How To Heal Vaginal Tears At Home Step By Step Guide.

Vaginal tears is a life learning exam for Women because they are the real creators of this world they conceive and birth child after wearing unforgetful pain during childbirth they suffer and fight against live and dead situation to give birth to a child, men never do. 

vaginal tears

Causes of Vaginal tears while Child Birth?

Vaginal Tears are a normal situation during childbirth it is also called perineal lacerations this type of situation appears whenever a pregnant woman trying to birth their child through their vagina. This is a normal condition of giving birth to a child. 

Sometimes we find that if the vaginal opening is smaller than that of the child's head and it did not come out easily through that small hole of the vagina and then one thrust pressure works to remove the child from the women's womb.

Best solutions for vaginal care after birth

This pressure is the culprit for vaginal tears that compel the vagina to stretch herself so that child comes out safely. If you haven't a big vaginal hole then without vaginal tears your baby won't come out. But in a few cases, this happens. Most of the time we find vaginal tears while childbirth. That is a normal condition and there is no need to worry.

why pregnancy damage your vagina 

These vaginal tears surrounded the skin of the vagina and anus while childbirth. that stretch vagina widely that tears the vagina and anus too. But the good news is that these types of tears of skin get back in their original shape easily within few weeks automatically, Or your doctor will guide you best so enjoy your vaginal tears because it is an experience that how we could be a mother of a newborn baby.

What are some conditions of vaginal tears?

As we know that women have to go through vaginal tears while giving birth to a child with vaginal birth. There are four parts of tears that are visible according to child & delivery experts and they have named it as the degree which is further known as the vaginal degree of tears. For your better understanding, we have designed it in separate parts so that the user can understand them easily.


 What is the first Degree vaginal Tears

First Degree vaginal tears are the simple tears of vaginal opening parts and it is almost common during childbirth. These types of vaginal tears are lessening in severe that cause only perineal skin. That is the reason women want to use oil to make their sensitive skin wet throughout life.

The skin present at the middle or between your vaginal mouth and rectum is called the first degree of vaginal tears. That presents beneath the vaginal opening and causing mild pain during peeing but there is no need for worry and can repair auto within several weeks of delivery.

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There is no need for stitching these types of vaginal tears because this is mild and can repair the auto or you can ask your doctor they can suggest you best for first-degree vaginal tear and its stitches.

What are the sign of Second degree of vaginal tears

The second degree of vaginal tears is more than that of the first degree of vaginal tears, you can understand that the second degree of vagina tear enters into vaginal internal parts and more painful. These types of vaginal tears involve your vaginal skin and out of vaginal muscles that are called the perineum.

The second degree of vaginal tears needs one or two stitches after the birth and you must work as your doctor prescribed to get back fast. This type of vaginal tear can cause pain during your peeing, so be careful while if you befall into this health condition. But again there is no need to worry and it will clear soon just care about you.


how to care third degree of vaginal tear?

Women are the beautiful creation of nature but vaginal tears can teach her how to be if you want to be a mom. The third-degree of vaginal degree enter deeper into the vagina and surrounding muscles that are called the perineum and also touches the anus and hurts them (sphincter).

Third-degree vaginal tears are a very painful condition for any woman who suffers from these health conditions. While treating with this condition of skins need anesthesia while stitches and the patient have to move the operating room from the labor room and it takes a longer time to be in shape.

These types of vaginal tears can causes problems while bowel movements such as leakage that is known as fecal incontinence. This condition is a painful condition and it is advised that don’t do sexual activates because it can hurt your skin and leads a longer time to repair.

Keep in touch with your doctor or health provider they can suggest you best.


Fourth Degree of vaginal tear a worsening situation.

Well, fourth-degree vaginal tears are a very bad situation for any woman and it is rare to appear with each and every woman.

These types of vaginal tears extended throughout your major parts of the vagina and move toward your rectum that crosses them and reaches the anal sphincter mucus membrane that lines the rectum mucosa.

Fourth-degree vaginal tears require keen attention while medication and patient need an operation with anesthesia while stitches. And this can take a longer time to repair while the medication you must care about the movement that helps you to heal your vaginal part as soon as possible.

There are many problems with fourth-degree vaginal tears because it will be very painful while urinating or for bowel movement so keep calm and do as your doctor prescribed you.


Easy dealing with vaginal tears.

As per any women’s point of view, vaginal pain during childbirth is unbearable so what if you are facing vaginal tears. One should keep in touch with their health provider while these types of health conditions you are facing.

It requires a clinical check-up to get recovery at your postpartum in normal condition it takes up to six weeks after the delivery.

