Top Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy: Early stage

 Ectopic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy that contains more risk of life than other or normal pregnancies ectopic pregnancy is done at the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy is the most common reason for early pregnancy death. Ectopic pregnancy happens through the implantation of a fertilized egg outside of the uterine cavity so it is risky and known as complicated pregnancy.

complications of ectopic pregnancy


Only a little number of pregnancies are done through ectopic pregnancy when an embryo implants in extrauterine locations known as an ectopic pregnancy. Most of the pregnancy according to a medical survey 97% of pregnancy is done as normal pregnancy and only three percentile of pregnancy implants in the cervix, ovary, peritoneal cavity, or uterine scars. If you have ectopic pregnancy then you must regularly consult with your health provider because ectopic pregnancy can rupture your tube and can burst and you may be lost your life that’s why it is known most complicated pregnancy.


What are the Common risks of ectopic pregnancy? 


If you have developed ectopic pregnancy then there are many risk factors associated with you.

You may experience pelvic muscles inflammation or pelvic inflammatory disease,  

With an ectopic pregnancy, you may have a risk of STD (sexually transmitted diseases)

With an ectopic pregnancy, you have to suffer from tubal surgeries or intrauterine devices.

With an ectopic pregnancy, you may experience symptoms of infertility these all conditions are associated with ectopic pregnancy.



How ectopic happens in women


According to medical experts, it is seen that due to multiple partners with one woman and they are active intercourse then there are maximum chances of developing an ectopic pregnancy. STI is the main reason for ectopic pregnancy. Due to infections, this type of ectopic pregnancy happens in women and about 0.30-2.5 % of pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies worldwide.


During reproductive age women who have multiple partners, they develop this type of pregnancy due to infection. For the first time, ectopic pregnancy was reported below 1 percent without any maternal death.


It is seen that infection of fallopian tubes mostly due to sexually transmitted infections are the main reason for developing ectopic pregnancy worldwide. In 1970 ectopic pregnancy has risen to 4.5 percent which further developed up to 20 percent. The ratio is calculated for 1000 pregnant women.


It is seen that ectopic pregnancy is rising globally over the past few decades ectopic pregnancy has been increasing up to 20%. And the most common cause of ectopic pregnancy is due to tubal infection which happens due to STI, sexually transmitted though the cases of ectopic pregnancy are on the rise; the incidence of rupture of ectopic pregnancy and maternal deaths has declined because of early diagnosis and management.


Ectopic pregnancy still accounts for 4% to 10% of pregnancy-related deaths and leads to a high incidence of ectopic site quotations in subsequent pregnancies. It is recorded that due to ectopic pregnancy up to 7% of women lost their lives in India.


Early Signs of ectopic in women 


At the primary stage, you won’t see any symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. If you have ectopic pregnancy then you may experience missed periods, breast tenderness and nausea are the common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.


With an ectopic pregnancy, if you took a pregnancy test you will get a positive result. Ectopic pregnancy is different than a normal pregnancy.


As your fertilized eggs grow in your body you may experience signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy more complicated.


First Warning sings of Ectopic Pregnancy


As usually there are no early signs of ectopic pregnancy but sometimes it shows its signs as light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. You can manage them with power hormone.


Sometimes blood leaks from the fallopian tubes if it happens then you may experience shoulder pain. Sometimes bowel movement is an early sign of ectopic pregnancy all the symptoms depend on your health condition time nervous irritations are also early signs of ectopic pregnancy.


Emergency symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

With an ectopic pregnancy, you may experience pressure on your fallopian tube that causes rupture of the fallopian tube and there are maximum chances that your bladder may burst. Abnormal bleeding is the emergency symptom’ of ectopic pregnancy



When to see a doctor


You have to consult with your doctor if you have any signs of ectopic pregnancy.

You can consult with your doctor if you are experiencing severe abdominal or pelvic pain with vaginal bleeding.


Shoulder pain etc.


What Causes ectopic pregnancy


Fallopian tube infections are the main culprit for ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens in fallopian tubes and infected fallopian tubes cause a burst of the bladder. They are the main cause of ectopic pregnancy.  


Risk factors that cause an ectopic pregnancy


Previous ectopic pregnancy: Life you’ve had this type of pregnancy before, you’re more likely to have another


Inflammation: STI which is the most common reason for ectopic pregnancy and caused death in early pregnancy it is related to gonorrhea or chlamydia, it causes inflammation or infection in the fallopian tube, and other related organ and finally increased the risk of ectopic pregnancy and life risk too.

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Fertility treatments: According to much medical research it is seen having IVF can lead to the chances of ectopic pregnancy infertility is a common reason for ectopic pregnancy.

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 Tubal surgery: allowing surgery for uterus related or other surgery related to fallopian tube causes infections such as ovary cysts increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy.


Choice of birth control: the chance of getting pregnant while using an intrauterine device (IUD) is rare. But getting pregnant with IUD then it may be a reason for developing an ectopic pregnancy. So choose the right choice for getting pregnant.


Smoking: Cigarette smoking just before you get pregnant can increase the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. To make a healthy life you should quit smoking the more smoking greater the risk of ectopic pregnancy.




