Sneeze and Discharge what causes this?

I Pee When I Sneeze- What Can I do About It?

Sneeze and discharge mean sneeze and urination it is normal if you are enough older women but you are below 50 years then it may be some time normal and sometimes it will be because of bladder leakage.

Normal if you are peeing while older age and sneezing create a pressure on you genital parts which further releases there pressure on the tipping point and vagina hole or urinary points are the soft points where these pressure releases themselves easily and a women experiences peeing or discharge with sneezing.

Sneeze discharge in women

It is a matter of embarrassment for any woman if you pee or your vagina discharge while sneezing or cough if you didn’t treat them on the time it will be your permanent issues. To keep your body fit as a healthy woman, you must have to understand your uterus and its maintenance and then care about your ovary’s bladder.

 Bladder leakage causes discharge and there are multiple reasons for bladder leakage in women. For a better understanding of bladder leakage, you should know about ovary cysts, which cause bladder leakage which appears while pregnancy.

Pelvic muscle weakness also causes sneeze discharge pelvic muscle’s weakness weaken your bladder that causes stress in your mind and stress stops your bladder or uterus to works properly and this causes sneezes discharge.

If your pelvic floor muscle lost its strength then your body will make a new change its mostly happens while having pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or uterus removals are the most known common cause in women that causes sneeze pee, or cough discharge.


Other risk factors that cause a sneeze discharge


Being female is the most common reason for sneeze discharge.

Age: your age plays a vital role in your health

Being overweight


Family history

These are the common reasons that cause sneeze and discharge in women you can consult with your health provider for best treatment on cough peeing or stress incontinence whatever you called this embarrassing disease.

Vaginal Pessaries



 While going for this treatment your doctor will insert a ring-like device inside your vaginal to treat sneeze discharge“The vagina is just underneath the urethra, so the pessary pushes underneath the urethra to support it. 

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GPLUS Silicone Vaginal Ring Pessary

Using this technique will help to create an extra layer of support which further helps you to increase an outflow from your urethra and maintain your body's angles between the urethra and uterine bladder to stop sneeze discharge or urination.

Pelvic floor Physical Therapy



“Seeing a physical therapist can help to ensure that the pelvic floor muscle is working properly and are strong enough either to inhibit leakage or to cal the bladder to resist an urge,” to make your pelvic muscles strong you must have to do kegel exercises it will help you to strengthen your pelvic muscles and pelvic floor strong exercise is most important but doing it the right way is a challenge for most of the women for better guide visit here.


Urethral Bulking


This procedure involves injecting a bulking substance, such as collagen, around the urethra to either close a hole or build thickness in the urethral wall. Using this method will help to the thickness which supports your bladder and help to stop pressure while you sneeze or cough.

According to research these types of treatment are temporary and are used on old patients. And these types of treatments are not working in the long term than other treatments to stop sneeze discharge or peeing while coughing.

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If the above treatments don’t help to stop discharge while sneezing or coughing them, surgery could also be an option. But you can choose other options that can help you to overcome from sneeze and discharge without surgery and we will know them in this article later.

Surgical options for urinary incontinence include:


If you are suffering from sneeze and discharge or cough peeing they your doctor may suggest surgical treatment. to use this procedure your doctor will use the vaginal sling technique, and in this procedure, a piece of synthetic substance like material will be used to create sling surrounded area of the urethra and then it will close the urethra to stop leakage, and then you will experience there is no discharge while sneeze.  

sneeze and discharge images

Sacral nerve stimulation, which requires implanting a neurostimulator device, is the body to help control muscle function.

It would be a good decision if you consult with your doctor for better treatment.

What causes it?


Your stress is the main culprit for sneeze discharge it weakens your pubic muscle and further it creates a small hole in your bladder and you experience sneeze and discharge.

Childbirth:  childbirth is the most common time when a woman has maximum chances to infect with these problems which are known as sneeze and vaginal discharge. During pregnancy and while having labor weaken your pelvic muscles and bladder and your body easily converts weaken your bladder.

