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Can a Women Give another Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

Vaginal birth is a natural way and the cesarean is a medical procedure to save your baby and mother. If you have delivered a baby By C-section and then again you became pregnant then the question is here that women can give vaginal birth after cesarean or not. What are the complications of vaginal birth and cesarean birth? Here you will clear your all doubt regard vaginal birth after C- section.


vaginal birth after c-section

In the U.S at least 70% of women can give vaginal birth after the C-section in the year 2013. The success rate is higher so it is clear that after the cesarean a woman can give vaginal birth with success.


If you are pregnant then I am sure you have thought about how to deliver or which method would be best for childbirth. Vagina Birth after c-section is safe and less complicated and also you have less pain but it is costly and it is not the right choice for everyone.


There are many complications while choosing C-section for delivery. Such as; high-risk pregnancy, a uterine scar may decrease the chances of vaginal birth after the C section.

There is some other complication because low resources for handling emergency for C-section. For better understanding, you can consult with your doctor or you can choose pregnancy miracle for healthy childbirth


Why it’s done


To understand why this happens you have to understand some key point before choosing delivery options.


Why a woman chooses vaginal birth after cesarean includes:


Impact on future pregnancies: when women re-pregnant after the c-section delivery at that time Vaginal birth after the c-section supports. them to minimized or avoiding the risks of multiple C-section deliveries, for example, they help to remove the placenta Previa.

Lower surgical complications: while you are pregnant and at the time of delivery bleeding is normal but a successful VBAC is closely associated with a lower rate of excessive Bleeding. Another fact is that if it done then infection maybe increase which is associated with blood clotting in more than one vein. And these all at the end VBAC can decrease the risk of surgical removal of the uterus. Or some time minimize abdominal injuries such as bladder or bowel.


Shorter recovery time: Vaginal birth is a quick process and after this, you may leave the hospital in a short time or just after the birth. After a repeat VBAC section, you can avoid surgery, which will help you to resume your normal activities sooner. It means vaginal birth after C-section is possible and helpful to diminish the complication of birth you can read bump to birth to understand what to do while pregnant.


Opportunity for an individualized birth plan: Vaginal birth is natural birth and a woman should practice for natural birth it is the real experience of birth. So it is important to experience the natural way of delivery. What is your thought about delivery?


Symptoms Of VBAC You Can Choose This If You Have


Here is some identification which will help you to choose options for the right delivery. If you are pregnant with a single baby or you have a history of low transverse C-sections and all done without any complications at the time of birth you can choose normal delivery options.


If your pregnancy is for one baby and you have a single prior history of C-section with unknown types of surgery or incision, and they have passed the time with success without any hard problem will help you to prevent VBAC.

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If you are pregnant with Twins then you won’t be able for Vaginal Birth after C-section.


One of the greatest predictors of a successful VBAC is a prior vaginal delivery.


You’re not a candidate for VBAC if you have any condition that would prevent vaginal delivery or you have had:


A prior high vertical (classical) uterine incision.

An unknown type of prior uterine incision ad it’s suspected that it was a high vertical (classical) incision

If Cesarean scar of uterus breaks then you won’t be able for

Certain types of prior uterine surgery, such as fibroid removal.


Vaginal birth after C-section is not allowed by some health care providers if you have any prior C-section delivery has done. It won’t be allowed if your BMI (body mass index) is 50 or higher at the time of childbirth and you never allowed any vaginal delivery. 

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It won’t be allowed if you have two or three pregnancy at that time c-section would be best for you  


Factors that decrease the likelihood of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean include:


Stalled labor

Advanced maternal age.

A pregnancy that continues past 40 weeks

Body mass index of 40 or higher

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy


Previous delivery within 18 months

History of two or more prior C-sections ad no vaginal deliveries

What are the Risks of vaginal birth after cesarean?