There is a heavy risk with ectopic pregnancy if you are suffering from ectopic pregnancy then it may burst your fallopian tube. If you didn’t treat it may be life-threatening

What is the Prevention of ectopic?


If you have developed an ectopic pregnancy then there is no place for prevention, but with medical support, you can minimize the risk of life.

At first, you should be limiting your mating partner.

Use a condom for better protection

Avoid mating with a person who has STI

Don’t smoke smoking cause infections to grow faster.


Where should I Diagnose ectopic?


There are multiple ways to diagnose ectopic pregnancy. At first, you have to care about your body and find symptoms if you haven’t any symptoms then go for a pelvic exam it will help you a lot to identify your ectopic pregnancy.


If your doctor is unable to find ectopic pregnancy you must go with a blood test or an ultrasound some other ways to diagnose ectopic pregnancy are mentioned below read them carefully.


Pregnancy test


Using a pregnancy test is the most common way to identify your pregnancy. Your doctor will order the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) blood test to confirm that you’re pregnant. Levels of this hormone increase during pregnancy. This type of pregnancy test will be different from the normal tests and it will continue every few days. The test will continue for up to 6 weeks to identify you have an ectopic pregnancy.




A transvaginal ultrasound allows your doctor to see the exact location of your pregnancy. For this test, a wand-like device is laced into your vagina. While using ultrasound will use sound waves to make an image of or targeted area to identify the problems.




A fertilized egg does not grow outside of the uterus and to save complications you must have to remove it from there. Mostly it depends on your condition your doctor may use laparoscopic surgery or abdominal surgery to keep you healthy with ectopic pregnancy.




It is almost not possible to identify easily ectopic pregnancy but at the early stage if it is detected your doctor may suggest you methotrexate. This medication will help to prevent cells growth inside your fallopian tube. The medication is given by injection.

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Your doctor will check another HCH test to identify how well treatment is working inside you and do you need more medication or support.


Laparoscopic procedures


There are two types of laparoscopic procedures are used to treat ectopic pregnancy complications. Salpingostomy and salpingectomy, while this surgery your doctor will make a small incision near your navel. And then your doctor will use their medical instruments to see the tubal area.


Emergency surgery


Sometimes ectopic pregnancy worsens and women experience heavy bleeding, if you have the same feeling then you have to need emergency surgery.


While an emergency your doctor may use surgery and they will use laparoscopic ally type treatment or they can make an abdominal incision. Sometimes your doctor will remove the infected part of the fallopian tube to make safe your fallopian tube.


Coping and support 


Due to ectopic pregnancy losing a pregnancy are devastating, and can deeply hurt you. If it happens to you take your time and try to understand the entire situation.


You must talk about your feeling with your loved one or friends or with the doctor.


Several women have developed a healthy pregnancy after losing their pregnancy due to ectopic pregnancy. You can take mental support for relaxation you can use yoga burn.


Ectopic pregnancy failure causes destruction of your fallopian tube, but a women's body has two fallopian tubes so you will be able to achieve pregnancy healthy pregnancy you can use pregnancy miracle as an ultimate guide for women who are suffering from no pregnancy for any reason.

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While trying to achieve pregnancy with ectopic pregnancy your next pregnancy will also appear in your life you must have taken support of your doctor and early blood tests will be a panacea for every woman who had an ectopic pregnancy. Don’t avoid blood tests and ultrasound testing it will help you to understand your ectopic pregnancy.


What you can do


It can be helpful for your questions for the doctor before you visit. We have listed some samples for you.


What kinds of tests do I need?


What are the treatment options?


Is there any chance for me to achieve a healthy pregnancy in the future?


How much time it will take to make me pregnant again after this

Is there something that I have to follow for achieving a healthy pregnancy?


While consulting with your doctor well prepare your question and don’t be shy while asking the question it is important for you to ask questions without any agitation. Ask a loved one or friend to cope with you; if possible sometimes it can be difficult to remember all of the information provided, especially in an emergency.


What to expect from your doctor


If you don’t require emergency treatment and haven’t yet been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, your doctor will talk to you about your medical history and symptoms. More than this your doctor will ask you more questions related to your menstrual health.




When were your last periods?

Did you notice anything unusual about it?

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Could you be pregnant?

Have you taken a pregnancy test? If so, was the test positive?

Have you been pregnant before? If yes, what was its result?

Have you ever had fertility treatments?

Are you interested in being pregnant in the future?



symptoms of ectopic pregnancy


Are you in pain? If so, where does it hurt?

Do you have vaginal bleeding? What is its amount less or more than your period's blood?

Are you lightheaded or dizzy?


Health history


Do you have any history related to your reproductive organs? Such as surgery, tube infection, etc.

Have you had a sexually transmitted infection?

Are you being treated for any other medical conditions?

What medications do you take?


Final words…


Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous situation for any woman if you have ectopic pregnancy it will be dangerous for your life.


Early blood tests may help you to find out signs of ectopic pregnancy. To avoid ectopic pregnancy you must limit your mating partner and always use a condom while mating with a new partner.

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STI is the main reason for developing ectopic pregnancy. It may infect your fallopian tube and other organ and after achieving pregnancies your baby develop into the fallopian tube further it creates pressure on the fallopian tube which may burst your bladder and lead to the situation of maternity death.

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