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How life began no one has an exact answer so we believe that there Is a god who boon us for fertility and because of this boon all the females are able to give birth to their next generation.

Goddess of fertility

Fertility means different according to our needs but one thing is common in all fertility they all are able to reproduce a new one just like the same. 

We do lots of work for getting fertile or get pregnant. such as; yoga for fertility or consulting a doctor or anything that we find that can help me to get pregnant or help me to improve fertility. 

There is lots of food that help to improve your fertility within a week. But only if you have faith in them.

Here we will discuss the fertility goddess that gives us the power to be fertile. This is not a science but our belief of the long past. Our ancestor believes that there is some supreme power that enables humans with their boons. 

that appears as a form of their new baby. This story is very much interesting. if you like then tell me I will create a piece of full information about how it works for fertility in detail.

They personified these natural aspects and gave them names, imagining them as men and women – powerful deities that could be appeased to help with corps, childbirth, or victory in war.  today we are exploring perhaps the most common of these beliefs, a cult that was the central part of all pagan religions – fertility. 

as nature intricately connected fertility with femininity, goddesses were revered. Today we are traveling to all corners of the world to seek out these loving mothers and lustful seductresses – from the European Germanic cults.

The ancient Origins of Fertility Godde

From of beginning of humans, they believe in nature and accept them as gods. but the truth is they are universal low of motion that always works. If they stop living on this planet will vanish. 

These all happening things have been created by the form of god in the human’s mind and now we are worshiping them according to our needs. Fertility goddesses are one of the most important parts of that belief.

Fertility and female are two parts of one coin they can't be apart from each other. whenever we talk about fertility, we are talking about females. 

 In Greek mythology, Venus is known as a goddess of fertility and beauty. According to scientific research, these beliefs are almost 300,000 years old and we are following them.

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Fertility goddesses are one of the core parts of an ancient belief system that had to bind us with that belief system. Now we find that almost all over the world people are blind at the front of so-called dharma ( belief). 

This is the main cause, we all worship the goddess of fertility for their grace and happiness of life. 

While some goddesses held vicious and beastly forms, most of them embodied beauty and had feminine features.

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From the stone Age depictions of fertile motherly matrons all the way to refined seductresses and sorceresses of Nordic mythology, one thing always remained the same – and that is the exemplification of feminine sexual qualities.

Now here we are going to talk about the world's known fertility Goddess that has boon life on this earth and humanity. Their grace is endless and they are always a giver for humanity so let's start our talk about fertility goddesses.

Ostara Goddess of Fertility


Fertility goddesses our first name for fertility goddesses is Ostara. This is one of the oldest and most loving German goddesses, this is a lady god that is associated with the coming spring and fertility. 

To see this lady god of fertility you must visit Germanic nations. She is the most worshiped goddess in that nation and people like to worship her in the spring season for happiness and successful life. 

At the ancient time according to the record 8th century was the most impressive year for that fertility goddess for her popularity.

goddess of fertility

The Ostara fertility goddesses had their own month of worship April - seemingly April – known as Eastermonap, in which feasts were held in her honor signifying the fertility of the coming spring.

Ostara is related to the older, Proto-Germanic goddess Austro, and from this with the even older Proto-Indo-European goddess Hausos, the goddess of dawn and fertility. This shows us that the belief in Ostara has old roots. 

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Providing important insights into the origins of the Germanic pantheon. This survives today in the traditional Easter customs of hares and eggs, besides the name of Easter itself – in which Easter lives on.

Hera Fertility goddess of history

Fertility goddess Hera his name is enough for making a woman happy just because of her kindness as mythology says about her. We are talking about greek mythology Hera is one of the most important goddesses for fertility among the 12 major Olympian deities and sisters of Zeus. 

She is known as a mother goddess a lady god of fertility of earth or for marriage, nature of this goddess is female helping women to get pregnant if you believe in her and do as they say. Hera the goddess of fertility is also one of the oldest deities of Ancient Greek.


goddess of sex and pregnancy
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Some of the earliest temples in Greece were dedicated to her on the island of Samos. But interestingly enough. Hera was an odd goddess, with many myths describing her constant jealousy and vengeful nature aimed at her husband Zeus who was known for adultery.

dura male

Hera is known as Hercules, mom all the subjects of Greek worship her for fertility you can see her image for better understanding.