It is important to understand the risks factor while choosing vaginal birth after a c-section. It is directly associated with you and your child’s life. While choosing VBAC can reduce your delivery complications. You should keep in mind that your failed trial of birth is associated with more complications for both the child and their mom. It includes a uterine rupture if there is any scar due to your previous Cesarean tears if opened during present on labor.

Remember A C-section is an emergency that is allowed to save lives and minimize life-threatening complications during delivery. This type of surgery is known to remove your uterus and after the removal of the uterus, a woman won’t be able to get pregnant ever in the future so these are the major complication while you choose C-section for delivery.


How you prepare yourself for vaginal birth after cesarean:


Getting pregnant is easy but giving birth is full of complications if you have had any previously C- section birth. It is recommended to all women who are pregnant and thinking about which method would be best for delivery.

You should consult with your health provider they can help you after checking your pregnancy and your BMI. Your doctor will guide you to choose the best alternative method or allowed you for normal delivery. In this case, you’re medical history, previous birth record, and other uterine procedures all will involve understanding which method will suit you better.


While choosing delivery options for  your baby for a second time or third-time fertility centers are very much important because they have enough equipment to handle any type of emergency after the C-section. Talking with your doctor about risk factors while choosing vaginal birth after c-section in midst of your pregnancy if you have seen any risk factors that cause life-threading.  

What you can expect


Choosing any types of birth you have to face labor during childbirth and it tears your vagina. if you have chosen vaginal birth after the C-section, your health care provider will monitor the heart rate and other important things of your baby so that they can help you to deliver a healthy child but choosing the C-section is costly and it is not natural birth, a woman should choose vaginally birth that is healthy for your child’s overall health that will appear in future for more information on why you should choose vaginal birth for your child’s healthy future read our article to understand.


Final words…


The life of a woman is complicated mostly from the time of pregnancy to the delivery of a child a woman has to bear unbearable pain during delivery. Mostly while on vaginal delivery. Vaginal delivery after the c-section is a way to choose less complication while birthing.


C-section is a way which helps a woman to minimize their pain and help her to deliver easily the baby with safety. But one complication is there if your doctor has removed your uterus the woman won’t be able to give another birth.

C-section after vaginal birth is a choice for women to maintain their ability to give natural birth and it Is the right way to give birth. As we have started this article to understand that a woman is able for normal birth after a c-section.


you should consult with your doctor to understand your pregnancy situation and risks factor with your earlier pregnancy then your doctor will guide you to choose the best way for delivery of your child.


Frequently Asked Question

frequently asked question (dgs health)

Tips for normal delivery after cesarean

Cesarean is a medical procedure to minimize risk factors for baby and mother, it is allowed by a doctor when they find that there are complications with natural birth. For the normal delivery, you should choose the pregnancy miracle a scientific solution for natural birth tips, and all the procedures which a lady should apply for normal birth.


Natural birth after C-section stories


Natural birth is a process where women birthing their child by their vagina and this process takes up to 48 hours from starting of labor. There are several stories of natural birth after the c section. The c-section is a medical help to minimize life risk for both.


If the first delivery is cesarean can the second be normal? 


Yes, of course, you can choose normal delivery after the c-section delivery. As I have informed you about the condition where C-section is allowed, for a better guide, you can consult with your health provider they will guide you better than anyone because they will examine your health condition and then they suggest you best method.

Chances of c-section after natural birth


It depends on your health condition such as your BMR and some other medical history your capacity of bearing pain. If you’re BMR and other medical conditions are normal and your baby is also normal then you can a natural birth.

Exercise for normal delivery


For the normal delivery at first, you should have to maintain your weight and regularly consult with your doctor. Some yoga poses will help you to maintain your body weight during your pregnancy. You can join some yoga classes for normal delivery.


Is it possible to have a normal delivery after C-section in India?

Yes, it is possible you can a normal delivery after the C-section for more details consult with your health provider.


How to increase chances of VBAC

For better understanding, you can choose yoga or choose bump to a birth method for normal delivery.


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