How to Pick Fertility Awareness Method For Birth Control

 Fertility awareness means understanding your body and its activity. I am talking about the mature person who is able to conceive. When we talk about fertility awareness it means you have the ability to conceive, but you don’t want to be conceived at the time or you want to postpone your conception for a certain time. This is called fertility awareness. fertility awareness means you should understand how to care for your vulva.

fertility awareness method

The fertility awareness methods are also called (FAM) and this method is applied by any married couple to prevent pregnancy. there may be many reasons why they don’t want a baby at that time frame. A fertility method depends on certain values that occur in your life. such as; the menstrual cycle, you are not mentally ready for a baby. 

There are many methods for fertility awareness, but we have chosen some of the best methods for you that can help you to understand and choose the best suited for you.

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What is the Rhyme method & how do we use it with FAM?

 The Rhyme method is an awareness idea that depends on your periods, in the rhyme method you have to use a calendar to note down your period's day, and next month you will again mention the date. 

And check the difference between a couple of months. By using this method you can predict future ovulation dates and can create a shield with your partner to avoid a relationship or you can use some contraceptive. 

This is the working idea with the Rhyme method and it is very popular in couples.

While using the Rhyme method for Fertility awareness, you should avoid mating during your most fertile days or you can use backup to avoid pregnancy.

This method is quite effective but you have to make the right calculation the success in this method depends on your calculation. 

If you made a wrong calculation it means you may get pregnant so keep in mind this is risky. if, you are not able to calculate correctly. And then you have to take some medical help…

As per the present need, FAM is one of the latest and most reliable ideas to prevent pregnancy.

How does the fertility awareness method work?

The method works with your ovulation’s time periods. if you menstruate every month then you must be pregnant. if, you have created any unprotected relationship. 

There are many other ways to understand how the fertility method works with women to choose or avoid pregnancy.

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Before knowing how the fertility method works. you have to understand what is fertility awareness. then you can use this method for your benefit.

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awareness is a set of practices that are used to determine or understand the time of the fertile and infertile phase through a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

These ideas are used to avoid unwanted pregnancy or for getting pregnant or just to make you enlighten about your fertility days or monitor gynecological health.

These symbols are using in the long past, but later scientific knowledge and research have improved the results and accuracy of these methods.

These ideas of fertility awareness depend on the observation of changes in primary fertility signs such as basal body temperature or cervical mucus. Tracking the menstrual cycle and identifying the fertile windows based on this information.

There are some other signs you may also observe while trying to understand fertility. 

Such as Breast tenderness, ovulation pain, and analysis of a urine which are also known as Ovulation predictor kits. And last clinical examination of cervical liquid. That is available in computerized fertility monitors.

Ovulation is done when a woman’s ovaries are filled with fertile eggs and want to meet the sperm for creating a fetus. Your ovaries release eggs every month after menstruation you have to understand the exact date by using the calendar method to find out your most fertile days. 

These activities depend on your estrogen and progesterone hormones.

You should remember that the life cycle of an egg is very short maximum of 48 hours. But the male sperms are can breathe up to 8 days inside the fallopian tube in the search for eggs. So you should understand this and then design your mating activating according to this information for your better choice of fertility.

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Few more understanding about periods, eggs, and sperms that causes fertility in a woman. Most woman is active in infertility these days.

The five days before ovulation

On the day of ovulation

Within 12 to 24 hours after ovulation

If you apply these methods must keep in mind those days that are mentioned as your most fertile days to prevent conception.


How can you track your menstrual cycle?

Tracking your menstrual cycle is not easy for those who don’t have awareness about these techniques for avoiding pregnancy but don’t think that it is impossible to track your menstrual cycle.

It is a common thought and we all are aware that every woman is different from each other and all have different days and times for menstruation. But to track your menstrual for fertility the awareness it is important to find out or be aware of when you ovulate. This is the golden grass way to track your periods or menstrual cycle.

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Common methods to track your fertility awareness:

rhyme method for fertility awareness

Here we have mentioned the most common and valuable methods that help you to track your menstrual cycle.

Calendar method- to use the Calendar method to calculate fertility you should record your menstrual days on a calendar and compare it with the previous month’s date of the menstrual cycle to identify your most fertile days. 

The calendar fertility was invented by John Smulders, in 1930 at the place of the Netherland. This guy belongs to Roman Catholic Church and he was a physician. That was based on the knowledge of the menstrual cycle.  

The calendar method is a very old method to track your ovulation. You can use these techniques of your own will and there is no need for any technical awareness to use the calendar method. 

This method is commonly used by married couples to avoid pregnancy and you should avoid this method if your period is shorter than 26 days because it won’t work it needs a minimum of 26 days of menstruation or a maximum of 32 days to use this method for fertility awareness.


 Temperature method- Temperature methods are depending on the lowest body temperature that your body attains during rest (during sleeping). This method is used while awakening just after sleeping and before attending to any physical activities.

BBT is an advanced form of calendar method because calendar methods have many issues and are not easy to understand by most women, so later on, in the 1930s, Reverend Wilhelm Hillebrand, a catholic priest in Germany, developed a new system for avoiding pregnancy. Just, use basal body temperature.

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In women, ovulation causes a sustained increase of temperature at least 0.20C (0.4 0F) in BBT. This technique works on counting the ovulation day. As per medical reports, a woman’s body temperature drops just before ovulation this is used for calculation. This method is used as the main component of fertility. At the follicular phase, we can compare men's and women's BBT.

In the temperature method, we examine higher levels of estrogen that are present during the pre-ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle. The higher levels of progesterone released corpus luteum after the ovulation raised body temperature. And these increases in the temperature may last up to three days after ovulation.

