Top Foods | Good For Vaginal Health By Nature

 We all eat foods so that we can keep our health up to date and make our life happy. Food for vaginal health is the same food that we eat every day the safeguard our life.

Healthy foods are our life oxygen and the vagina is the center of every man who seeks women and women who are able to give birth they also want to be healthy up to down, your vaginal health depends on your living standard that prepares the food that you eat.

natural foods for vaginal health

What do women think about foods good for vaginal foods?

Most women don’t know about these foods that are essential for their vaginal health. If you eat this food every day, definitely your vagina will be happy and make your life lovable. so you should add this food to your diet to make your vagina happy.

Whenever you find some problem under your panties such as unusual odor, smell discharge, or other symptoms of the vagina that indicate that your vaginal pH is not working properly right now. 

women start consulting with a doctor without thinking about why it is going on or what is the main cause of this situation. Food for vaginal health is the food that will help you to maintain your vaginal pH and also provide sufficient lubrication for your vagina, which helps women while mating so you must eat food for vaginal health.

Life is depending on balance as your relationship needs care and balanced activities. your vagina also needs care so eat this healthy food for your vaginal health. A balanced diet will help you to maintain your vaginal pH balance and the normal range of vaginal health is 308 to 4.5. 

If you are unable to provide food for vaginal health it may increase the bad bacteria inside your vagina that will increase itching inside or yeast infection these all health problems appear because of not using proper food for vaginal health.

You must have heard of or faced UTIs or vaginosis these are all because of not eating food that is good for vaginal health hope you got my word on why it is important to eat foods for vaginal health.

If this information is hurting then you should think your vagina has there own ecosystem that is able to bear all the hardships in your life but you must eat foods for vaginal health.

that will help to maintain your vagina to keep its promise for a long. That is the reason we urge you to eat food that will help your vagina to keep healthy.

Here are some very common foods that will help your vagina to be happy they are

.Cranberries help tackle UTIs

Cranberries are a dwarf shrubs plant that is also known (as Vaccinium oxycoccos)  these foods are good for vaginal health and they are creeping shrubs. And also a family of evergreen forest trees. 

cranberries for utis

It is mostly cultivated in Europium countries. Its fruits are called berries they are not sweet fruits but essential for your vaginal health. It is mostly used as a juice, sauce, jam, and sweetened dried cranberries. Cranberry sauce is a traditional accompaniment.

Nutritional value of cranberries

Raw cranberries are 87% water, and 12% carbohydrates, and contain negligible protein and fat. 

Raw cranberries supply 46 calories and moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and essential dietary mineral, manganese, each with more than 10% of its Daily Value. Other micronutrients have low content.

Drinking cranberry juice can be helpful to lower UTIs. That many research and studies proved this.

Research on cranberry over UTIs ( food for a healthy vagina)

In the year 2012, a comprehensive review of research proved there is no evidence that cranberry juice or cranberry extracts tablets or capsules are effective in preventing Urinary tract infections.

Also, the European Food Safety Authority reviewed the evidence for one brand of cranberry extract and concluded a cause-and-effect relationship had not been established between cranberry consumption and reduced risk of UTIs.

One other research conducted in the 2017 systematic review showed that consuming cranberry products reduced the incidence of UTIs in women with recurrent infections.

One another review of small clinical studies indicated that consuming cranberry products could reduce the risk of UTIs by 26% in otherwise healthy women, although the authors indicated that larger studies were needed to confirm such as effect.

Nutritional value of cranberries per 100g (3.5oz)

Energy -  46 kcal (190kj)

Beta-Carotene – 36 ug – 0%

Vitamin C – 13.3mg – 16%

Carbohydrates -  12.2g

Lutein Zeaxanthin -36 ug -

Vitamin E -1.2mg -8%

Sugars -  4.04g

Thiamine (B1) – 0.012 mg – 1%

Vitamin K 5.1ug – 5%

Dietary fiber - 4.6g

Riboflavin (B2) – 0.02mg – 2%

Calcium – 8 mg – 1%

Fat -   0.13g

Niacin (B3) -  0.101mg – 1%

Iron – 0.25 mg – 0.25mg – 2%

Protein - 0.39g

Pantothenic acid (B5) -0.295mg

Potassium – 85 gm – 2%


Vitamin B6 – 0.057mg -4%

Magnesium – 6mg -1%

Vitamin An Equiv. – 3ug – 0%

Folate (B9) – 1ug – 0%

Sodium – 2mg – 0%


Eat more sweet potatoes for fertility

Sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, it is large, starchy, sweet-tasting, and tuberous roots are a root vegetable. 

