Zika Virus and Pregnancy Key Think to Save Your Child

Zika virus and your pregnancy, you should avoid traveling during your pregnancy in the area where this virus has spread. These viruses harm your fetus and cannot be treated after birth. Pregnancy needs more care otherwise it would be a high-risk pregnancy. Consult with your health provider before traveling in those areas which are known as Zika infected.

pregnancy care against virus


What is the Zika virus? How do people infect with it?


Definition of Zika – it is a virus as many viruses are present Zika is one of them that is carried by mosquitoes. This virus needs a mosquito to enter your body, one important thing about mosquitoes, not all mosquitoes spread infections nor all humans can infect by this virus. Only the area where this virus has speeded is known as the infected area and can be living there or traveling in that area may affect you and make you infected with the Zika virus.

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Not only mosquito bites but there are some other ways to get infected with Zika such as creating a relationship with a person who has already been infected with this virus can transmit to another human or sharing your playboy toys also help to spread the infection. 

It can transmit to the fetus if you are pregnant and its adverse effect appears in the fetus. Donation of blood can also help to spread or transmit the Zika virus from one to another person. But there is no evidence proving that it can be spread through saliva or coughing.


What are the common symptoms of the Zika virus?


A Zika virus symptom does not appear easily in the early stage there is only a 20% chance of appearing symptoms in humans. If you don’t have any signs of infection then it may appear as a form of mild flu illness or fever, body rashes, headache, joint or mussel pains.

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Is most common symptoms that prove you are infected with the Zika virus are turning your eye into pink color. This symptom may appear within a week of infection. The bad thing about this virus, there is no vaccine or cure therapy available to treat it. 

This virus affects your pregnancy. So keep safe during childbearing and don’t travel the area known as the area of mosquito to save your pregnancy against Zika attack.


Does Zika virus infection increase the chance of miscarriage?


Yes, there is much evidence that proves Zika infection in pregnancy can increase the chance of miscarriage or stillbirth.


Can infection with the Zika virus increases the chance of birth defects?


Defects in pregnancy are not dependent only Zika virus, there are severe other ways that lead to birth defects such as folic acid deficiency caused by neural tube defects in the fetus.

According to national surveys of pregnancy, there is a 3-5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect, Known as background risk of birth defect. If a pregnant woman has been bitten by an infected mosquito then the virus passes into their developing baby inside the womb through the placenta. And you will birth to a baby with defects known as Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS).

Babies who have been infected with the Zika virus have microcephaly defect in the size of their minds or small brain defects are common effects of CZS virus attack. 

This infection is known as Zika virus disease, this effect also affects a baby’s growth. In some cases, the baby is born without symptoms but later symptom appears known as postnatal microcephaly.


Zika virus effects on a pregnant woman have come to light when the Study report has published. According to a report, on the effects of Zika on a pregnant woman in the U.S. 

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and its other territories are up to 15% and babies are birthing with Zika virus infection have confirmed with birth defects such as a small brain, neurodevelopment issues, seizures, etc.


according to a study, some baby born with no defects but later infection appears in their body within the first years. Further research work is conducted to understand another neurological effect of the virus during pregnancy.


What are the chances of getting infected with the Zika virus during the Second and Third Trimester?


Yes, the Zika virus can affect your pregnancy at any stage; this virus can live for months in human sperms. It is easily transmitted through intercourse. 

If you are infected with this virus avoid making a relationship with a pregnant woman or avoid traveling those areas which are red zone on the map. 

Your pregnancy is at high risk of pregnancy but the first trimester is more likely than the next two trimesters.


I am pregnant, how can I protect myself against the Zika virus?


A pregnant woman should avoid travel during their pregnancy. The virus is mostly present in the daytime and it is spread by the female Andes mosquito. 

The area which is infected by the Zika virus is shown red zone or pink zone on the map you can check it on CDC WebPages. To understand the area infected with a mosquito.


But don’t think you have to stay only home during your pregnancy you can still travel but you can prepare for safety against the mosquito bite. 

You can use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites during your traveling.


There are several mosquito repellents available in the market you can buy them from there or can check the best repellents on the CDC site.

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A woman can stop virus infection just by avoiding unprotected mates with an infected person or using play boy toys. 

According to CDC guidelines, pregnant women should avoid vaginal or anal, or oral intercourse during their pregnancy to avoid Zika infection to their fetus.


