is god and how to find it?

your wisdom is god and it will appears in you, as usual. it is present inside you but there is no identity with you.

when you start yoga and enter meditation then you start the journey of the internal world. which is your creation, consists of your knowledge and unknown thought, your emotion is your mind's driver who drives thought in your mind.

further emotion divided into two parts positive emotion and negative emotion. you choose positive emotion because you are doing meditation.

we called them left right and left is right and right is left because your heart is left so left is right (left is 
+ve) thought (right is -ve) positive.

 How to do meditation

there are three major parts of meditation further they would divide sub-parts into their mental activities.

types of yoga
one part of yoga.


Beginning of meditation

starting yoga is very easy for anyone but maintaining it for the long run is difficult.

At the starting time, aspirants are showing too much enthusiast that he will achieve yoga but later he fill there is no sound with yoga and they decide to boycott this process. 

if you are thinking to join yoga  (meditation) then you have to build up your desire to achieve it. because this process is a long journey.

your mental stamina and strong desire can only help you to achieve meditation.

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Meaning of meditation

meditation is not just sitting and closing your eye, but it is a process of knowing yourself. it is a process of healing yourself with your thought. to understand how yoga word I have a short story to make a layout for you, how do I get yoga.

prince and Buddha.

one day Gautam Buddha visit a king's palace. he saw king is very happy and he adores him full of respect.
king has one child who was listing with care what saint is telling and he desired to learn meditation so he closer to the saint and ask that he also wants to know the secret of yoga. would you teach him?

saint look at him and told no because it is not easy and you are prince so you won't be able to achieve meditation.
but prince request to the saint that he has to learn, after some talk the saint agrees but he told that you have to commit some promise with me then only I can teach you.

prince agrees and asks what I have to promise.

saint reply when you became my disciple then you won't ask anything while i will teach you and without any question you have to accept my all order which I will tell you to do.

you won't be able to run away in modest of course.

there is no time limitation that how much time it will take to complete, it depends on your intensity.
so it can take one year to endless time are agree. the saint ask to the prince.

the prince replied yes I agree with you and I will learn meditation.

meditaion techniques
The saint brings him to his cottage in a forest.  and told it is your first day so now again I am giving you one day to think again over your decision you can leave this place and can return your palace. 

the prince replied no I won't go back I will learn.
the second day the saint asks the prince that today is your starting day of meditation so be alert because from the starting day I will attack you with a wooden sword.

there is no time limitation I can do it any time from anywhere so be alert all the time.

The prince thought what he is going to do, I joined him to learn meditation but he is telling me that I will attack you. be alert all the time. 

but again he recalls that he has promised that he won't ask any question to the saint that what is doing so he accept.

few days he got hurt by a saint wooden sword but after a week he finds something new in his mind and that feeling was healing him to be alert for safety. 

after three months he finds that now he is able to defend all the attacks which are known and he became happy that I got my meditation.

The next day the saint told him no you are able to defend all unknown attacks which won't hurt you so you are past the first test.

and now your second face of meditation will start from the next day.

now I will hurt you while you sleeping with my wooden swords.

prince thought how it will possible while sleeping, on day time when I was awake that was ok but now I will be able to protect me in sleeping, but again there was no other way so he accepts it.

more then one week he has to suffer but later he finds that now he is able to defend himself while sleeping and after two months he is as aware that he can feel that anybody trying to hit him and he defended him and after the three months he became conscious in sleeping and capable to defend with full confidence and he became happy.

again saint take the test and told you to pass this test and now your third and final chapter will bring tomorrow and I will attack you with real swords.

prince thought wooden swords were easy and there was no harm of life with them but real sword can hurt me badly but he was unable to ask any question and accept this.

the saint attacks him with a real sword but each and every time the prince was able to defend himself within three months he never makes any mistake because now he was aware of meditation and fully charged with yoga now then saint said that your journey of meditation has completed so now he can leave this cottage and can back to his home palace. 

upcoming full moon day will your farewell.

awareness with meditation

just before the farewell one day, when the saint was in mediation prince, reached him and watch him with curiosity and then thought in his mind that this saint has thought me about awareness lets check is he also aware or just he was telling me to let me attack him with a real sword to find out how much he is aware.
as he thought all at sudden the saint told him don't do this I am old and weak so I won't be able to bear your attack this accident shocked the prince and he asked how you aware of my thinking how you got that I am thinking to attack you.

the saint told that is meditation when you totally united with yourself you would be able to listen that is just appearing in someone's mind if you want to learn  this then stay with us a few more times I will teach you. 
meditation of awearness
Dhyana yoga

remember you and your mind is a collection of a huge collection of thought and your mind misguided you just showing you your favorable thought because he never like that anybody knows him and can control him.

 meditation means knowing yourself know your mind and its activities.

 meditation teaches us how to control your emotion your thought and it will release when you remove your all thought which is running in your mind.

as above I have mentioned that there are three parts of the mind that work for misguided us and that is the reason we don't want to do meditation. 

because doing meditation needs lots of desire which is not easy. 

here desire means to understand your emotion and make a wise decision t control them and the overcome from your earthly desire.

temples of india

At the time of starting meditation, you don't know anything just like a prince and there are lots of questions float in your mind but later you understand what is awareness and how it works. 

moving further teaches you that not only at awaking time but sleeping time or in sleeping you can maintain your awareness.
this further teaches you how to be aware all the time that is meditation.

This is a little information about meditation which teaches you how it works and how to do yoga.

if you do mediation every day than you also be able to achieve what the prince has achieved.

final words...

Doing meditation is a divine process and it has started from a long past we have it's information regard lord buddha. who has teaches us how we can overcome our sin and can achieve the highest goal of our life.
in short yoga, means swear about yourself what is going inside you and how it would be controlled.

i hope you will enjoy this story and can understand your superpower of mind. so get started yoga meditation to achieve it.

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