Benefits & Side Effect of Birth Shots: Depo-Provera

What are birth control shots?

Effects of birth control shots
Birth control shots mean some injectable hormonal liquid, feed inside a woman’s body with the help of injections, called birth control shots. Shots mean you can understand such as shot by a gun or shot by football players likewise these birth control shots work.

When a woman takes a shot for birth control it means she is free, for up to three months to get pregnant. 

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These types of fertility awareness methods are applicable mostly in developing countries. Such as India, Bangladesh, and other developing countries. These methods are not applicable in developed countries such as the USA, Canada, etc. because they prefer condoms to any infections. These types of shots contain progestin types of hormones to prevent pregnancy and success rates are always high with birth control shots.


How does the birth control shot work?

Birth control shots are tension-free treatments for ladies who are regularly active in mating with males. And also want to be free from taking birth pills that have many complications such as changes in weight, or chances to miss taking a regular dose of pills.

These mistakes or side effects increase the chances of getting pregnant unwillingly that are why they want to use one injection that can help them to be free up to 3 months from taking any pills or thinking about if they got pregnant. It is the safest and shortest way to fertility awareness.

The working principles of birth control shots are very simple the elements or hormones that are present in the injection after taking shots. They enter into the uterus and start observation or they expend their molecules that prevent ovulation while menstruating. If a woman or girl does not ovulate she doesn’t require any fertility awareness because these methods work on ovulation. And the meaning ovulation is the fertilization process of eggs with sperm.

The main activity of these hormonal progestin shots is to release their fluids. and then creates a thick mucus layer surrounding the cervix to separate sperm from eggs. Because of these progestin shots, your uterus also opens its hooks so that it can stop the eggs to move toward sperm. by using this method most couples avoid pregnancy which is known as birth control shots.


How well does the birth control shot work?

Birth control injectable shots are very effective and time-consuming for a lady or family planning. These injections are easy to accept by the female body without any side effects. The chances of getting pregnant are very low at 0.2% in the first years. The condition "a female forgets to take the next shot on the due date" then, it may increase the chances of getting pregnant.

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If you are interested that how well this shot is in their performance then you have to understand lots of information about your own body I am talking about the female body. Some common condition that helps us to understand the effectiveness of birth control shots are your overall health, any medical history, allergy if any, or your reproductive systems responses while intercourse is there any itching activities or not if your condition is normal this shot would be very effective to prevent unwanted pregnancy.


Does the birth control shot Help Prevent STDs?

For the answer to this question, you have to know the meaning of STD and why most couples are facing these health symptoms while mating with multiple partners.

STD- STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases this means some infected particles of sperm or vaginal fluids interchange their place I mean they transmit male to female and vice-versa.


Birth control shots are designed to prevent pregnancy. it means the work of fertility methods is just to stop sperms and eggs to be united. In this scenario anywhere you find any clues that explain that it helps to prevent STD. It means birth control shots don’t protect us against STDs.

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For the safety against any STD at first, you should talk with your partner and try to know if he is a carrier of any infections and then consults with a doctor and use condoms always while mating these two methods are only against the term prevention of STD. 

Are there any Side Effects with the birth control shot?

As a pre-medical record, there are some side effects with the birth control shot. That is reported by the woman who is presently using these fertility methods to prevent fertility they are.

While using birth control shots you may find irregular menstrual timing. Some other reasons cause irregular periods that depend on your daily foods. Did you check here healthy foods to regulate the menstrual cycle?

The second side effect that comes to light is gaining weight out of these rests is rare that may arise in little amounts. Do you know how the birth pill hell to elevate your body weight read a very interesting article? relations of birth control pills and weight gain?


While using birth control shots you may find some signs of depression as per the reports submitted by the U.S officially. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are some safety guidelines for those who are using The birth control shot to avoid unwanted pregnancy. 

While using these shots you may find some adverse effects on your bone density if you use it for a long time it means your bone density will decrease and would be weakened.

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A woman also can find difficulty in getting pregnant after stopping these fertility shots. and they can notice lower fertility in the first year time periods. But good things are that this fertility shot does not block your fertility ability permanently but while using these shots and stopping the shots you must have to wait up to 1 year to normalize your fertility these are some of the side effects of fertility shots.

Who can use the birth control shot?