While using the Temperature method if, you noticed that pregnancy does not occur, then your BBT will drop roughly, the onset of the next menstruation. And if temperature occurs then the corpus luteum continues to function for the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Cervical mucus method. Cervical mucus methods are invented by john billings had found a relationship between the cervical method and fertility. In this method, you or your doctor will check or track color thickness and the texture, and smell of your cervical mucus to identify your fertility. 

At the time of ovulation, you may find that your mucus becomes thinner, slippery, and stretchy. This method needs the practice to understand.

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The hydrothermal method- this method depends on the rest of the three methods that are mentioned above. The inventor of this method. Dr.Billings. combines both techniques to solve fertility awareness problems and then thought a large number of people to understand fertility in developing countries.

 In the 1970s they modified the method to rely on only mucus. And this method was approved by an International organization and is known as World Organization Ovulation method.

For using this method you should track at least 12 menstrual cycles before Appling FAM for contraception.

For the common woman, it would be best to talk to your doctor about your awareness methods and they can help you best to choose the right FAM for you. Because all women have different menstrual conditions and your doctor can help you to choose the best alternative for you for a fertility method that can best be suited for you.

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libido enhancer pills

It would be best to gain information about lady body parts such as fertility-related information that also will help you to understand what would be best for you.

Creighton Model- This system is invented by Thomas Hillers, a founder and the director of the Paul pose institute. This method depends on identifying the periods of a woman at the time of the menstrual cycle. 

This is a natural family planning system that helps the couple to manage their fertility awareness. This method lies on cervical mucus observations for tracking fertility this fertility method can be used for both benefits.


How effective is the fertility awareness method?

The fertility awareness method is based on a scientific measurement that works 100% if you filled the entire requirement according to the methods you are applying to get a positive result for your fertility.

effectiveness of fertility awareness method

Sometimes this method depends on your choice if by choice you have chosen the calendar method for fertility awareness and you don’t have a proper idea of how to use this method. this will not work for you.

Fertility methods also depend on your menstrual timing or monthly length. if you find your menstrual length is less than 26 days then these methods won’t work for you.

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Last but not least fertility awareness depends on how long you did not create a relationship or how much you like to mate with your partner. if you tracked all of them correctly, you will find your fertility method is quite effective for you.


 Benefits of the Fertility Awareness Method?

The fertility awareness method has many benefits for couples to avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy.

If you are using the fertility awareness method, you will be free of drug-related side effects.

stress management

This method is almost free or very low cost. so, it is easy to use by anyone to understand their fertility.

This method can be used as a contraception barrier. You can continue your mating activities while fertile days without any risk of pregnancy.

This method helps the couple to plan their life and they can choose when they want to be a baby and they can decide on pregnancy.

 Disadvantages of the Fertility Awareness Method?

While using the fertility awareness method you should keep in mind a few words that help you while using the fertility awareness method. These are some of the disadvantages of the fertility method.

The fertility awareness method doesn’t protect you or your partner against STDs so be careful while using this method to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

what is the disadvantage of fertility awareness

You should use backup while using these methods because any mistake can lead to an unwanted pregnancy

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You must back up while mating during the fertile days.

The fertility method won’t work properly for those women who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. You should choose to talk with your doctor about the best alternative method for you. Your doctor only can guide you to choose the best one.

Fertility has lower chances of success than other methods such as: using condoms, diaphragms, and birth control pills.

Final Words…

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is modern life’s need but it is running from a long past. At first, you should choose the best ideas for you, and then you should consult with your doctor and talk about your method. Your doctor will examine your body and they can prescribe the best method for you.

The fertility idea is very helpful for people who have at least 28 days of the time length of the menstrual cycle. So you can choose any method for your benefit.

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But everything has some good and some bad consequences. Now it is your duty to choose the best for you and you should keep touch in with your doctor while choosing any method for fertility awareness.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

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Fertility Awareness method App?

For the fertility awareness method app, you should consult some doctors because there are lots of apps available that show they work better to identify your most fertility days but later they don’t work so keep in mind to consult with your doctor.

Fertility awareness method Book?

In the infertility awareness method the book we have listed some of the most valuable and worldwide acceptable books for fertility methods, you can download them or buy them from here.

What is a Calendar method?

A calendar method for fertility awareness idea is the oldest idea. And acceptable by most women worldwide. but you have to keep in mind one thing while using the calendar method your periods should not be less than 26 days or not above 32 days.

Fertility awareness method chart?

For the fertility awareness chart, you should go to the world family planning and welfare community site and you can see or download it according to your desired chart for fertility awareness.

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Advantages of fertility awareness method?

There are many advantages of the fertility method you can use to identify your most fertile days by using these methods. By using the fertility awareness method you can plan your family planning. For more information, you can read all the articles to understand these methods.

Fertility awareness method definition?

The fertility awareness method means to plan your life for giving birth to your baby or understand what are the days when a woman is most fertile for getting pregnant. If you are using the fertility awareness method you are thinking about how to manage your life and how much time you want to plan a baby.

Cervical mucus method?

this method is mentioned above please read this article to understand what is the cervical mucus method for fertility awareness.

How does the fertility awareness method work?

The fertility awareness method works better with your awareness and your true knowledge about your body if you will provide or apply true knowledge about your fertility then these methods will work better for you.

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Which method is considered a fertility awareness method?

There are many fertility methods you have to choose which is suit better for you. These all method depends on your body or ovaries' activities if your information is true they all method would work. Otherwise, you should consult with your doctor they will guide you on which method will work better for you.

How many days before and after menstruation is safe?

as per medical reports, every woman has different menstrual days and it lasts 3 to 5 days so it would be said that the first week is dangerous for you after the first week It would be safe for your enjoyment.

Can you avoid pregnancy by tracking ovulation?

yes, you can avoid pregnancy by tracking ovulation to achieve this couples are using different types of fertility methods.

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