Dodola Fertility Goddess

Douala is a deity and is of Slavic mythology, also known as perperuna, and is associated with the major god Peru, earth fertility, and rain. Customs Related to Dodola are numerous across the Slavic world, and have remained in use well into the 1950s and after. 

Goddess of  fertility & love

Rituals honoring doors are usually performed by children and young girls, who adorn themselves with leaves and sing songs of invocation.

The songs of Dodola are some of the most well-preserved and offer an important insight into the staunch survival of Slavic paganism to this very day, which mostly survived among the south slave.

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Inanna Fertility goddess

Inanna is an ancient Goddess of The Mesopotamian civilization that is associated with beauty, sex, justice, and political power. She is worshiped in the summer season every year. She is also known as Ishtar and queen of heaven.

Fertility goddess of Egyptian
image credit- Wikipedia

As this goddess was known and worshipped as early as 4000 years BC, she naturally influenced numerous fertility goddesses in the following civilizations. Ishtar influenced the goddess of the Phoenicians Astoreth, and from there – the Greek Aphrodite – both deities of love, passion, and procreation. 

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The worship of Ishtar survived In parts of Upper Mesopotamia even into the 18th century, making it one of the oldest surviving cults on the planet.

Kaltes-Ekwa Fertility Goddess

Fertility Goddess Kaltes-Kwa is the mother of Ukraine, which is presently known as Siberia and worshiped by the Khanty and Manish communities. 

This fertility goddess is also worshiped by Hungarian she is the goddess of new hope and we called her goddess fertility and goddesses of down she is the wife of a supreme male god Num-forum. A famous god of ancient Ukrainian civilization.

images of fertility goddess.
image credit- Wikipedia

Kaltes-Ekwa is also known as a moon god as well as worshiped by people in Ukraine, she helps females to get conceive as she is called the goddess of childbirth, and a very loving fertility goddess according to their mythology. And local tribes and communities.

Nerthus Goddess

Nerthus, or Nerpuz, was the major fertility goddess of the Germanic tribes, described in detail by Tacitus in his first century AD work Germania. The fertility goddess Tacitus is a royal goddess but worshiped by all. 

Goddess of fertility Shiva
image credit - Wikipedia

You can see the statue of Nerthus the fertility goddess on a cart that is pulled by to calf and a bishop who is attending the cart, that calf roams around the nation for their will and shows its grace to all the citizens in ancient times. 

the villages, which is personified as the will of the goddess herself.

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Corpuz is most likely the female counterpart of the Old Norse god Njoror, who is associated with wit seafaring and crop fertility. 

The slaves who washed the cart in the shared lake were also drowned in it, seemingly to accentuate the mystery and create an illusion that they truly did witness the revered goddess.

Freyja Goddess of Beauty

Freyja goddess of fertility is a goddess of beauty, love, fertility, sex, war, and seniority. Fertility is the owner of the necklace bruising men, she likes to ride on a chariot.

freyja goddess of vertility
credit- Wikipedia

the Lady,” and in numerous myths she has quite a promiscuous nature, where she offers her body freely. She rides a chariot which is pulled by two cats and has a boar by her side – Hildisvini. 

This fertility goddess presides over Folkvangr, a heavenly meadow in which she receives half of the warriors who fall in battle, while the other half is greeted by Odin in Valhalla. Through this, she is connected to the valkyries as well. Her cult was extremely important in Germany and Scandinavia.

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Taweret Goddess of pregnancy

Taweret the goddess of fertility is presently a local fertility goddess of Egypt and people worship her here for fertility & for getting pregnant I mean for childbirth. Wavelet is best known for its ancient belief in infertility In Egyptian society.

Taweret Goddess of pregnancy
Credit- Wikipedia

She is displayed in the form of a large upright hippopotamus, with feline legs and a crocodile tail, with drooping female breasts. Her bestial and frightening form is a part of her protective role – her ugliness was through to repel demons and protect the newborn children.

Taweret’s cult had a long history and popularity in ancient Egypt and she was a loving patron of women. Her worship dates as early as 2600 BC, making her one of the oldest goddesses. Hippos were viewed as dangerous – and thus revered.

Xochiquetzal Goddess of Childbirth.

