How Does Identify Fertility Age in Women

Fertility age means time periods of reproducing (giving birth) a new baby just like the same. The age of fertility starts with menstruation in women. 

fertility age of women

At the present time, we find that women’s fertility age is decreasing. as a new report published in news showed. that now women are starting their menstruation early in their 11th year. it means now they are able to be fertile. This is really a matter of concern. Before this, the menstrual time was 16 to 14. But, now it has decreased its time values. an early start means an early finish. you can use fertility yoga that will help you to get pregnant.

Fertility changes with age

Yes, fertility changes with age, males and females both have the ability to be fertile. But women’s fertility is more complicated than that of men. Women, they start their fertility with their menstruation. or reproducing eggs in their ovary.

For male fertility starts with their sperm. the time when men (hydrosol) are able to produce sperms that are called the time of fertility.

In females after menopause women are not able to become fertile, which means that is the end of their fertility. Generally, reproductive potential decreases as women get older. and fertility can be expected to end 5 to 10 years before menopause.

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As we know the present time is a very tough time for everyone. Everyone is busy in their life and also they are highly educated and they want to be earning money. So a couple doesn’t have time for a baby and they think that we will do it later. And truly they become late to be parents of their own child.

As women grew older their egg production decreased in numbers. so after 30+ ages, they start facing problems with fertility. and finds many causes of fertility. Because of the low number of eggs. That depends on your age.

What is the relation between Ovulation and the menstrual cycle?

Women’s fertility age starts with Ovulation. which appears every calendar month as a form of the menstrual cycle. Until fertility or ovulation stops producing eggs inside women’s bodies. Menstruation happens because produced eggs are not fertile with sperm. they died and the body wants to remove them. and women have known it as menstruation which happens in the ovary and is called ovulation.

which is located in the brain, and stimulates a group of follicles to grow more rapidly on both ovaries. The pituitary hormone that stimulates the ovaries is called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Normally, only one of those follicles will reach maturity and release an egg (ovulate ). the remainder gradually will stop growing and degenerate. If pregnancy does not occur. the endometrial is shed as the menstrual flow and the cycle begins again in their early teens. girls often have irregular ovulation resulting in irregular menstrual cycles. but by age 16. They must fix up ovulation with normal periods.

Women's fertility age depends on their age as women grown-up older. the chances decrease so try to conceive in your early 20s. the position of mating is also important for getting pregnant. so think about which style you should choose.

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At birth, there are about one million follicles. By puberty, that number will have dropped to about 300,000. Follicles are part of fertility and woman's eggs but only 1% is used for fertility. during their reproductive years because fertility depends on women’s age. The follicles process is known as artesian in medical terms.

Artesian is a degenerative process that occurs regardless of whether you are pregnant. have normal menstrual cycles, use birth control, or are undergoing infertility treatment. Smokers appear to experience menopause about 1 year earlier than non-smokers.

Fertility in the aging female

It is not impossible that an aged woman won’t be fertilized. but they have to suffer or try more than a normal woman who has under age such as the 20 to 30 age group.

If you belong in this time and age frame then there are no issues with your fertility or pregnancy. but after 30 years of age, you may find some signs of infertility while trying to conceive. As per a journal published after 35 years women have only 20 to 25 percent chances to be conceived. and these all depend on your eggs how many eggs are with you for fertility.

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That means that for every 100 fertile 30 year- old women trying to get pregnant in 1 cycle, 20 will be successful. and the other 80 will have to try again. By age 40, a woman’s chance is less than 5% per cycle. so fewer than 5 out of every 100 women are expected to be successful each month.

Women do not remain fertile until menopause. After the age of 50+, most women are not able to conceive easily because of menopause. In most cases, menopause stops after 50+ years. but you can get pregnant after this year if your menstruation continues. but you have to check up and take strong medicinal steps for getting pregnant. Such as; IVF. That can help you to improve the fertility age of women.

