How Regain your virginity after lost it?

Virginity has direct links to women's character as we assure according to our social and religious nature. we think that once one loses one virginity never regains it in one life. that's why in our family "parents" are too much cautious about their female child, as beauty-full women care too much about their aging cells and use many anti-aging creams just to remove the marks of age. same wise parents care for females at the first menstrual flow they care too much about their female child they create many obstacles in their life just to save her virginity.

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they think if women lose her virginity before marriage she is treated as a characterless woman. our many religious scriptures, it has unfolded many parts of women's virginity if you have any doubt that you can read them after buying from the market.

but Geeta doesn't associate with different scripture that loudly speaks about the virginity losing or not losing virginity doesn't mean anyhow that those women are characterless. it is a natural thing and everyone has to create a relationship with anyone.

but now our question is here that does we can reget our virginity then now the answer is yes you can get your lost virginity through some medical surgery now women are happy with surgery like they do cosmetic surgery for their beauty.

what is the meaning of virginity?

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Childhood lessons: A for apple, B for the ball, C for cat and V for the van, and so on.
Adulthood interpretation: A for apple, B for the big apple, and v for virgin.
If you avoid focusing on the different versions of Apple, you’d probably notice the V-word that every misinformed uneducated, narrow-minded, petty person is perhaps obsessed with his virginity.

From oils too, unfortunately, even women- the world simply cannot get over their so-called preference for all things virgin. Let us unfold the truth of the mystery of regaining virginity.

What is this V-word exactly?

In terms of an adjective for objects, the Oxford Dictionary defines a virgin as something in its original, pure, or natural condition and not changed, touched, or made less good.

When it comes to women, its definition is altered contextually to the one with no sexual experience. that's why there are lots of tips and tricks available for female hygiene information just to care for and save her virginity. It isn’t just a simple definition. Sadly, it equates a woman with no sexual experience as being pure and good.

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The V-word has some for-reaching moral implications and serves as more of a character certificate for a woman than just a simple adjective. To understand this further, you’ve got to know about the H-word too

What is important about H 

As bees save liquid inside the hive just proper caring for the hole of the hive same wise you can understand hymen cares for the liquid of purity inside the vagina and it helps to stay away from many urinary infections. As we see women are beautiful but their beauty is not just out of the curtains her real beauty is inside her hymen so there are too many complications present in women's mentality you can find lots of beauty treatments for facial beauty but your internal beauty is hiding for everyone. 

We’re talking about the hymen, the word has been coined after the Greek god of marriage Hymenaios and in medical terms, it refers to a thin mucous membrane that is present in order to partially close the opening of the vagina.

The link between hymen and virginity

In conservative cultures, an unruptured hymen is seen as a sign of virginity. It is believed that when a  woman has intercourse for the very first time, her hymen breaks due to penetration, making her bleed and proving her virginity prior to the experience. 

most of the time we see it creates many menstrual problems like too much bleeding at the time of your period if you are associated with this problem here is a perfect article for you on how to control heavy blood during the period.

An ideal time for a woman to finally, lose her virginity is considered to be her wedding night and, my friends are also the only honorable way to lose something as precious as her virginity.

Now, the honor attached to this sick phenomenon is what makes so many women live in fear of judgment or simply opt for hymen reconstruction procedures. So, ruptured hymen virginity?

 What study says 

According to a study published in the journal Reproductive Health, a broken or ruptured hymen is Not a sign of a women’s virginity because firstly, the hymen doesn’t break, it just stretches open.

And secondly, this delicate membrane can get stretched due to a variety of reasons other than having intercourse. this study also justified that uncommon and irregular menstrual flow is the result of a poor lifestyle.

From strenuous physical activity such as horseback riding, bicycle riding gymnastics, and dancing to masturbation, tampon insertion, and a cross-vaginal ultrasound—a variety of factors can be responsible for your hymen breakage. Let’s come to the point now:

 Can you regain your virginity?

Now, a woman might wonder about regaining her virginity for a variety of reasons but the answer to them all is a biological one.

 Remember that nature is always changing and what is true today that would not be true letter everything is changing so forget this and accept this new scientific solution for your problem and enjoy your life if 10 beauty tips at 30, can change your appearance then of course surgery can restore your hymen.

Whether it is the pressure of seeming like a virgin to your partner or simply the fear of regaining your virginity after a long dry spell of no intercourse that’s prompting you to wonder about this here’s unveiling the mystery. The answer is no.

Confused? Well, to clarify, you’ve got to know that you may not be able to regain your virginity naturally because according to several studies. The hymen is highly unlikely to regrow or regain or regain its original shape, And elasticity naturally.

Then why does intimate intercourse after a long gap still, hurt or make you bleed?
It can either be because of your pelvic muscles not being habitual to having sex or because of a condition known as vaginal atrophy (VA) says a 2017 study published in the journal Maturitas.

Commonly referred to as vaginal dryness, irritation, or painful intercourse, this condition is characterized by thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen which can result in painful relations.

Now, this can feel like you've regained your virginity, but an actually means that it is time to see your gynecologist.

 can medically restore your hymen

Let’s talk about hymenoplasty, which is a surgical process of restoring the hymen. If hymen intactness is your definition of virginity, then the only possible way to gain it back is through this procedure.

FYI, it does have the risk of prolonged bleeding. Infection, and the side-effects of anesthesia associated with it. So think twice before opting for it.


medical surgery has changed our thinking and continually surgery is achieving a new benchmark of success getting virginity is one of its samples.

Regaining virginity is a boon for women and mostly for those who are working out of a home, they suffer after their marriage. because no man wants to hear that her wife had a relationship with someone and she loses her virginity with them each and every person wants a pure female for marriage. this information leads to many sub-ideas for women to care for their virginity one of my most searching examples is nowadays women are oiling their public hair is one of the reasons that may surprise you.

in our society, mostly high profile families check and show the wedding night sheet to their relative to prove that her new bridle is pure and virgin, blood is standing for evidence so many high profile families are trying this surgery nowadays. medical science has changed our life and way of thinking as they also invented a device that helps women to pee without sitting.

 if you have any doubts then you can inbox me I will give you a perfect answer. now if you require satisfied with this post and want to speak the news with your friends to inform you that we can regain your virginity then don't wait to share this with your girl's friends. thanks for reading. 

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