Xochiquetzal, one of the most famous fertility goddesses also known as ichpochtle was one of the major goddesses of Aztec mythology and connected to fertility, beauty, childbirth, and female sexual power. 

Xochiquetzal fertility goddess also knows a savior of a woman and a pregnant lady. These are some of her most powerful grace over the female.

goddess for fertility
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Unlike human sacrifices that were a common part of Atec Worship, Ichpochtli was venerated in a more natural way, with ceremonies involving flowers, butterflies, and animal masks. 

She was portrayed as youthful and in animal masks, she was portrayed as a youthful and luscious woman. Xochiquetzal was the mother of Quetzalcoatl, a major Aztec deity.

Ziva Goddess of Fertility

Ziva, also known as Ziwia and Zizileya was a major Goddess of the slaves and associated with life and fertility

Her name means alive, living, being and existing. She is the fertility Goddess and is also known as a mother she is worshiped by the Slavic world in the west slaves. One of the attributes of a golden apple is a common Slavic feature that is a part of numerous myths.

Fertility goddess Persephone
credit- Wikipedia.

Ziva the fertility female god has many mythological stories that light up her attribute for females and fertility that is similar to the Norse goddess, as well as European fertility goddesses, were offered to her. 

She looks like so beautiful woman fertility goddess with a symbol of fertility attached to her. She is also known as an old ancient Egyptian fertility goddess and people called her Prevent Pregnancy and worship her.


At the Whim of Conquering Nature

Life was harsh in ancient times from the harsh survival conditions of the Paleolithic to warlike Classical Antiquity-life was never a certainty. And in order to ensure offspring and to implore the earth to provide a successful harvest.

Final words…

The fertility goddess is the mother of all life and we should worship her according to our nation and their belief. Worshiping a fertility god may help you to get pregnant if you believe. But the reality is that you must follow the steps for getting pregnant without the right steps no god will help you.

So you should find out the real causes of your infertility and then consult with some specialists for your problem they can help you best for getting pregnant we have listed some best yoga for getting pregnant and also some special poses for getting pregnant you may try for getting the best result.

FAQ  (Frequently Asked Question on Fertility Deities)

Goddess of fertility Shiva

Well, the goddess of fertility Shiva is a male god but according to Indian Brahmin culture lord Shiva is half male and half female which is called ardhnareshwar. 

This god is also known as the god of destruction or destruction and his wife, Kali is the goddess of a new beginning as pre-Hindu cults believe that without destruction we can’t create a new one so These goddesses are worshiped all over the country.

Fertility goddess meaning

At first, we have to understand the meaning of fertility and its importance in our life or anyone’s life without fertility no one can build their generation for the future. Fertility means the ability to reproduce new ones like the same. Such as we produce corp. by seeds and a woman give birth to a baby which is called fertility.

Goddess of fertility India

Well, India is a very rich country and India has 33 crore deities. and almost all are able to fulfill your dream if you follow them. 

But here we are talking about the fertility god so according to my present knowledge Annapurna is called the fertility god because he is responsible for all production of serial or all eating elements for all living entities. And for fertility in the woman, they like to worship the goddess Santoshi or Durga, and many more some of the women worship goddess Ganga, other kali they all are fertility goddesses of India.

Egyptian goddess of fertility

For the Egyptian goddess of fertility, we have mentioned above in this article you can read them to understand all details of the Egyptian goddess of fertility.

African goddess of fertility

Goddess Africa, also known as Dea Africa was the personification of Africa by the Roman s in the early centuries. she was one of the fertility and abundance deities to some. Her iconography typically included an elephant-mask headdress, curly hair, a broad nose, a cornucopia, and a lion.

Fertility goddess Persephone

Persephone is presently known as Greek. Persephone as a vegetation goddess and her mother Demeter were the central figures of the Eleusinian mysteries, which promised the initiated a more enjoyable prospect after death.

Fertility goddess symbol

Symbols of fertility according to many civilizations in history believed in infertility deities. In Classical mythology, Gaia or Terra, the personification of the earth, is associated with female fertility. Women are often depicted with a ripe bosom, a child-bearing hip, and a nude body in some cases. Animals that reproduce prolifically are also seen in art depicting fertility.


  Source of information: 

Ancient Origins.net.




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