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Hysterectomy: the procedure which removes your uterus with the surgery and it also causes bladder leakage and you experience sneeze and discharge or coughing and pee because of weakened pelvic muscles and weak bladder. 

While removing you is uterus can cause sneeze discharge in women?

Removing the prostate gland with the surgical procedure also causes sneeze discharge in women these types of surgery weaken your urethral sphincter and pelvic muscles and your experiences will be again discharged with sneeze and cough peeing.

Age: muscles can weaken a little as you age. After the age of 40 plus your muscles start losing their strength because they reach the stage of menopause and you experience sneeze discharge all the time if you didn’t treat them and you have to use a diaper.

Weight:  being a fatty body can increase the chances of bladder pressure in most women so take a proper diet to keep a healthy and fit body. And it may help to create an injury and it will damage your pelvic muscles. a weakened pelvic muscle weakens your bladder and starts leakage while sneezing or coughing.

Other contributing factors may include:


Frequent coughing due to smoking

Illnesses that cause chronic coughing

Doing jumping or jogging multiple times also causes this

How is it treated?


At first, you have to know about your age and then decide what causes your pelvic muscles to weaken such as surgery, childbirth, age, or infection that causes leakage. Some time stress incontinence is the main culprit for sneeze and discharge.

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And then you must have to consult with your doctor they will guide you according to your conditions and provide you with the right solution but you can choose a smart way to overcome a sneeze and discharge just using ovarian cysts miracle to stop sneeze discharge.

Also, follow up with your doctor if you experience chronic sneezing or coughing Ongoing sneezing and coughing can aggravate stress incontinence ad make it worse.



Changing lifestyle will help you minimize your sneeze and discharge problems you can do these changes in your life while having sneeze discharge.

Don’t eat unhealthy foods or drugs stop using alcohol or soda water.

Use fiber in your diet to make your weakened muscles stronger and it will help you to keep your organs healthy and work properly try to eat the food that can easily digest and make sure you don’t have constipation.

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If you smoke, try to quit.


Nonsurgical treatment:


Sneeze and discharge will cure without any surgery if you allow these things in your life. For the treatments of sneeze and discharge, it may include.

stress causes discharge while sneeze

Regular pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Biofeedback in conjunction with pelvic exercises to reinforce muscle contractions

Virginal pessary, a device you insert into your vagina to help support your bladder

In nonsurgical treatments you doctors may use urethral inserts to stop bladder leakage


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You can use estrogen creams, to strengthen your pelvic muscles your doctor will guide you on how to use estrogen. And this cream is mostly used by women after the postmenopausal discharge



If nothing else works, surgery is an option. Surgical procedures for stress incontinence include:

Sling methods where your doctor will use tissues to create a sling to support the urethra and these methods are used for both men and women and it has a high success rate.

Yoga Mat Exercise Mats

In the surgical procedure bulling agents will insert tissues into your vagina to tap and hold the pressure and prevent leakage.

compose-suspension is a medical procedure is used to support your bladder and urethra to stop sneeze discharge and cough peeing in women.

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In surgery, an artificial sphincter will be used to control the pressure on the bladder and help you to stop the sneeze and discharge in women.


Final words…


Sneeze and pee or discharge are common diseases in most women after childbirth or an older age they must have to use diapers until they find out the right solutions. If you experience frequent discharge while laughing, sneezing, or coughing it may be due to stress incontinence. And man or women anyone can befall with this problem.

There may be multiple reasons and solutions are for sneezing discharge at first you should ask your doctor and then you can try pelvic floor strong exercise to make your pelvic muscle stronger.

Bladder leakage is caused by this type of health issue in women if you do everyday kegel exercise then your muscles will get enough stamina and elasticity to keep themselves healthy and you will experience healthy life for kegel exercise you must choose a pelvic floor strong device to keep healthy forever.


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