What Causes Kidney Disease in Pregnant Lady?



Kidney’s function and your pregnancy, during pregnancy a women's body, make multiple changes for the support of the fetus. Kidney diseases appear due to multiple reasons or deficiency, during pregnancy periods and certain changes in hormone secretion weaken your renal function and a woman experiences kidney diseases.

casues of kidney problems


The work of the kidney is as a filter machine in our body that filters blood and separates toxic elements from the body through urine and stool while pregnancy if you have any history of kidney-related issues then, there is a maximum chance of reoccurring.


During pregnancy, women need to regularly consult with their health provider because pregnancy changes their biological health for short time during pregnancy, women’s body surrounded by multiple disorders, and kidney disease or preeclampsia and hypertension with severe urinary tract infections are the causes of kidney diseases during pregnancy.


We have collected a short list of kidney disease that appears during pregnancy if you control them with your hormonal changes using your power hormone systems you would be able to manage them easily and can achieve a successful pregnancy while kidney diseases. You should regularly consult with your doctor to understand your body and its function so that you can stay a healthy life.



High Levels of Creatinine in Urine cause kidney problems during pregnancy



One major reason for kidney disease is your extra care mentality. which allows you to eat too much which increases the amnion acid in your body and you may experience kidney diseases during pregnancy.

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A high level of creatinine in urine is the result of amino acids in your body and further, it filled creatinine in your urine during pregnancy which causes kidney diseases.


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When amino acid breaks down in the kidney it is known as creatinine, it is also known as glomerular filtration rate. This is a way to measure kidney function and its normal range is between 500 to 2000 milligrams The amount varies according to age, and body mass (BMR).


When women got pregnant their body uses more blood cells and the function of the kidney is to filter blood and waste while working hard during pregnancy pregnant women experience kidney or retinal problems.


In short, during pregnancy due to high level of creatinine and hormonal changes create an extra additional load on your kidney and you experience kidney diseases during pregnancy time kidney failure.


High Blood Pressure causes kidney diseases during pregnancy 


One another reason for kidney disease during pregnancy is high blood pressure due to high blood pressure your kidney has to work hard and it causes kidney diseases during pregnancy.


Women who have developed high blood pressure during or before pregnancy should check their kidney function. High blood pressure damages the body’s regulating and balancing power. Your body works with the help of vain they work as a drainage system that allows everything to blow through their vain.

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During pregnancy, a woman's body due to extra load kidney stops there a functioning or do not work smoothly. The kidney works slowly and pregnancy pressures sent more fluids to the kidney to filter finally, you experience kidney problems during pregnancy.

A woman with obesity has more risk of kidney problems if she achieves pregnancy due to high blood pressure which slows down the process of filtering in your kidney. You should lose weight with a healthy diet you can choose the custom keto diet for weight loss or you can use bump to birth women pregnancy-related health guide for risk-free pregnancy to childbirth.


One other reason for kidney disease is a twin pregnancy. due to twin pregnancy, your body has to work double and pregnancy pressure forces your kidney to function properly. you can learn more about how to get pregnant with twins.



Urinary Tract Infection causes kidney diseases during pregnancy


Urinary tract infection is also a cause of kidney disease during pregnancy. Urinary Tract infections known as (UTIs) appear in women or men while having unprotected intercourse with an infected person. This infection is transmittable and causes one person to another if it inter into your body. Due to UTI your kidney got infected and does not works smoothly any you experience kidney disease.  

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An American journal which is published by, Dr. Kevin Krane in the year 2007 has proved that urinary tract infections cause’ 33 percent more kidney disease.


what causes kidney disease during pregnancy

Dr. Krane goes on to note that although urinary tract infections occur in pregnant women at about the same rate as non-pregnant women, the condition is much more serious in pregnant women and must be treated promptly. A urinary tract infection during pregnancy can cause renal failure and lead to early delivery or low–birth–weight infant.


Final words…

During pregnancy, a women's body makes certain changes frequently and they create pressure on the kidney for filtering blood. These changes are hormonal changes excessive body weight,


different types of vaginal discharge all cause kidney diseases during pregnancy.


Excessive work and low body maintenance cause kidney disease during pregnancy.

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During pregnancy, women need more healthy food & nutrients. such as; folic acid and consulting with a health provider will help you to keep healthy during pregnancy. and not to have kidney disease during pregnancy.


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