Can a husband do any type puja when wife having periods?

 Periods are a natural process for every woman if you don't have any periods it means you are not a perfect woman, periods mean your body can conceive for the next generation. God has made us human but on earth very few people are human and you can count them at your fingertips. 

periods and family responsibility

Most humans are the doll of their scriptures they feel fear while reading or thinking about their religion and think we don’t have to do this it is against the law of our religion. which is wrong without reading them one can understand the reality of religion and its cults.

Remember God never created any religion they just created humans and in the human who was powerful, they have created these types of misleading rules to rule over the other human.

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For example in India, there is a caste system when you will talk about caste priests will simply deny and will say no god didn’t create any caste but on the other hand, they will say only a Brahmin can birth a Braham man non-Brahmin never birth a Brahmin.


On the other hand lord, Krishna in the Gaeta openly told arjuna that doesn’t lie in the Vedas but you should surpass the Veda to know the reality if you believe then there is no place of doubt and you can continue your pooja while your menstruation.


Myth about periods 


As Indians, we believe in so-called Hindu dharma and because of this religion, we have (for women) many obligations while menstruation periods. so there is anything that makes or creates power in women, yes there is a way to make him worship you. Our culture doesn't allow us to do any type of sacred work. More than this, in Indian culture according to the scriptures women is not allowed to cook food or stay with their husband until they completed their due course of menstruation.

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According to Indian myth, the king of god (Indra) allied his cause with the women and also provides them some extraordinary power from that time women are still menstruating. And we all follow the rules according to our beliefs. But is it true, that women aren’t allowed to do any sacred activities during their periods?


 Causes of abandon for women while menstruating


A woman's body is like a male body almost everything is the same but as one is male they are female. The bodies of women are prepared for the birth of the baby. 


Woman's body release eggs that meet with sperm to prepare a zygote which further develops a fetus and then is delivered as a child. When women’s eggs are unable to meet with any sperm eggs they spoil and our bodies are designed to remove all the unnecessary elements to protect us. The period’s blood is the spoiled eggs that are harmful to your body.

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While removing this blood releases a harmful smell which can spoil other household items such as it can tear the milk, and spoil the pickles, we have heard about this.


This is the reason many societies stop women to kept alone during their menstruation and then after the full bathing, they allowed them to mix with their family. These are the slavery laws and an educated woman should deny accepting these types of activities.

The thought depends on your mental situation if your mind is full of the wrong idea regarding holy rituals then you may not like my word if you have read some other religion's book about women and they are activated in holy sacrifices you must understand that what is true and what is fake. 

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it is your life and you have to understand how to live either you can accept old rituals and their practices and transcends them in your future generation and nobody will be able to move out from these types of misunderstanding ever and Braham will be happy to earn more money because your ignorance is the high way to make you fool dream money. 


Think about it is not any dharma but it is a business for making money.


What is the myth about worship amongst periods?


All the sacred activities will be the band for five days after the five days I mean after the periods finished and the woman has taken their full bath after then she can participate in any rituals as our Brahmin scriptures’ ordered.

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If you think your worship is very necessary or you are on some bond with worship (a type of special pooja for demanding something through your pooja) your periods times won’t be calculated as our scripture told. Because these times a woman is untouchable so she can’t do any rituals activities.


If you think as you have mentioned that your husband can do your worship in some temple. The simple answer is that yes they can but there is one complication with that scenario you and your husband both have to keep your promise for that before starting the cult. Then your husband or any other person can do it for you while you are in periods. 


Without the promise, if you forced someone to do your worship it won’t be fruitful. Because you didn’t inform about this saturation and this situation is compulsory for any woman.


Final words…

Worshiping your supreme lord is done only when you are connecting with your deep heart to fulfill your dream, without a deep connection all the worship is just a waste of your valuable time.

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Thinking that I am in periods and I can’t do worship is wrong thinking and transcends you with old mythology which are only the ways to misguide a person. 


Lord Buddha says your karma is your mirror if you did well then you will be rewarded very well.


On other hand, you think that your pooja is your personnel activates it is connected with your heart. So no one can do as you can because every person and their thinking about anything is different from others.


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