Why You Missed Your Period While on Birth Control

 Missing your period while on birth control. these are some very common reasons that drive your body to make you...

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Birth control pills or other contraceptive methods are very effective to achieve your desired results in your married life but you may find that using these pills can create a hassle in your life you may feel a lapse of periods or lighter your menstrual periods. If you also facing these types of problems and wanted is it normal or any sign of disease or what causes for this then read this article carefully. Here you will be aware of everything regards your periods and the effects of birth control pills on your body. 

At present time there are several methods for contraceptives and women are free to choose according to their biological health condition. If you are using some estrogen or progestin types of birth control pills then you may find some issues with your periods. You may miss your periods so let us discuss the causes that accelerate your body to stop menstruation.

If you take the pill, here are some reasons why you might have missed your period.

Stress causes effects that stop periods.

Taking birth control pills for stopping unwanted pregnancy is a good choice for the woman but it has one small loophole that causes stress in most women and that is if I missed taking pills then. This missing pill can create stress in your mind and through your mind, your body also became anxious about missing pills, and finally, they appear missing for periods. This is the reason most women like to use birth shots or birth implant methods for birth control as well as a happy life. What you will choose?

Dietary changes help to stop menstruation.

Stopping periods depends on many things only taking pills or applying certain methods are not responsible for stopping your periods but your dietary changes are also responsible for your missing periods. In ancient time woman were using different methods for birth control and faced lapses in periods. Changing your weight causes your menstrual cycle and sometimes stops it for months.


Birth control and missing periods are also determined by your physical workout. if do not exercise regularly with pills you may see missing periods. A physical workout helps your body to regulate your hormone levels that help your body to work well and continues its regular activities.

More strenuous training, like the kind performed by professional athletes and dancers, is usually the cause. Some recreational athletes who engage in long-distance events may also experience this.

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Continuous with birth control

Missing your period appears due to taking birth control pills for the long run in your life. Most women using birth pills for a long and they had admitted that they don’t have periods on regular basis. If you are suffering from these problems you should consult with your doctor they can help you to make the right decision. Your doctor can help you to understand the matter and give you the right solutions if you are missing your periods while taking birth pills. It’s not uncommon for people on injectable birth control to also experience a lack of periods.

Does missing a period mean you’re pregnant?

Missing periods doesn’t mean you are pregnant always, but most of the time due to pregnancy you missed your periods. But if you are taking birth control pills or using some other contraceptive methods. Missing periods are common for detailed information you should consult with your health provider. Or you can choose a home testing methods for pregnancy that will help you to understand whether you are pregnant or not.

What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?

early symptoms of pregnancy?

A missed period


Breast tenderness


Lower backache

Frequent urination

As we have mentioned some common signs of getting pregnant if you are pregnant then you will see some of the signs in the early days of your missing periods at least in a week. If you are conceived then you may see some spotting or bleeding every 28 days. If you don’t see any of the above mentions signs with your periods it means you are not pregnant and missing periods is due to contraceptive pills but do you know the best ways to get pregnant on your first try?

No period after stopping the pill but cramping?

Dura male

Birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin hormones to stop ovulation and help the woman to mate regularly without any risk of getting pregnant. While using these pills they change your womb biologically and separate sperms from eggs so that no eggs meet with sperms.

In medical term it is called stopping the ovulation this process makes lots of biological changes in a woman’s body that appears at the time of their menstrual cycle some the women find very light menstrual or just spotting while others don’t menstruate regularly these all happen due to estrogen or progestin types of hormones.

If you are also suffering from these types of health issues after stopping pills you are not menstruating or cramping then you should consult with your health provider they can check up and suggest you best solutions for your problems.


How do birth control pills work?

Birth control pills contain hormones that interact with the ovary and create a shied that kills or stops sperm to meet a woman's eggs. These pills contain two types of hormones and these hormones are known as estrogen and progesterone. They are the primary elements of any birth pills that help to stop unwanted pregnancy. These birth pills are useful for some other cases such as help with menstrual cramps, heavy blood flows, and acne treatment. so I hope you understand the uses of birth control pills for a woman. It can.

what are the sign of pregnancy

Prevent ovulation

Thicken cervical mucus so sperm can’t easily reach the egg

Thin the uterine lining to prevent the fertilized egg from implanting


The effectiveness of birth control pills is greatly increased with consistent use. In other words, it can be 99 percent effective if you remember to take them at the same time each day and never miss a pill. This also requires that you start your new pack on time each month. If you are ill with diarrhea or vomiting, it can also influence effectiveness. Some medications interfere with the effectiveness of hormonal birth control, as well.

