Trying For Twins Use Expert Tips to Improve Chances


Willing twin’s child may or may not sound, but it is difficult to get on-demand for a twin’s child. There is very little possibility of getting pregnant with twins. Thinking about twins as possible making it true is so far from reality.


how to get twins naturally

According to scientific research, only 33 sets of the baby are twins in 1000 births in 2018. Getting twins baby or there are many odds which says if you do this then you have to give birth of twins or don’t do that otherwise you have to bear twins baby. These all odds are odd’s myth. Here we will inform you about the scientific solution and the possibility of having twins.

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Terms &situations that cause twins 

While thinking about a twin’s baby some biological health conditions are responsible for that. if you and your partner meet with them you will get pregnant. You can ask your health provider they can help you.


Having twins naturally

Thinking about twins is not a bad idea but there are very few chances of being pregnant with twins. According to American research, there is only 1 pregnancy converted into twins among 250 pregnancies.


What are the types of twins?

There are two types of methods for getting pregnant with twins and they are mentioned below.

Identical twins.

While getting pregnant with one single egg with single sperm and later if your sperm divided into two parts them you will birth child and they are known as identical twins.

While giving birth to identical twins their DNA will be the same and because of the same DNA, they are called identical. But getting these types of identification is not so easy only 3 to 5 pregnancy converts into identical twins amongst 1000 pregnancy. 

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And in this case, the gender would be the same for both babies they may be either boys or girls these are some common identities of identical twins.


Fraternal twins


The second type of twin pregnancy is known as fraternal twins. The formation of this type of the fetus is with different fertilized eggs and sperm. In short fraternal are get fertilized with two different sperms inside the womb and later after the 9 months they are born as twins.

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The simple identities of fraternal are they don’t look alike same. They may or may not represent the same gender. They may be boys and girls and also they don’t share the same DNA because they are prepared with separate sperms these types of twins' birth are known as fraternal twins.


What are the biological factors that increase the chances of having twins? 




Genetics identity runs with a person forever from generation to generation. If you have these types of genetics I mean if you are one of the twins then your chances would be higher to give birth to a twin’s child.


It is old hearsay our grandmom or other relatives says this you will give a twin because your family has twins. And these types of identities are almost true.

These types of genetic twins are known as non-identical because there is a reason behind it and that is they are fertilized with separate eggs and separate sperms one other important thing while genetic twins don’t share the same DNA.


According to the mayo clinic woman who has crossed the age of 35 or 40, they have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. This situation is known as a woman’s advanced maternal life and will accomplish your wish.

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At the upper age, women are moving toward their menopause. Which is a dying point or deadline of menstrual life? Because of these situations, a biological change happens in a woman’s body and they change the hormonal discharge throughout the body. Hormonal changes cause a chance of having twins.

These hormonal changes instigate your body to release eggs to fertilize and your body releases more than one egg for fertilization with sperms that help a woman to give birth to twins.





If you want a twin child then your good height will help you a lot. Taller women have an advance they have a higher chance than shorter women. You may don’t believe but it is true taller women have more growth factors.

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According to scientific research in the years 2006, 130 women got tested with this and this study finds that a woman has good height has more possibility of having twins than shorter women. The average height of a woman was 5feet 4inches.


In most cases, we heard that to get pregnant you should reduce your weight but here if you have a higher weight then you have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins naturally.

One study was conducted by pregnancy experts in the years 2016 in Norway and the results surprise the researchers. If your BMR is above 25 then you have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins.

One important suggestion if you want twins and higher weight increases your chances of getting pregnant with twins. So don’t arise your allure to getting weight because heavy bodyweight also transcendent your higher pregnancy category it would be best to consult with your health provider to manage your weight and pregnancy.

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Your race also plays a vital role while the birth of twins according to a research 2018 birth report black women have more ability than white women in the united states. But in other sub-continental such as; Asia, Hispanic have a lower rate of delivery twins.



Diet what you are consuming most of your dishes these all play a great role in your pregnancy and types of pregnancy. If you are taking dairy products have a higher chance for twins than those who don’t consume dairy. 

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Dairy products have an extra layer of insulin hormone and when they meet with a woman's growth hormone both hormones work for fertility and you find.

Do you know southwest Nigeria is a country that has the highest rate of twins birth in the world? A study analysis conducted in the years 2008 and find eating yam has increased their chances. Yam has the natural hormone Phyto-estrogen which has increased the chances of getting pregnant with twins.

While increasing your intake of this root vegetable certainly is not a surefire way to conceive multiples, eating yams – chock-full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals – certainly can’t hurt you.


chances of Having twins with fertility treatments.

To Get Twins you can try artificial treatment I mean you can ask your doctor for a  pregnancy that is known as Artificial Reproductive Technology. And work with IVF technology or some other fertility technology such as IUI to get pregnant  

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And it is the most successful treatment for getting pregnant with twins. You can try to get pregnant.


