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 Hysterectomy – vaginal- discharge causes & solutions


Uterus removal at the hospital is also known as Hysterectomy and it is a treatment that removes your uterus with the help of a surgical procedure. While having surgery for uterus removal, may involve removal of the cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other surrounding structures. These all cause white discharge after uterus removal!


white discharge after uterus removal

Removal of the uterus renders the patient unable to bear children. And it also has some surgical risks as well as long-term effects or short terms and white vaginal discharge after uterus removal is one of them. and further, in this article, we will know in detail how it happens.


Why did we need uterus removal?


After uterus removal, most women experience white vaginal discharge, but this type of surgery is recommended only when other treatment options are not available or have failed. These types of surgical treatment are the second most commonly performed gynecological surgical procedure, after the cesarean section, in the United States. 

Up to 70% of them have to bear endometriosis; irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, and white discharge after the surgery, I think you should not go with surgery choose other methods’ for your reproductive organs treatments.


What are the medical uses of this surgery? 


Hysterectomy or surgical removal of the uterus is a major surgical procedure that has risks and benefits. While having surgery for uterus removal affects the hormonal balance and overall health of women and causes white vaginal discharge after the uterus removal. There may be some other reasons for a hysterectomy to be requested. The conditions are included but are not limited to.


Endometriosis: growth of the uterine lining outside the uterine cavity. This inappropriate tissue growth can cause pain bleeding and white discharge.


Adenomyosis:  it is a form of endometriosis, where the uterine lining has grown into and sometimes through the uterine wall musculature this can thicken the uterine walls and also contribute to pain bleeding, or white vaginal discharge after the uterus removal.

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Heavy menstrual bleeding:  after uterus removal, you may experience irregular or excessive menstrual bleeding which may last more than a week. And also it can disturb your regular life.


Uterine fibroids: benign growths on the uterus wall. Muscular noncancerous tumors can grow in a single form or clusters and can cause extreme pain white discharge and bleeding after the removal of the uterus.


Uterine prolapsed: it is a more severe condition and causes white discharge after the removal of the uterine we cause weakened or stretched pelvic floor muscles.

Postpartum:  after the removal of uterine or hysterectomy or placenta praevia or placenta percretas wall as a last resort in case of excessive obstetrical hemorrhage causes the white discharge.


Chronic pelvic pain: it also causes bleeding and discharge.


Does hormonal changes causes white discharge after the uterus removal:


Hormonal changes are the main cause of white vaginal discharge after uterus removal or hysterectomy. While surgery your body needs time to adjust itself and also have to recover the body and these activities take all the hormones to maintain the surgery area. and causes hormonal imbalance in women and they experience white vaginal discharge or bleeding or pain.


What should do while in hospital for uterus surgery?


For the treatment of uterus removal or hysterectomy, you must have to visit some hospital. And in the hospital, your doctor will cut your uteri with the support of medical instruments they will insert their instrument inside your vagina and cut out the uterus and remove them. And after this, you may experience white vaginal discharge for a few days which is normal.


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Before the surgery, it is also possible that your surgeon may use a laparoscope and other instruments to examine the area which you want to remove.


Your surgeon may remove your entire uterus or some part of the uterus and after the surgery. It will take up to 2 days to discharge from hospital to home, and then you must have to care for your wound until it is cured and later you will experience there no white discharge.


What to expect at home.


After the surgery, you will return home 1 or 2 days later. It will take up to 6 weeks to feel good with surgery first 2 or 3 weeks will be very critical after the surgery. And it would be best to keep in touch with your health provider and use medicine to minimize pain. In the meantime, you may also experience white vaginal discharge due to hormonal changes but after the 3 weeks, you will feel more relaxed, and later it will be better.

If your doctor used a laparoscope then some scar will appear on your skin and there is a chance of stitches 2 to 4 and at least 1 inch in length. If your surgeon didn’t use a laparoscope then no scar will appear.


