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CDC: Top 6 new deadly symptoms of the covid-19

CDC has lined up six new symptoms of Coronavirus, which is still creating too much panic for humanity and does not want to finish. one side doctors are creating plasma therapy to conquer this deadly virus, the virus is showing up her new silent feature to threaten humanity. It was said using good quality of mask-like n95 can help to control the spread of covid-19.  

six new symptoms of covid-19

Now it has extended his form and doctors found 6 new symptoms of this deadly virus. This virus is looking like a demon (Rakta veej a mythological character of Hinduism ) who had power to rebirth just by one drop of his blood and coronavirus is also doing the same thing as doctors are trying to finish, then it appears with new feature. Or you can understand that this virus is like a bad robot of robot movies. Both have maximum similarities. Now, we have to be more cautious about life and compelled to stay home.

Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate.

As corona has decided that to overrule on humanity and spreading his evil empire just spreading dead around the globe. Coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of stopping. 

With 27000 cases in India and over 2.81 million cases worldwide, a big percentage of the reported cases are turning out to be asymptomatic – which basically means that these infected people are not showing general coronavirus symptoms. 

In certain research has proved that your strong immune system can help to beat the virus and to build stronger immunity I have created an interesting article that would teach you how to build strong immunity just using kitchen ingredients.

New symptoms of coronavirus

As more and more cases come to light. Newer symptoms are being discovered, making people worry about the rapidly rising rates of transmission and spread. 

In light of this. before getting informed about them, we just have to know how your immunity responds to a coronavirus its information would teach you how your body reacts to virus infection. the center for Disease Control and Prevention has added six new triggers to the list of symptoms, tripling the number to 9 now.

six new symptoms of covid-19

Here is the updated list of new symptoms:

Loss of senses

Loss of senses means loss of memory if you lose your memory by this virus it means it is not just sickening humans but also damaging their nervous system. Loss of smell or sensation was one of the most prominent atypical symptoms which came to be associated with COVID-19. 

Loss of smell or taste occurs when a person is unable to detect odors and usually happens when a person has a blocked nose or with growing age. The symptom was largely funding to be present in patients across Britain in the late arch and it was feared that a lot of patients might have unknowingly spread the infection.

Intense chills

While chills are usually dismissed as a minor problem, it can be a cause of concern if you suffer from other coronavirus symptoms as well. Feeling cold without a reason, accompanied by intense shaking is being tagged as a prominent symptom of COVID-19. The symptom was most famously reported by a news reporter, who broke his tooth after suffering from extreme chills and shaking.

 Pain in body

Many patients, especially the elderly are reporting malign ( pain around the muscles ad the joints)As a persistent symptom of coronavirus. 

Muscle pain has been found affecting close to 14.8% of patients across the US as well, which is the new epicenter of the disease spread. Muscle pain happens when the virus attacks the tissues and cells an triggers an inflammatory reaction. 

Stiffness ad pain can also happen when the body goes through a period of inactivity. However, so far, the symptom has largely been found in people suffering from a severe case of the virus and not the milder infections.


Having a headache while suffering from cold is quite common. It can also happen when you have a respiratory infection, such as the one caused by a novel coronavirus. According to newer findings, a debilitating headache, accompanied by the feeling of a persisting pain or pressure around the temples and the eyelids have been found to one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Pink eye

Just recently, there was growing concern that coronavirus could lead to conjunctivitis  (pi0 eye infection), meaning that the virus could not just spread through respiratory droplets but nasal and eye fluids too. 

A study published in JAMA ophthalmology mentioned that a patient was likely to suffer from pink eye.

Sore throat

Not only does coronavirus leads to a bad coughing spree, one of its unusual symptoms is the presence of a dry cough, which happens when the irritant ( in this case, a virus) attacks the respiratory tract. Almost 60% of COVID-19 positive cases report sore throat, along with a dry cough as a typical symptom.


Coronavirus prevention is to avoid going out without proper precaution your life is not only yours remember this. You must follow the government's rule. As we found coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate and the symptoms for people differ depending on their age, health, pre-existing conditions, and severity. 

It’s important to watch out for symptoms, rush for help, and avoid any contact with can lead to further spread of the infection.


Many of us thinking about how to save and how to use our time for better immunity against coronavirus.  According to gov. information, your powerful immunity system is your most valuable weapon against this virus so build up your immunity with natural herbs and made source because it’s the time of lockdown.

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I hope you like this information very much. if true then spread this with love, which can help to stop coronavirus spread. Your information is a weapon against corona so spread the right information with people to stop the sin like a corona.

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