IUI Treatment for getting Pregnant with twins

According to research, IUI can’t help you to get pregnant with twins but with the support of certain drugs. While using medicine your chances will increase with this IUI technology.

While using IUI doctor uses medicine these medicine help or support your body to release multiple eggs at a singles time and there are more chances to fertilize more than one egg and help you to birth.

All the medicine are not equal to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. Such as Clomid is a medicine used with IUI has a 7.5 percent chance of getting twins. While using Femara had a 3.5 percent chance of getting pregnant.

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Gonadotropin types of follicle Stimulating hormone (FSH) can increase the growth of egg follicles. They are known as injectable medicine for getting pregnant with twins. So you should consult with your doctor if you are artificially treated for getting pregnant with twins.


IVF is another part to get pregnant with twins, with the help of IVF technology can increase your chances because it is a transfer technology that helps the number of families to get pregnant and fulfill their dream.

While using IVF you transfer their embody from one person to another to get pregnant. While getting pregnant you should transfer more than one embryo.

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The rate of twin pregnancies with IVF with fresh embryos is 12.1 percent for women under age 35 and 9.2 percent for women ages 35 to 37.

The chances decrease with age (unlike natural twin conception), as women 38 to 40 only have a 5.2 percent rate. And for those who are 42 and older, the rate is just 0.5 percent.

While the transfer of embryos during IVF for getting pregnant these embryos may split and convert into three where two would be identical and another would be a fraternal sibling.

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins?

Getting pregnant with twins is not easy you may find many articles on the net that prove how to get pregnant with twins but it is not so easy but it is a scientific technology that helps you to get pregnant with twins.

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 If you want to get pregnant with twins naturally or artificially it creates certain complications and causes high-risk pregnancy. Consult with your doctor before planning.  it may increase the chances of gestational diabetes developing preeclampsia.

note- you can consult regularly with your doctor to understand the position of your baby and check their health conditions to avoid maximum risks to life.

Beyond the risks, a lot of the factors that increase the odds of having twins aren’t exactly in your control.

While trying for twins eating dairy or yams just increases your weight but they can’t improve your height race or family history so be careful while using them.

While trying in the late 30 or early 40 may decrease your chances of fertility and abnormalities in chromosomal and can increase your chances. Consulting with your doctor will be the best help for you.

Using reproductive technology such as IVF or IUI will increase your chances and it would be in your control to get pregnant with twins.


Ovulation-enhancing drugs used alone or with IUI require a prescription and may carry some serious risks, like a higher chance of ovarian hyperstimulation or ectopic pregnancy.

Drugs and procedures like IVF are also costly and typically reserved for couples who have been diagnosed with infertility.

While you are trying for twins you should consult with your doctor, they can help you with the most suitable technology that suits you better according to your present condition.

Final words…

Getting pregnant with twins most of the time depends on your luck or family history but there are no pills or guaranteed methods that will sure you that while using this you will give birth to twins.

But don’t think that you don’t have any chances, eat dairy and yam can help you to get twins but it is not sure but still you can try because these are ways to increase your chances with IUI or IVF technology.

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 While you trying for twins there are some risks and some rewards. But before you get too carried away with dreaming, try first looking forward to seeing double with the lines on your pregnancy test. We’re sending baby dust!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently asked question.

Folic acid to get pregnant with twins.

Folic acid has a good impact on your body, folic acid contains Vitamin B, study and research paper had that taking folic acid during pregnancy increases your chances of getting twins. For the improvement of your chances of getting pregnant with twins, you should take up to 250 mg of folic acid every day and increase it up to 750 mg during your pregnancy.

There have been some studies that suggest folic acid may increase the likelihood of conceiving multiples. Taking folic acid will help you to protect the baby and her brain so take it daily basis or you can consult with your doctor.

How to have twins naturally


Many odds fix you for getting twins. At first, you have to increase your eating habit and eat too many dairy products or yams.

You should become older to get pregnant late 30 or early 40 is a good age to become pregnant with twins.

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Your family history is also responsible for getting pregnant with twins, if you have a family history then there may be the biggest chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Calculate your chances of having twins

It depends on certain things to get pregnant with twins it depends on your health age, family history can increase your chances of getting pregnant or you can improve your chance of having pregnant twins.

IVF twin's chances of boy and girl

While Using IVF technology you transfer embryos from one body to another so using this technology you will get identical and being a boy or girl, it is not sure to identify the gender of the child.

How to know if you will have twins In the future

Getting twins depends on several things as we have mentioned above in this article to understand all the odds to have twins in the future. For more information read the full article.

Fertility pills for twins

For fertility pills, you should consult with your doctor they can suggest you know the best medicine for getting twins. As per my knowledge, there are no ay pills that sure you.

Chances of having twins after 30

As per medical research as you have grown up your chances of getting pregnant with twins increase. At an older age, you lose your fertility and reach close to menopause your menstruation will be disturbed. This will help you to get pregnant with twins.


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