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If your condition belongs to third-degree or fourth degree vaginal tear, must you keep in touch with your doctor these types of health the condition needs more attention and frequently check-up so that you can save your sensitive skin against any infections.

If you feel anything that is not common don’t agitate to inform your doctor such as severe pain, persistent or increasing pain if you experience some complications from a vaginal tear, you must consult a urogynecologist or colorectal surgeon to get the right step toward your health.

Your health care provider will evaluate your recovery at your postpartum checkup, typically six weeks after delivery. If you’ve had a third-degree or fourth-degree vaginal tear, you might need to see your doctor more often to ensure early detection of any problems. 

Tell your health care provider if you’re experiencing severe, persistent, or increasing pain, which could be a sign of infection. If you experience complications from a vagina tear, you might be referred to a urogynecologist, colorectal surgeon, or other specialists.

Tips to handle common issues while recovering from vaginal tears

While recovery it is necessary to keep some point in your mind that can help you to wear your third-degree and fourth-degree vaginal tears and help you to recover fast they include.


  • ·       Sit on a pillow or padded ring.
  • ·       Cool the wound with an ice pack, or place a chilled witch hazel pad between a sanitary napkin and the wound.
  • ·       Use a squeeze the bottle to pour warm water on your perineum as you’re passing urine.
  • ·       Sit-in a warm bath just deep enough to cover your buttocks and hips (sitz bath) for five minutes. Use cold water if you find it more soothing
  • ·       Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Ask your health care provider about a numbing spray or cream, if needed.
  • ·       Tal to your health care provider about using a stool softener or laxative to prevent constipation.

Perineum tear pictures

how to heal vaginal tear.

My boyfriend ripped me

Vaginal Tears often not happens with sexual intercourse, this is a different process that appears due to childbirth and vaginal the opening is smaller than that of the baby’s head at that condition vaginal tears happens. 

If your boyfriend ripped you then there is a very low chance that it may appear as vaginal tear but in some cases when penetrating force is very high then it maybe happens.

These types of vaginal tears know as the first degree of vaginal tears for more information you should read this article carefully a have mentioned everything about vaginal tears.

Vulvar tear

The vulvar tear is also known as vaginal tears but these types of vaginal tears most appears due to sexual intercourse and it is mild and heals in a few days but you should avoid meeting if you know how it appears then it will help you to recover fast. You can consult with your doctor for further information.

Labial tears healing

As we have mentioned about vaginal tears and conditions at first, you should check about your types, and then you can do anything to healing them. If your labial tears belong to the first or second degree they may heal auto in a few days. 

Third and fourth-degree labial (vaginal ) Tears take longer time to heal and in these cases you must consult your health provider they can suggest you best.

Perineal tear not from childbirth

Well, if your vaginal tears appear due to some other reasons that man be during your mating activity if your answer is yes then there is no need to worry these types of perineal tears may heal auto in few days. 

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But it is said that consult your doctor they will guide you best. Otherwise, you can buy healing ointment from the online or nearest medical store.

Minor perineum tear treatment

A woman's life is so complicated but still, men want to use her but this is love bites that need care and attention too. A minor perineum tear can be healed in a few days there is no need to worry. But you can consult some specialists who can treat you with information.

At present there are many creams, ointments and medicines are available that can help you to treat your vaginal (perineum) tear at home you can buy it from supermarkets or some medical store. Or you can buy it from us. Vaginal tear repair cream.

Perineal tear not healing labial fissure

If your perineal tear is not healing auto you must consult your health provider it may lead  some serious infection.

Sometimes we find women don’t care at the first stage and then these types of health issues became worsen for their life. It would be best to consult some lady health specialists who can help you best.

Sometimes we find that if your vaginal tears are not getting heal then it needs some operation to stitches the tears part and needs strong attention to your private part that helps you to keep away from any infection.

Final word…

Women life is not a simple life as men live. Women have to face many life-threatening situations throughout their life as we have seen here in this article how she compels to wear unforgettable pain while giving birth.

Vaginal tears are a normal condition if it an only first degree or second degree but third and fourth-degree are complicated situations that need keen attention to recover fast.

At present time most women prefer to give birth by operation because it is easier to remove their child at the place.

It would be best to consult your doctor before taking any step toward self-healing tactics because this can cause a serious infection that never is good for your life and your sexual health.

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Hope you have grabbed my point on how to heal your vaginal tears and what should do if you are facing these types of health issues. If you like this information helpful then don’t agitate to share with your friends and relative they may have the need to know how to heal vaginal tears.

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