Depo-Provera Birth Shots | Uses & Advantage

Depo-Provera Birth control shots for women, Birth control shots are an idea that helps us to stop or regulate our married life without creating a mistake and the ability to choose when we want to get pregnant. 

Several methods claim birth control at your fingertips. These birth control methods have made our life joyous and decreased the mental stress that appears due to unwanted pregnancy.

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Here in this post, I am going to talk most famous birth control shots that are well famed among couples and that is known as Depo-Provera this is the name of the belief that couples accept. 

It is an injectable form of the drug depot medroxyprogesterone acetate or DMPA for short. DMPA is a man-made version of progestin, a type of hormone.

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DMPA was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1992. It’s highly effective at preventing pregnancy. It’s also very convenient – one shot lasts for three months.


How does Depo-Provera work?

Depo-Provera is a liquid form of hormones that enter a woman’s body through an injection and they start their work to stop ovulation. These birth shots also known as DMPA block all the possible ways that can support the transportation of sperm and help to meet with eggs. 

Because of these blockages sperms unable to meet with any eggs and help couples to stop unwanted pregnancy. That is the work of these birth control shots. So what do you think about it do you need this then consult your doctor first.

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Depo-Provera is an injection that lasts or works for 13 weeks for each shot. So it is recommended to you that take your next shot before the expiry of presents does. To avoid unwanted pregnancy while you are in the mood for enjoyment. You can learn about many other fertility options such as (FAM) which is also very popular among couples.


If you don’t receive the next shot in time, you risk becoming pregnant because of decreased levels of the drug in your body. if you can’t get your next shot on time, you should use a backup method of birth control.

It is recommended that use this shot only for 2 years and then you should find some other alternative for more details you should consult your health provider.


How do I use Depo-Provera?

Using this fertility awareness method that is known as Depo-Provera is very easy and there is not at all any complication while installing it inside a woman's body. 

to acquire it, you should consult your health provider and fix an appointment. your doctor may ask some questions regarding your pregnancy or your private body parts. and if he is satisfied then your doctor will give you these birth control shots on your upper arms or your buttocks. You have to properly choose where you want to take it.

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Here there is some condition when you are choosing this method to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy and that is. If you have installed this shot just after your periods have begun or just after the delivery is ok. Otherwise, you have to choose some other method for the first week to protect yourself from conception.

Some other guidelines suggest that consult with your health provider within three months for your next dose. If you have missed your due date then your doctor checks for pregnancy and they will give you your next shot of Depo-Provera.


How effective is Depo-Provera?

Any product that runs in the market that has some value, Depo-Provera is a very effective shot and applicable worldwide. it means this birth shot is highly effective. While using it there is only below to 1 percent chance of getting pregnant. 

So there is no place for any doubt that creates any issues in your mind that how these shots will work or any side effects. This shot is fully effective for stopping pregnancy. 


Can Depo-Provera cause infertility?

Well, there is no scientific evidence that proves that using Depo-Provera can cause permanent infertility. Infertility is a different issue that appears due to certain reasons. For more information, you can read the fertility age of the woman.  

Depo-Provera is an injection that a lady takes to stop pregnancy while using it you will be free from being pregnant. But after its period ends it won’t create any cause for you but there is some point where you have to think. 

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At the time you have to stop taking this shot and suddenly it won’t work for achieving pregnancy because of estrogen hormones it will take a few days or it may take a few months, these types of hormonal shots slow down your fertility process but it can’t destroy your natural ability to giving birth to younger one.

So there is no need to worry that if I lost my fertility while using these birth control shots such as Depo-Provera.

Depo-Provera is not known to cause infertility, but it can delay it "of course", if any woman has trouble conceiving after two years or, more it is advised that immediately consult with her health provider.


Can you get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera?

Sure, after stopping the shots of Depo-Provera you must get pregnant if you are under the fertility age do you know woman lost their fertility up to 30% after the age of 30s?

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You will get pregnant but it will take some time because your body has to clear all the estrogen hormones that may be present in your body. it takes a few weeks to complete the course.

To find out more about the Depo-Provera shot, getting pregnant after the shot, and a detox diet you can try, read.


Depo-Provera side effects


There is nothing that doesn’t have any side effects, before understanding the side effects of Depo-Provera you have to understand what the meaning of side effects is.

Side effect means there is some particle that is not matching with my condition is known as side effects. 

Depo-Provera has some side effects that may appear while menstruating it may lighten your periods otherwise it is fully secure for your need and useful for preventing unwanted pregnancy. 

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After all, there are some other side effects that you have to know about this shot Depo-Provera.