It is eaten as greens. This sweet potato is not related to the common potato.

Sweet potatoes are good for vaginal health we will know it here with their nutrient value.

 Raw sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and beta-carotene with moderate contents of other micronutrients, including vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and manganese.

sweet potato for firtility

Sweet potato cultivars with dark orange flesh have more beta-carotene than those with light-colored flesh, and their increased cultivation is being encouraged in Africa where vitamin A deficiency is a serious health problem. 

A 2012 study of 10,000 households in Uganda found that children eating beta-carotene enriched sweet potatoes suffered less vitamin A deficiency than those not consuming as much beta-carotene.

Nutrients value of sweet potatoes

Energy – 378kJ (90Kcal)

Thiamine (B1) – 0.11mg – 10%

Iron – 0.69mg – 5%

Carbohydrates – 20.7g

Riboflavin (B2) – 0.11mg – 9%

Magnesium - 27 mg – 8%

Starch – 7.05g

Niacin (B3) – 1.5mg – 10%

Manganese – 0.5 mg – 24%

Sugars – 6.5g

Vitamin (B6) – 0.29mg – 22%

Phosphorus – 54mg – 8%

Dietary fiber 3.3g

Foliate (B9) – 6 ug – 2%

Potassium – 475 mg – 10%

Fat – 0.15g

Vitamin C - 19.6mg – 24%

Sodium – 36 mg – 2%

Protein – 2.0g

Vitamin E – 0.71mg – 5%

Zinc – 0.32 mg – 3%

Vitamin A equiv. - 961ug – 120%

Calcium – 38mg – 4%



The nutrient value of sweet potatoes makes these root fruits healthy for everyone but mostly it is used to increase fertility proper use of this food can help you to protect your vaginal walls. 

It also helps to improve fertility in women this is the reason women like to eat these fruits and these are also known as foods that good for vaginal health. 

These fruits also help to produce sex hormones in women and help to recover from postpartum and work goods for ovary syndrome that is also known as (PCOS). 

So eat sweet potatoes every day and your vagina will love you forever. These foods are known as vaginal foods for their benefits to vaginal health.


Pro-biotic foods for vaginal health.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed, which help to improve the gut flora. 

Probiotics are considered generally safe to consume but may cause bacteria host interactions and unwanted side effects in rare cases. 

There is little evidence that Probiotics bring health benefits.

Probiotic foods that are good for vaginal health are also known as fermented dairy products, some other fermented foods, and Probiotics-fortified foods. 

Some fermented products contain lactic acid bacteria.

Here are some examples of Probiotics such as pickled vegetables, kimchi, paocai, and sauerkraut, some soy products such as tempeh, miso,  and soy sauce, and also dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, and some non-dairy products such as bee pollen.

These are the foods that help to balance the pH level in a woman's vagina so it is known as foods for good vaginal health. These foods also help you to stay away from vaginal infections.

Consuming these Probiotics can help you to provide good bacteria in your body that would help you to maintain your pH balance which is essential for creating a safeguard against yeast infection because this is a common disease in women and the root cause of all vaginal health issues.


Vegetable fats for better vaginal health

Plants fats are good for vaginal health and are also known as vegetable fats or oils that are extracted from seeds, or less often from other parts of fruits.

Vegetable fats are mixtures of triglycerides. Soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and cocoa butter are some common examples of fats from seeds. 

Most of us know as omega3 fatty acid which is used worldwide it helps in many ways in a woman's body provides vaginal signs on her skin and helps to release lube during mates that have made it foods good for vaginal health.

vegetable for  vaginal health.

Vegetable oils are also used to make biodiesel, which can be used like conventional diesel. Vegetable oils are good for your health it helps to improve the circulation of blood flow in our body which helps to improve your sex life this is the oils that appear while mates as a form of lube.