. You may find some information that they can go with fertility such as IVF fertility. But women’s age is a real factor in women’s fertility. because as women age they lower the eggs and lower the quality of eggs which is important for fertility.

Fertility In the aging male

Male is different than women so their fertility ability is different than women's. Male fertility depends on sperm count and this process is very slow than that of women.

Sperm quality deteriorates somewhat as men get older. but it generally does not become a problem before a man is in his 60s. Though not as abrupt or noticeable as the changes in women. changes in fertility and sexual functioning do occur in men as they grow older.

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In most normal cases, we find that men don’t have any problems regarding becoming a father. due to fertility (sperms) as per medical records, men are able to become fathers in their 60 to 70 years. With a younger female partner.

In addition, there is a slightly higher risk of gene defects in their sperm.

If a man does have problems with libido or erections. he should seek treatment through his primary care provider and or urologists. Decreased libido may be related to low levels of testosterone.

Egg Quality

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Women's fertility age depends on the quality of the eggs that are fertile. at the beginning of the menstrual age, women's eggs are more powerful in nature and number. and easily accept sperm and get pregnant. But with older age eggs decreased their quality and quantity. which creates problems when women want to get pregnant. These are the most notable pieces of information regarding women. which they must have to understand for their fertility age and its requirement.


At fertilization, a normal egg should have 23 chromosomes. so that when it is fertilized by a sperm also has 23 chromosomes, so that when it is fertilized by a male’s sperm. That contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. and they convert into 46 pairs after meeting with female eggs...

. That means if fertilization occurs, the embryo also will have too many or too few chromosomes.

Most people are familiar with the done syndrome. a condition that results when the embryo has an extra chromosome 21.

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Most embryos with too many or too few chromosomes. do not result in pregnancy at all or result in miscarriage.

Egg Quantity.

The women's fertility age depends on egg quality. lower quality eggs are unable to accept sperm chromosomes and unable to get pregnant.

The decreasing quantity of egg-containing follicles in the ovaries. is called “loss of ovarian reserve.” Women begin to lose ovarian reserve before they become infertile. and before they stop having regular periods.

As per the medicinal record, if you’re ovarian reserve decline. then it would be senseless and unable to get conceived for women. And women need more stimulation for egg fertility. That is the reason most women say that make a baby early in their first or second years of marriage.

Eventually, the follicles become unable to respond well enough to consistently ovulate. resulting in long, irregular cycles and other health-related issues with women.

As per your better information ovarian reserve is an age-related issue. that appears when a woman loses the quality and quantity of their egg. In ordinary cases, it appears due to smoking or alcohol consumption or may be due to family history.

Sometimes we find that this problem appears due to early surgery of the ovary. So note them down if you are suffering from fertility and age.

You can take a test to know the position of your ovarian reserve. But it is not guaranteed that it will help you to conceive.

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Neither a single test nor any combination of tests is 100% accurate. Tests of day-3 FSH, antimullerian hormone, and estrogen levels involve blood sampling. on the 2ND, 3RD, or 4th day of the menstrual cycle. High levels of FSH estrogen indicate that ovarian reserve is low.

Infertility evaluation and Advanced Maternal Age.

Women's fertility depends on many factors as we have discussed in this article. Infertility tests are done. if you had continued intercourse for one calendar year for conceiving. If you are not getting pregnant you can go for infertility evaluation checkups. In some cases, we find that couples have some reproductive problems. Such as dysfunction or any past history they should go with this process for better results.

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They should begin the infertility evaluation immediately. A woman's fertility check can help you to understand the Fallopian tubes. Cervix and uterus working condition and male sperm analysis. can help you to understand the count of sperm and the mobility and morphology of sperm.

It is important that health problems are under control. The fertility age of women depends on the quality of their eggs. And you can take a medicinal test.

Preconception counseling is often beneficial as well. A female can talk about this risk factor with their doctor. and they can satisfy them with the right solution regarding pregnancy chances. There are two alternative choices or methods. that can help to understand where is a problem in couples. In a few cases, blood testing also works well to find out fertility-related issues in couples.