Other common side effects include:


Abdominal pain



The decrease in sex drive

Weight gain, which can be more common the longer you use it.


External side effects of Depo-Provera



Hot flushes


Achy joints


Sore breasts

Hair loss



One of the most common side effects while using this Depo-Provera birth shot is you may feel low bone density which is a matter of concern otherwise this birth shot is highly effective to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Low bone density appears due to continuous use of these shots if you stop taking these shots you may find again your bones are getting their ability back but it may take little time. 

You should consult with your doctor they can suggest you best solutions such as calcium supplements or vitamin D to maintain your bone density or you can take second liver oil. So think about these factors of side effects and then choose these fertility methods to avail stress less life.


Serious side effects

While using Depo-Provera birth control shots you may see some very serious health-related side effects that may harm you badly so you should know them in advance before applying it. 


 Major depression

Pus or pain near the injection site.

Unusual or prolonged vaginal bleeding.

This may change your body color from normal to yellow or it may appear in your eye and change its color so be careful while using Depo-Provera birth control shots.

Breast lumps



What are the advantages and disadvantages of birth control shots?


Well, there are many benefits or advantages of the fertility awareness method such as birth shots (Depo-Provera) this shot's advantage is it is simple and easy to install and you can use one shot for three months.


What we should do?

With Depo-Provera, you don’t have to do extra anything you just have to consult with your health provider and install this every three months periods of time.

With this method, there is no chance of getting pregnant within the due date. There is no place for forgetting your dose.

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It can be used by those who can’t take estrogen, which isn’t true for many other types of hormonal contraception methods.

What to avoid.

It doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections.

You may have spotting between periods.

Your periods may become irregular.

It’s usually not recommended for long-term use.


Is there any need for Doctor?


While using this fertility awareness method there is no need for doctors but there are some conditions where you have to consult with your doctor. If you want to change your options such as if you want to use pills instead of shots or you are feeling some health-related issues then you can consult with your health provider can suggest what to do and what don’t do. 

Note - consult with your doctor before applying any method which is mentioned in this post that would be best for you and your safety. This information is only for knowledge purposes.


Final words…


We humans are intelligent because of our brain and this brain power has given us many abilities to change what we don’t like. Fertility awareness methods whatever we are using at present are the outcome of our brainpower that thought how to make married life joyfully and avoid unwanted pregnancy. 

These thoughts further developed and we got many methods that help us to stop unwanted pregnancy. Depo-Provera is one of them that gives us freedom for 3 months that is the biggest achievement of medical science which also support the control of the population.

We should choose wisely any method which we find well for us all are one duty and that is to stop unwanted pregnancy. Some of us use pills to stop pregnancy some of us use condoms some of us use IUDs while others use shots. It depends on you and your health condition.

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Depo-Provera is a highly recommended birth control shot but it is advised that ask or consult with your doctor before choosing any alternative method to stop unwanted pregnancy. Depo-Provera is the ultimate solution to unwanted pregnancy.


FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question on Depo-Provera)


Depo-Provera side effects?


Depo-Provera the birth control shots have some disadvantages. In a woman, the most visible common adverse effects of Depo-Provera are acne, change in menstrual flow, drowsiness, and can cause birth defects if Depo-Provera is taken by a pregnant woman.


Depo-Provera dosage?

Depo-Provera (DMPA) and depo-subQ Proverb 104, is used in hormonal birth control as a long-lasting progestogen-only injectable contraceptive to prevent pregnancy in women. And given by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection and forms a long-lasting depot. That releases slowly throughout the months and it takes at least one week to take effect if it is given after the first five days of the period cycle.


Depo Provera disadvantages?


DMPA can affect menstrual bleeding. After a year of use, 55% of women experience amenorrhea (missed periods) after two years the rate rises to 68%. In the first months of use, you may find irregular or unpredictable bleeding or spotting, or rarely, heavy or continuous bleeding.

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Depo-Provera injection?


Depo-Provera birth control pills that are also known as DMPA it are contraceptive shots that work for three months.


Depo-Provera effectiveness?


This method is highly effective at preventing pregnancy.

Injected every 12 weeks. The only continuing action is to book subsequent follow-up injections every twelve weeks, and monitor side effects, to ensure that they d not require medical attention.


How to inject Depo-Provera?


Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate in injectable form and sold under the brand name Depo-Provera among others is a hormonal medication of the progestin type. It is used as a method of birth control and a part of menopausal hormone therapy. 


What does Depo do to your body?


Depo-Provera is used in hormonal birth control as a long-lasting progesterone-only injectable contraceptive to prevent pregnancy in women. It slowly releases its hormone to control or stop ovulation.


Fact check sheet.


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