Many studies have been published to prove how vegetable fats are good for vaginal health it also helps to avoid vaginal swelling and skin dryness. Provide a sign on your skin that people like to eat saturated fatty acid that is easy to digest and easily present in our body and helps to improve your vaginal health.


An apple for orgasms

Most of us like to eat an apple and old phrases that say eating an apple can keep away doctors. This means eating an apple is good for your health and also good for your vaginal health. Many studies have been published that show how you can improve your vaginal health by just eating one apple per day.

apple for vaginal health

Apple is a common food around the world and each and every one like these fruits if you keep an apple every day it will help to promote better sexual function, help to sexual arousal, and lubrication, and also provide orgasm in women. So eat an apple and your vagina will love you a lot.



Soya to help decrease estrogen levels

100 grams of raw soybean have 446 calories and there are only 9% of water and 30% carbohydrates. That also includes 36% of protein. That is very good for your vaginal health it also helps to reduce breast cancer and prostate cancers.

Soy food also helps in colorectal cancer and anal cancer. This food also helps to protect you against prostate cancer such as estrogen.

soy for vaginal health

Estrogen is known as a female sex hormone. And responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are four types of women's estrogens and those are estrogen, estradiol, estriol, and sterol.

Soy food works to maintain and control estrogen levels in women that are good for women's genital health and this food is called good for vaginal health.


Nutritional value of soy foods for vaginal health.

Energy 1,866 KJ (446) Kcal

Omega 3 – 1.330g

Methionine – 0.591g

Aspartic acid – 5.112g

Pantothenic acid B5 – 0.793 mg – 16%

Calcium – 277mg – 28%

Carbohydrates – 30.16g

Omega 6 – 9.925g

Cystine – 0.655g

Glutamic acid – 7.874g

NiacinB3 – 1.623 mg – 11%

Copper – 1.658 mg – 83%

Sugars – 7.33g

Protein – 36.49g

Phenylalanine – 2.122g

Glycine – 1.880g

vitaminB6- 0.377mg- 29%

Iron – 15.7 mg – 121%

Dietary fiber – 9.3g

Tryptophan - 0.591g

Tyrosine – 1.539g

Proline – 2.379g

folateB9- 375ug-94%

Magnanese – 2.517 mg – 120%

Fat – 19.94 g

Threonine -  1.766g

Valine – 2.029g

Serine – 2.357g

Choline – 115.9mg – 24%

Magnesium – 280 mg – 79%

Saturated – 2.884g

Isoleucine – 1.971g

Arginine – 3.153g

Vitamin A Equiv. – 1ug – 0%

Vitamin C – 6.0 mg – 7%

Phosphorus – 704 mg – 101%

m. Saturated – 4.404g

Leucine – 3.309g

Histidine – 1.097g

ThiamineB1 – 0.874mg-76%

Vitamin E – 0.85 mg – 6%

Potassium – 1797 mg – 38%

p. Saturated -11.255g

Lysine – 2.706g

Alanine – 1.915g

riboflavinB2- 0.87 mg – 73%

Vitamin K – 47 ug – 45%

Sodium – 2 mg – 0%


Avocados for vaginal walls.

Avocados are fruit just looks like guava but it is different from guava these fruits are also known as good foods for vaginal health. This food contains vitamins b and vitamin K with good content of C, E, and potassium.

Avocados for vagina health
Avocados are also rich in phytosterols and carotenoids. i.e. lutein and zeaxanthin. These fruits help to maintain the libido in women and they well know the role of libido in their life as a married woman. These fruits help your vagina to enhance lubrication during your mating which is good for smooth relationships and helps to avoid friction. These fruits are enriched with a multivitamin that is good for you and food for good vaginal health.

Greens leaf for vaginal health.

Green leaves are very essential for your health it impacts your entire body as well as your vagina. The green leaf is enriched with a multivitamin that also provides good vaginal health, providing fresh and purified blood for your vaginal health.

vegetable for vaginal health


These vegetables are well known for their nutrient values such as green spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Arugula, and some other green leaves they help to moisturize your vaginal walls.