After the surgery, it is possible that you have light spotting for up to 5 weeks and the color may be pink, red, or brownish, and without any odor. And also causes white discharge may appear due to hormonal imbalances.


After uterus removal, there are maximum chances that you will experience a more pleasurable private life with your partner. Most of the time it depends on your earlier experience.

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if your earlier experience were good then it will be good. It will be helpful to improve your sexual life after the surgery and help to improve your health and minimize bleeding problems. If you are experiencing any problem then consult with your health provider they will guide you on how to encounter the problems.



What is Self-care after uterus removal?


After the surgical removal of the uterus white discharge is normal for a few weeks, this is the time when you have to take precautions while trying to recover from surgery. 

You should walk as much as you can every day but don’t try to do more than your need and it is also important that take care of yourself and don’t do jogging or don’t do sit-ups, or other sports until you have checked with your doctor.


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Don’t try to lift anything which is heavier more the 4 kg. Don’t drink during your rest day. I think you should do not drink up to 6 weeks after the surgery.


It is advised don’t insert anything inside your vagina for the first 2 to 3 months. This includes douching or using tampons to sock the discharge ask your doctor how to encounter them.

Just right after the surgery doesn’t try to make a relationship up to 10-14 weeks and ask your doctor before trying to have fun.


What to do if your surgeon also used a laparoscope:


You must take care of your private part and remove your wound dressing and take a shower after the one day of surgery if your doctor had used staples, or glue, or stitches to close your skin.

You must cover your wound with waterproof agents such as plastic and continue this for up to 2 weeks. And don’t try to wet your steri –strips it will remove within 2 weeks automatically.


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You should avoid using a bathtub or shower or swimming until your doctor tells you it is Ok.


You also control your eating habit and take smaller meals than you eat normally you should try to eat citrus fruits it helps to cure your wound quickly and digest easily. Consume plenty of water to avoid constipation. And as your wound will be cured and your doctor says ok then your white discharge also will disappear.


How To manage your pain discharge or bleeding:


After the surgery for the uterus, you may experience pain, bleeding, or white discharge if yes then your health provider will be allowed you to use some pain-killing medicines which you can use at home to control them.


While using medicines it would be good to use them at the same time every day, if you will do this it will help to manage your problems quickly and perfectly.


Trying to move around if you are experiencing pain in your lower belly will help you to minimize your abdominal pain.


What is the need for the doctor after the uterus removal surgery?


Call your provider if.


You have a fever above 100.50F (380C)

Surely, your surgery will increase vaginal discharge and it may be color discharge such as; white, yellow, green, or thick, sticky.


It is also possible that your pain-killing medicine won’t help you to minimize your pain.


It is hard to breathe.


Coughing may last if it appears after the surgery.


You cannot drink or eat.


You have nausea or vomiting.


After the surgery, it would be difficult to pass gas or have a bowel movement so drink lots of water to avoid constipation.


It would be difficult to pee it may start burning while using the toilet or it would be very difficult to do and you may need medical support.

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It is also possible you may discharge with a strong odor if appears to consult with your doctor.


You may experience bleeding from the vagina that is heavier than light spotting.

You may experience swelling or redness in one of your legs.


Alternative names


Vaginal hysterectomy- discharge; Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy- discharge; LAVA- discharge

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Final words…


Surgical removal of the uterus is known as hysterectomy and it is done inside the hospital and after the surgery pain, bleeding or white discharge may happen with patients.


You should not worry about them it happens due to hormonal changes and after a few weeks, it will cure easily. If your problem continues then consult with your health provider they can help you better.


Uterus removal will ban you to bear a child but it can improve your private life with your partner and your discharge white discharge will also disappear as your hormones will start working smoothly. for hormonal balancing you should use power hormone, it will help you to manage your hormone secretion and drive accurate hormones to your body and there will be no more white discharge after the uterus removal surgery.






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