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When you miss or skip doses, you may have spotting or irregular bleeding. Since many women end up missing or skipping doses or birth control pills, the overall effectiveness is about 91 to 99 percent.

How long after stopping taking the pill will I get a period?

Well hormonal pills work if you are taking them regularly if you have misses them for at least one day then there is a 50% chance that you will pregnant. One most important thing about getting pregnant is that women are most fertile during their 20s to 30s years of periods after this time women are likely not able to get pregnant easily. To get pregnant after 30 years you have to consult with your doctors they will help you how to get pregnant at the last age.

No periods after stopping the pill am I pregnant? 

If your periods are missed then you will aware of some signs that show you are pregnant that appear within the week, or to check that you are pregnant or not use a pregnancy test kit that will help you to understand whether you are pregnant or not and to understand what wrong with me why I missed my periods after stopping birth pills you should read this article with full attention every information are mention in this article.


 How to keep your menstrual cycle on track

Missing your periods while taking birth control pills, is not a matter of panic situation. You should keep in touch with your doctors they can help you to understand your biological nature and then they can suggest you best solutions for keeping your menstrual cycle on track.


It is seen that poor health conditions or poor diet can cause menstrual cramps so think about it and then recheck your menstrual cycle. When you take the right foods and right decision then you will find that your periods are on the track.

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Make sure you take time to relieve stress. Try breathing techniques, yoga, restorative walks, and even journaling to get at the root of your stress.

Keep up with regular exercise. Your activity level may seem manageable to you, but see if stepping back a bit helps your regular bleeding resume.

Final words…

Missing your periods while taking a regular dose of birth pills can cause nothing this happens due to biological changes. As we know that birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin hormones that help to stop unwanted pregnancy.

If you are facing problems with birth pills you can use an alternative method that will help you to overcome these situations or you can change your lifestyle they also will help you to control the situation.

Birth control pills are incredibly effective at preventing pregnancy with perfect use. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a pill that will work better for your body, depending on your reasons for taking it and any adverse symptoms you have.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Type of birth control that stops periods?

Many birth control pills help to stop unwanted pregnancy. As per your kind information birth control pills contains estrogen and progestin types of hormones that support a woman’s body and create a shield against pregnancy. All the birth control pills that are able to stop unwanted pregnancy are the pills that also cause stop periods. Some of these pills help the woman to clear acne and other health-related issues.

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No period on the pill-free week?

Most birth pills come with 28 pills case which has 2 types of pills first 21 pills are the hormonal pills that help to stop ovulation and the rest seven are placebo pills it is also known as sugar pills they are not a real pill but they are just sugar pill and come to complete your regular dose continues. These times of periods when you use these seven pills are called pill-free weeks.

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Lybrel birth control?

Liberal birth pill- to know about these pills you should consult with your doctor. They can help you to understand which pills are called “Liberal birth control pills”

I stopped taking birth control and haven’t gotten my period?

In some cases, after stopping your birth pills woman are not menstruating but it is not a serious issue if your periods are not regular after a quarter. you should consult with your doctor. It is common that while taking and after stopping your pills your body takes time to apply changes and it takes up to three months to be regular.

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When do you get your period on birth control pills?

Birth pills are hormonal pills that equally affect every woman but every woman is not biologically equal due to their lifestyles so you may find some changes while using these pills.

If your body is normal and you are taking regular exercise then your periods won’t stop while using birth control pills. It would be on time and very smoothly.

When did you get your period after stopping the pill?

This is not sure when your periods will start it can take up to 3 months to be regular if you have any problems you should consult with your health provider they can suggest you after checking your body.

Can birth pills cause no periods?

It is not 100% but using birth control pills can delay your periods as we have seen many questions regarding this query. A woman is very much curious to understand this. Birth pills are designed to stop unwanted pregnancy not to stop your periods but these happen due to someone’s biological nature and living style.

Which birth control stops your period?

All birth control pills are made with estrogen and progestin types of hormones that help the woman to stop ovulation and these pills are the pills that delay the periods or stop your periods.


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