Experts says: Choose Vaginal Birth Delivery For healthy child

Vaginal birth delivery is a unique, natural, and ancient system for safely deliver the baby from a woman’s body. Vaginal delivery is painful for all the ladies and can take up to 48 hours from starting of labor. The experience of vaginal delivery is unique and new for all ladies each time when they try to give birth. The vaginal birth changes the thinking of a woman because they are aware after the birth that to became a mom is not a child play and that’s why woman cares their child more than there husband.

vaginal birth

Vaginal delivery is ancient practice because at that time there was no scientific equipment to minimize the risk of the baby and mother's life, but at present, there are medical and scientific sources are available to save the life of a baby and mother. or you can choose pregnancy miracle to help you managing pregnancy.


Birth plans: should you have one?


Before birth, you should plan your vaginal delivery that would be helpful to manage your delivery because the aim of any delivers means to give a healthy child as well as a happy mom.


Vaginal birth is a natural birth process so if you trying for this it will give you a new experience of giving birth and this birth is better than C-section birth but there is some chance of a cut at the perineum for the safety of your child. But it will cure within a week.


While creating your birth plan your idea must be related according to the real situation that will help you while you are giving birth to your child and help you to minimize the risk of fetal or maternal life.


It would be very interesting you should talk with your partner and can choose the right the place for vaginal birth you may choose a home, hospital, or water for birth.


Types of vaginal delivery


Different types of vaginal deliveries work with different terms:


A Spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD)- occurs when a pregnant female goes into labor without the use of drugs or techniques to induce labor, and delivers her baby in the normal manner, without forceps, vacuum extraction, or a cesarean section.

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An Assisted vaginal delivery- this process is known as AVD, this process starts when a lady entering into labor without the support of drugs to induce labor.


the use of a special instrument such as forceps or a vacuum extractor to deliver her baby vaginally.

An induced Delivery- this types of vaginal delivery include induction during labor, in this stage drug and manual technique, are used to move the delivery process further. Use of the term IVD in this context is less common than instrumental vaginal delivery.

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A normal vaginal delivery (NVD)- it is a normal delivery this is the stage to study and understand the contrast with delivery by cesarean section.


 Early Phases of labor

Before the delivery, your body will show you some indication that your time has completed and now your baby will out soon so you have to plan your delivery at the best you can for advance here the list of early phases of childbirth keep it in your mind will help you to manage a healthy child and mother.


Amniotic sac

After the pregnancy when you are developing your baby inside your womb, the amniotic sac, help a lot for your fetus development and remove at birth this amniotic sac is a safety shield of baby, an amniotic sac is a bag of water or membrane filled with liquid which is known as an amniotic sac.

It is a thin and transparent membrane that holds the embryo until the delivery of the baby. This membrane has two parts its inner phase is known as an amnion that connected with the amnion cavity and holds amniotic fluid.

its outer part is amniotic fluid directly connected with the yolk sac, allantois, and via the umbilical cord, the placenta. Amnion membrane is an extra-embryonic shield for parental development.

This member breaks at the time of delivery and helps the fetus to stay healthy.



While trying for vaginal birth contraction plays a vital role while birthing contraction means opening and closing the mouth of your vagina to help your baby comes out through the cervix. So you should practice for contraction it will help to manage pain at the time of delivery.

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While practicing contractions you have to understand it will painful at the time of labor and you should move your body to remove your baby back to front will help you deliver the baby easily.

While practicing doesn’t think that it will vanish your pain during childbirth. While practicing this keep in mind that holds your breath for up to one minute.


Cervix dilation

Cervix is the inner part of your vagina and is connected with the uterus. While your pregnancy is going on and at the time of delivery the cervix may already open up to 1 to 3 cm. 

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but during labor, repeated uterine contractions lead to further widening of the cervix to about 6 centimeters, along with uterine contractions will dilate the cervix to 10 cm.

General guidelines for cervical dilation

Latent phase: 0-3 cm

Active Labor: 4-7 cm

Transit on: 8-10 cm

Complete: 10 cm


During In pregnancy, the mouth of the cervix is closed by a thick plug of mucus to protect harmful bacteria from entering into the uterus. During dilation, the plug is loosened.

Bloody show is another indication the cervix is dilating. Bloody show usually comes along with the mucus plug and may continue throughout labor, making the mucus tinged pink, red, or borrow. Red blood is usually associate with dilation but serious complications such as placental abruption or placenta previa.

You may experience pain during dilation is similar to menstruation as period pains are thought to be due to the passing of the endometrium through the cervix. The main cause of pain during childbirth is due to cervix tears or contraction. 