Treatment and Alternatives.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

You can challenge women's fertility age with assisted Reproductive technologies. You can use this technology for fertility. These are the high chances to get pregnant in older women.


Advanced infertility therapies such as superovulation. with timed intrauterine insemination (SO/IUI) or Vitro fertilization (IVF) may be suggested.

When these eggs are ready to ovulate, the partner’s washed sperm is placed directly into a woman’s uterus. It is called IUI. IVF involves removing the eggs and fertilizing them. them with the male partner’s sperm in the laboratory. and then transferring the resulting embryos to the uterus.

Either the procedure, as well as any infertility treatment. may be used with donor sperm rather than sperm from the woman’s age affects the chance for pregnancy. In omen over 40, the success rate of SO/IUI is generally less than 5% per cycle. There are only 10 to 15 percent chances of success for aged women who are near about 40+ years. IVF is more effective but also has relatively low success rates. an omen 40 and older, generally less than 20% per cycle

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Egg donation:

If you are older, especially if you’re over 40+, and have not succeeded with other therapies. or if you have a premature ovarian failure (POF). also known as early menopause, your treatment options are limited.

The fertility age of women is limited but desires are always limitless. if you have a problem with fertility you can go for egg donation. Egg donation is a scientific choice for wise women. who have fewer chances of getting fertility due to overage of fertility.

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Egg donation is a good choice you can consult with your doctor. they can suggest you best option according to this process. you should choose a woman (egg donor) with minimum age such as; 20s to 25 years old women. They have maximum success rates. As women go older their chances decreases. when you reached the age of 45+ then there are only 5 to 10 chances to get pregnant. So you have to understand. what you have to choose because women's fertility age depends on the quality of eggs. that decreases as per older age. If you have problems you can choose a donation of egg that can help you to get your desired result.

As we know how older age decreased women's fertility and in this situation, only egg donation is the way

The egg donor receives fertility medications to stimulate the production of multiple eggs in her ovaries.

As per your doctor's suggestion, you can get a donor who helps you to make a baby in the lab with eggs and sperm.

Several days after fertilization, the embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus. Any embryos that are not transferred may be frozen for a future cycle.

In this case, the biological woman won’t be the real mother of the child but the father would be the real mother of the child. This process is called IVF.

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Many programs recommend consoling. so that all parties in a donor-egg agreement understand ethics. legal, psychological, and social issues involved. In this process success rate depends on the quality of the eggs.

Fertility Preservation

Fertility and age have created a barrier to women for their fertility. but science has changed everything for humanity and now fertility with age in women is not a problem. You can change your life with frozen technology.

This fertility preservation technology is the best solution for that woman. who has crossed the age of 30 or 40 and has problems with fertility? In this process, doctors freeze women's eggs in embryos for future use. In this case, women are able to get conceive easily they only need good quality donor sperm.

This egg frozen technology is a new researched based scientific solution. for women with age and fertility.

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening is a new technology for women. allows them to become a parent of their child. and help women who are suffering from fertility and age problems.

Scientific research has always helped humanity. and now again you can use this technology for getting pregnant and help older women to get conceive.

This technology applies to embryos created during a cycle of IVF. This technology works with the help of PGD which allows the collection of cells from the donor’s embryo. And make a chemical process for fertility and woman gets baby.

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Embryos for transfer to the mother’s uterus. would be selected from the chromosomally normal embryos.


Can a woman gets pregnant at the age of 37?

Well, a woman's fertility depends on her age. The starting time when women start menstruation to 30 years is very easy to get pregnant. After their 30s they have lower chances to get pregnant. and after 35 years women's egg quality decreased and it is hard to get pregnant. and they have to consult with some specialist for the solution there is only a 20% chance to get pregnant.

Is it harder to conceive at 35?