Birth control shots are very easy to use you have to take only one injection for 90 days which means only four infections or shots in years which is very easy than any other fertility awareness method of birth control method

safety guidelines for birth shots.

this simplicity of this shot has made it flexible with women, if a woman chooses fertility shots it means she is free against thinking every day that today she took there does or a metal-free dome, if she forgets to take there, does if any day. These are some cool benefits of these birth control shots.

A woman, girl, or any couple can use these birth control shots to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It will help you to save your time and mental tension so any woman can take these birth control shots for their benefit.

 While using these birth control shots some medical conditions are important to know before going to take any birth control shots. If, you have some problems with blood clots while menstruation it is recommended that don’t use this method and consult with your doctors for further help or support. 

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Or you have any types of cancer or you are suffering from liver disease. Avoid using these birth control shots. They can harm you badly; if you meet with this health condition it is recommended

Where is the birth control shot Available?

The shot must be prescribed and given every 3 months in a doctor’s office or family planning clinic. It may be available in the supermarket or hospitals.

Do Birth control shots very costly?

As we have read about the benefits of birth control shots. that helps you a lot. As we know that an injection protects you for up to 3 months from pregnancy. it means it includes hormones that work something anti-body. 

it means it must be costly the retail price of these birth control shots is available in the market in the range of $0 to $250 but it also includes many other conditions. 

That varies on its price. It is advised to consult with your health provider before choosing any methods to avoid pregnancy.

When should I call the Doctor?

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While using birth control shots there is no need for a doctor. but there is some condition that instigates you for consultation with your doctors and they are.

·       v Might be pregnant

·       v Have a change in the smell or color of your vaginal discharge

·       v Have unexplained fever or chills

·       v Have belly or pelvic pain

·       v Have pain during mating

·       v Have heavy or long-lasting vaginal bleeding

·       v Have yellowing of the skin or eyes

·       v Have severe headaches

·       v Feels depressed

Have signs of a blood clot, such as lower leg pain, chest pain, trouble breathing, weakness, tingling, trouble speaking, or vision problems.

Final words…

Birth control shots are easy to take and make you free from mental tensions, your one shot is enough to enjoy freely for up to 3 months. This system or method is very popular in most of the country. You should consult with your doctor while choosing any fertility awareness method for yourself.

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Fertility awareness methods are now getting popularity and these types of shots are very easy to take and make you worry-free but it has some conditions while applying or thinking to apply any of them. In those conditions, you may find some health-related issues such as irregular periods vaginal itching or weight gain. So consult with your doctor if you are thinking to apply any of them.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Question over birth control shots)

Birth Shots.

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Depo-Provera side effects after stopping?

Depo-Provera is a brand name for birth control shots after stopping these shots you may find some fertility-related issues for the first years and then your health condition would be normal. It would be best to consult with your doctor 

before applying any fertility methods.

Birth control injections for 3 years?

Birth control shots or injections can prevent unwanted pregnancy if you apply them. These shots are available for 3 months a minimum range and it would be longer up to 3 years that allowing your body to create a safeguard against unwanted pregnancy for 3 years.

but you should choose wisely because it may decrease your bone density and also increase your weight so consult with your doctor while choosing any shots.

Birth control injection price?

Birth control shots or injections are costly and also it is available at a cheap rate it depends on the hormones that are present in that injections so when choosing any injections you should consult with your doctor they can guide you on which would be best for you. The price of birth control shots is $0 to $150.

Birth control implant?

A birth control implant is a hormone-based contraceptive implant. And it is approved in more the 60 countries with millions of woman users. It is a small flexible tube with a length of 40mm inserted under the skin. 

This device works to prevent ovaries from releasing eggs and thickening cervical mucous. This implant has two versions those are single-rod etonogestrel implant and a two-rod levonorgestrel implant.


Is the birth control shot bad for you?

No, birth control shots are not to mean bad for you but they support you and help you to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But it has some side effects. So taking a piece of advice from your health provider would be best for anyone who wants to use any fertility method.

What are the side effects of the 3-month injection?

There are some very common side effects of birth control injection and is

It may disturb your menstrual cycle

It may increase your weight.

What does Depo do to your body?

Depo birth control shot is the safest option to prevent unwanted pregnancy. While taking the shot of this hormone your body gets ready to respond while you indulge in mating it works to prevent unwanted conception and make you happy.

Do birth control shots make you gain weight?

Yes, birth control shots support weight gain. These types of birth control shots contain estrogen hormones. That creates biological relations with the fluids of our body and then increases our body weight.



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