Labor and delivery

Delivering the child is also known as labor, childbirth that is the reverse count downtime for completing the pregnancy, and after the delivery, the pregnancy will finish. 

At the time of delivery cervical mouth or opening became wider up to 10 cm.

This is the most common path of childbirth and it has three stages of labor. 

The shortening and opening of the cervix during the first stage, the second stage is known as the birth of the baby and the third is known as delivery of the placenta.

The beginning of the first stage with abdominal or back pain lasts up to one minute and appears every 10 to 30 minutes.

Second stage end with the delivery of the infant and the third stage removing the placenta. While removing the placenta you may felt a common pain.


The birth

Most baby born head first, only 4 percent baby born feet or buttock first. It is called a breach, in this case, the head enters first and then it. At the time of labor, a woman can generally eat and move around as she likes.

There are six phases or typical vertex or cephalic delivery.

Engagement- of the fetal head in the transverse position. The baby’s head is facing across the pelvis at one or other of the mother’s hips

Descent and flexion of the fetal head.

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Internal rotation- the fetal head rotates 90degrees to the occipital-anterior position so that the baby’s face is towards the mother’s rectum.

Delivery by extension- for this process head bowed to chin and chest, so that the back or crown of its head leads the way through the birth canal until the back of its neck pressed against the pubic bone and its chin levels.


Restitution- In this case face of the baby turns 45 degrees to maintain normal pressure during delivery, which is still at an angle.

External rotation- the shoulders repeat the corkscrew movements of the head, which can be seen in the final movements of the fetal head…

This is the stage of vaginal birth, at this phases woman, has to bear lots of pain to give birth to their baby.


Pain and other sensations during delivery.

If you opt for a natural childbirth

According to a study on a pregnant woman who did natural birth. Women report a sprout of energy shortly before going into labor. The common signs that labor is about to begin may include what is known as lightning, which is the process of the baby moving down from the rib case with the head of the baby engaging deep into the pelvis.


This is the process of stimulating the uterus to increase the intensity during contractions. There are several methods of augmentation are used to treat the slow process of labor. For a vaginal birth, oxytocin is used commonly and it helps to increase the vaginal birth rate.

 The world health organization recommends its uses. the who doesn’t recommend the use f antispasmodic agents for prevention of delay in labor.

Possible tearing 

At the time of birth, your vagina became wider and it may tear your cervix. Which may later recover? The tissues of the vagina are very soft and flexible. At the time of delivery, a rapid force works on your cervix wall which damages the vagina. but is easy to recover vaginal tear after birth

This type of tearing is common and easily repair at home there is no need to worry about how to care.

Vagina and cervix is a most important organ of a woman and it has a rich source of blood that’s why its injuries recovered quickly, tearing is common and recover from tearing is also easy so there is no need if you find tear of the vagina while giving vaginal birth to the baby. According to a study only 70 percent of a woman having a vaginal tear with their first delivery.

Final words…

Vaginal birth or taking medical help none of the methods will help you to escape from pain during the birth. So it would be best to understand the reality of vaginal birth that ends with too much pain.

Most women chose medical help to avoid excessive pain during childbirth. While others chose natural birth with pain and body are the way which impacts on woman’s mind or some other issues for choosing the delivery types.

Vaginal birth is natural and it may be risky if you have an excessive weight check regularly your weight during your pregnancy to avoid risky pregnancy. You can choose pregnancy miracle to understand what would be best for you while you are trying to become a mom.

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Vaginal delivery is an old and most common way for the birth child you can choose other methods as your doctors recommended for your safety because without your safety there is no value of delivery.

frequently asked question

Normal delivery process?

The normal delivery process starts with you when you felt the minor labor which appears frequently and stays up to one minute. The normal delivery process has six phases.

Normal delivery takes time to deliver and in the most developing country people choose home delivery for normal delivery, this process is full of pain and there is a chance of vaginal tears, at present, you should choose a hospital for medical support for the normal delivery process.

Normal delivery time?

Normal delivery takes up to 48 hours from the beginning of your pain or the start of labor.

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Types of normal delivery?

There are several types of delivery which depend on your cultural cult or depends on your country for more information you should read this article with the care it is already mentioned above.

Baby coming out of Virginia?

This is known as the birth of a baby, it has many phases while you are trying for vaginal birth.

Normal delivery pain?

Normal vaginal delivery pain is very quick and it may run at least 48 hours and after the bath, this pain will remove you can use pregnancy miracle to understand pain during delivery and its management.

Is normal delivery procedure step-by-step?

The normal delivery process is a natural delivery process which is running from the ancient time it is also known as natural birth process. Bump to birth has mentioned all the processes step by step read the article.



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