How long do women and men need to wait after being in an area with Zika before trying to get pregnant?


According to CDC guidelines a woman who has been infected with the Zika virus anyhow they should wait at least 2 months before trying to get pregnant. if they trying to conceive it may be high-risk pregnancy and your baby birth with defects. The symptoms of Zika have not appeared easily so these precautions measurements are necessary for a healthy baby.


A man who has been infected with this virus should wait at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant with their partner. This virus can last several months in your sperms and easily pass to another body. but you can use barriers while mating there are many effective birth control options available to prevent pregnancy you can choose any of them such as Depo-Proverabirth shot for three months.


 I was Zika virus months ago? what would be birth defects for my future pregnancies?


If you are exposed to the Zika virus then you should wait at least 2 months or 3 months. it is based on Female and male time frames to avoid any types of harm that may arise with your fetus. 

During this time your body will remove the effects of the virus which takes time. When your time has passed you can make an appointment with your health provider to understand your health condition then you can try for pregnancy in these days you can eat a healthy diet to improve your fertility.


Can I test for Zika virus infection?


Yes, you can go for a test but there is some key point that you have to understand while taking steps for the test. Zika symptoms do not appear in the early stages of infections.


Most cases have no symptoms, but while it appears it may be dengue fever. Or some other symptoms such as; fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash.

These symptoms last less than seven days. The good news is that there is no death has been reported during the initial infection. 

Its adverse effects are seen during pregnancy or after the child's birth, and brain malformations in some babies. This infection is linked to Guillain-barre syndrome in adults.

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Diagnosis, these virus infections may see in blood testing, urine testing, or saliva test if this virus is present. in your RNA when a person is sick.


In the year 2019, an improved diagnostic test had done, based on research from Washington University in St. Louis, which detects Zika infection in serum that was granted market authorization by the FDA.


WHO has suggested priority to develop inactivated vaccines and other nonlife vaccines, which are safe to use in the pregnant woman.


In 2016, The FDA granted the first approval for a human clinical trial for the Zika vaccine.


2017, a DNA vaccine was approved for the phase-2 clinical trial. This vaccine consists of a small, circular piece of DNA known as a plasmid that expresses the genes for the virus and envelops proteins.


For more information about Zika and pregnancy visit CDC WebPages.


What to do if I tested Zika positive during pregnancy?

It would be risky for your ingrown baby but it is not 100% proven that your baby will birth with defects. 

If you find that you are infected with Zika during your pregnancy it would be best to consult with your doctor and take essential medical tests. You may be ready for frequent ultrasounds in every two or three weeks interval.

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You can see the safety majors for pregnant woman that is designed on the CDC webpage. 

What to do if you are infected with Zika and how to save your child from pregnancy to delivery.

What to do if I visited an area with Zika during pregnancy and didn’t test?


It is advised not to travel during pregnancy into the area which is red or pink on the map for Zika. 

But if you have traveled then you should consult with your doctor they can make some types of physical examination of the baby after the birth to identify if there are any shine of the Zika virus.



Can I breastfeed if I am infected with the Zika virus?


Yes, you can breastfeed there is no sign or symptoms seen whether breastfeeding can harm your child if you are infected with Zika fever. It means your child is safe during breastfeeding while you are infected.


Still, research work is conducted to find out the long-term effects of the Zika virus on the child who is bitten by an infected mosquito during breastfeeding to adulthood but no harmful effects have been reported only mild symptoms have been seen in some of them which are out of danger.


Experts believe that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any potential risks of Zika virus infection through breastfeeding. 

It is advised to talk with your doctor about safety measures. if you want to be continues breastfeeding your baby.


 Final words…

Zika virus became dangerous if it is bitten by a pregnant woman. Infection can be passed to an infant through a pregnant lady by blood transmission or other ways.

It would be best to prevent traveling during pregnancy in an infected area or you can use mosquito repellents to the prevention of bitten up by a mosquito. To get better health advice you can visit the CDC webpage on how to save yourself against Zika infection during pregnancy.

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You should also avoid unprotected mates during pregnancy it can be passed through sperm from male to female and then it can be transmitted into the womb. You can use birth control these days to avoid pregnancy or consult with your doctor they can help you to choose the best birth control, while infected with the Zika virus.

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