Yes, after 30+ years women start losing their fertility ability. this process decreased the quality of her eggs. and we find that women have problems with conception.

Can a woman get pregnant at the age of 49 years?

Yes, she can but there are very low chances only 5% chances are available for conceiving. Because this is the time when most women stop ovulation. or they have little ovulation, inferior egg quality unable to be fertile with sperm. So you can say it is difficult but not impossible. You can choose another option for pregnancy.

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Does age affect fertility?

Yes, in the case of a woman, age is a major factor in infertility. The woman is highly active in her 20s to 30s years. And after this, they lose the ability to get pregnant. In their 30s to 40s, they have only a 20% chance of conceiving, and after Their 40s plus they have only a 5% chance of getting fertile.

Is 43 too old to get pregnant?

Yes, 43 years is an old age for women in terms of getting pregnant but they have chances to get pregnant. If you wish to get pregnant you must consult with your health provider. They can help you to choose an alternative method for getting pregnant.

Is 44 too old to have a baby?

Yes, and women have only a 5% chance to get pregnant naturally.

Can I have a healthy baby at 45?

It is not sure, because this age doesn’t have enough quality eggs. With women and due to this it is not sure but you can choose the alternative option for a healthy baby. With scientific solutions.

Which age is best to get pregnant?

According to scientific research, the best age group for women to get pregnant is the 20s to The 30s. in this time period, women can get pregnant easily without any problems. Because they reproduce the best quality of eggs. that works better with sperm and conception.

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Can I get pregnant at 43 with IVF?

Yes, you can. This is a new process and this process has developed for that woman. Who denied getting pregnant at an early age. IVF technology works for those who have a lower quality of eggs and they are 40+ ages. So you can choose this option and it will work for you.

Female fertility age chart?

Female fertility age depends on the quality and quantity of their eggs. 20 to 30 years are the best time for getting pregnant. 30 to 40 have few chances to get pregnant and after 40 plus age group it would be very difficult to get pregnant. You can choose an alternative to getting pregnant after 40-plus ages.

Female fertility age graph?

Fertility rates by age

Pregnancy age limit?

A woman's fertility is depending on her age. 20 to 30 they have maximum chances to get pregnant. 30 to 40 they have 20% chances after 40 they have only 5% chances to get pregnant.

Age and fertility calculator?

See above for fertility and age relationships.

Are 50 too old to have a baby?

Yes, you are really too late but it is not sure you won’t get pregnant. you should choose the IVF method for getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant in your 50s?

There are minimum chances to get pregnant because of the low quality and quantity of eggs. Your doctor can help you best.

Can a 48-year-old woman get pregnant?

Yes, she can but she has to choose some of the alternative methods. That is mentioned above in this article you should read them and they consult with your doctor.

Fertility rates by age

See above we have mentioned all the information regarding this question. How age matters for woman fertility.

Best age to have a baby for a woman

20 to 30 years is the best for getting pregnant after this you may have faced problems.

At what age does a woman stop being fertile?

According to scientific research. After the age of 52 women are not able to be fertile because of menopause. It means no eggs no child.

Can a 50 years-old woman get pregnant?

Very rare chances but you can choose alternatives such as egg donation. IVF method can help but not sure your health provider can help you best.


The fertility age of women is a natural ability to get pregnant. Whenever their eggs meet with sperms. There is a number of reasons that stop women from getting pregnant in their early 20 and they wait until 30 to get pregnant. As per common information, a woman starts fertility in the early 20. And then it starts to decrease its quality and quantity of eggs. For a healthier and happy life, women should try to conceive in their early twenties. Otherwise, as she older, there would be problems with their fertility.

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At the age of 35 women loses their fertility. due to the quantity and quality of eggs. With older age, women have a low number of eggs and poor quality of eggs that are not ideal for the hatch. After 35, they must consult with their doctor. Who can help you understand your problems? And the perfect solution for your fertility and age relationships.

Fertility naturally declines as women get older

Source of information: Reproductivefacts.org


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