Green leaves contain vitamin E Magnesium, and calcium that help to improve your vaginal health as well as other muscles. That’s why this is also known as food goods for vaginal health.


Garlic that increases your libido for vaginal health

Garlic is a well-known medicinal herb and very good for males and females male it helps to improve sperm count and make your sperm dense which contains more powerful than thinner sperms. In women, it provides good sex enzymes that help women to enjoy their sex life with hearts.

Garlic has a strong odor and is also bitter in the test but it helps to avoid itching, burning, bad odor, vaginal discharge, and UTIs. Just because of their medicinal properties such as antifungal properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic contains a strong smell due to sulfur this herbs also contain vitamins B6 and C, and the dietary minerals manganese and phosphorus. B-complex. 

Including thiamin and pantothenic acid and also some dietary minerals calcium, iron, and zinc, this food also works to purify your blood. So this food is also known as food for vaginal health.

Take every day one full clove of garlic in winter and one day later in the non-winter season can help your sexual life be beautiful forever. There are many other ways to eat garlic as sauce, paste, and some other ways.

Flaxseeds for better vaginal health?

Flaxseeds are known as good for vaginal health these seeds are available in two varieties brown and yellow but there is no major change in nutritional value. 

It also contains omega-6 fatty acids and omega-9 fatty acids and palmitic acid. Dietary fiber has several B complexes and dietary minerals with potassium, thiamine, magnesium, and phosphorus that also help to improve LDL- cholesterol in the blood. 

That is important for your vaginal health so it is called foods for good vaginal health. Its oil is called linseed oil. These oils help to improve vaginal wall issues. That is vaginal dryness and other menopausal women's health issues.


Lemon for vaginal health.

Who is there doesn’t know about lemon which is the most known kitchen material and we all like to drink lemon juice? Lemon help to improve your vaginal health as it is acidic by nature and can help your vaginal pH balance level. Lemon also contains antioxidants and properties vitamin C which is our daily need body and also helps to protect your vaginal walls against damage.

lemon for vaginal oil balance

It works as a catalyst of immune booster for your body to provide essential supplements and protect your body against infection. Drinking one glass of lemon mixed water will help you to maintain a vaginal pH balance that is good for your vaginal health so it is called food goods for vaginal health. It also helps to prevent vaginal yeast infection and PMS symptoms.

FAQ on foods for good vaginal health

Foods that make you more lubricated

Many foods help you moisture while mating such as lemon, Avocados, and flaxseeds are some common fruits’ for vaginal health and your vagina will love you lots while mating. Or you can buy some superfoods for vaginal health. 

Foods that make you wet instantly

The above mentions foods beneficial to make you wet instantly for smooth relationships with your spouse or someone with whom you want to be mates. Some lubrication fruit products are also available in the supermarket to make you wet instantly.

Foods for natural lubrication.

for your special needs, you have to find them and make the best use for your better health many foods are good for your vaginal health such as sweet potatoes, lemons, almonds, coconut, etc if you eat them regularly it will help to release natural lubrication for your vagina.

What foods increase female lubrication?

Nature has a number of vegetables and fruits for your daily needs and The answer is the same that is mentioned above so please read the above mention answer for female lubrication or you can buy some items from the supermarket for vaginal lubrication.

Best yogurt for ph balance

Greek yogurt is one of the best-known yogurts that help you while eating or just insert in your vagina it helps you to protect against bad bacteria such as Candida fungi. You can buy it directly online and can use it as usual for your vaginal health.

Foods that help balance ph

Many foods help to improve your vaginal pH balance these all information is mentioned above so please read the full article so that you can understand everything about your vaginal health and vaginal care.

Final words…

Nature is our mother and loves as our mother loves. If you have any problems nature and its natural source will help you a lot. Foods that are good for your vaginal health are available in nature that is further processed and sent to the supermarket and then reach you.

Foods that help balance ph

If you really want to make your vagina happy then must you know about some foods that your vagina loves?

Your one step towards vaginal care and vaginal foods can improve your life like never before. So use natural products for your vaginal health and your vagina will love you back.

Hope you like this article about foods for vaginal health if yes then share it with your friends so that they also get benefited.

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