Top Unhealthy Foods & Beverages for Pregnancy

 Pregnancy and food selection varies on your life status and what you think about your life and most of the family like to serve healthy foods during pregnancy. but they don't know what are foods that are unhealthy or should avoid during pregnancy. 

unhealthy foods for pregnant lady

Eating healthy foods during pregnancy is the demand for better health conditions for baby and their mother. At the time of pregnancy, women need more iron in foods that why most doctors suggest eating lots of meat, fish, and eggs. And also provide a good health tonic that contains iron.

You don't need to eat anything which is known as healthy food there are many foods and drinks (beverages) we should avoid during pregnancy. They can harm you, so it is necessary to consult with your doctor to understand which food and beverage you should avoid during pregnancy.

Here we have collected very important foods and beverages that you should simply say no to during your pregnancy to be healthy and for a healthy baby and those foods are mentioned below.

You should avoid fish that contain high mercury?

There are several types of toxic elements around us and we don’t know about them as if, we talk about fish.

some fish contains toxic elements that are known as or present as a form of mercury you should avoid these foods during pregnancy.

While eating high levels of toxic elements in your food such as fish would be dangerous for your immune system. These toxic elements can damage your nervous system forever. And it’s adverse effects can be visible after the child's birth and can slow down the process of development of the baby. All the toxic fishes are available in polluted water. so avoid eating them during your pregnancy it would be better for both of you.


High-mercury fish you must avoid during pregnancy include:






Tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico

Orange roughly

While avoiding eating high mercury fish, it is recommended that all the fish are not toxic so you do need to have avoided all the fish. You can eat low mercury fish that is good for you and for your baby. There are some of the lists of low mercury fish which you can eat during pregnancy are mentioned below.

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Low mercury fish are plentiful and include:







Trout (freshwater)


Fatty fish like salmon and anchovies are especially good options, as they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your baby.

RAW Fish

Raw food or uncooked foods are dangerous for pregnant women when they eat raw foods it can create lots of health-related issues for woman and their children in some cases raw meat or fish can leads to miscarriage.

While eating raw fish you are supporting germs to be grown inside you they can heal to a build-up of deadly bacteria or parasitic elements inside your body.

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Some other infections would be your friends if you are eating raw fish and they are dehydration and weakness. And later it will also affect your baby which would worsen your baby's mental development.

According to CDC, pregnant women are a common suspect for listeria infection during pregnancy they a higher chance to be infected than a normal woman in some cases it is seen pregnant women are 24 times more at risk at the time of pregnancy if they are eating raw fish. 

So don’t eat raw fish and consult with your doctor if you are facing any infection during your pregnancy.

The bacteria of listeria may be present in soil or polluted water in plants and can be found in fish so while eating fish make sure you have cooked it well. This bacteria can pass from woman to baby through the placenta. 

They don’t have any signs of infection during the initial days of eating its symptoms may appear later with the scenario of premature delivery, miscarriage, stillbirth, and other serious health problems. According to CDC.

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It would be best to avoid raw fish during your pregnancy these types of fish are shellfish, and many sushi dishes, if you have a craving for fish you can continue after the baby’s birth.


raw meat

Raw meat and raw fish are dangerous for both you and your ingrown baby. Eating raw meat can increase the chances of getting infected with several bacteria or parasites, such as toxoplasma, E, coil, Listeria, and salmonella.

If you have eaten raw meat during your pregnancy it can kill you, the baby, inside you or may release lots of neurological defects such as ADD or Blindness and can lead to epilepsy so think about it and avoid these foods during your pregnancy.

Beef is very dangerous for pregnant women if you are eating raw beef it would be dangerous for both of you. If you are eating tenderloins, sirloins, or rib of any beef or lamb may be safe to consume if they are not cooked well but other parts are not safe if you are eating them raw. 

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While pregnancy you should eat only well-cooked food s for the safety of both you and your child.


Raw eggs.

Eggs are the best source of protein and iron for a pregnant woman but there are some health issues with a pregnant women if they are consuming raw eggs, a raw egg contains Salmonella bacteria, and due to this bacteria, you may feel fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. If you continue with raw eggs they can lead to premature birth or stillbirth.

Foods that commonly contain raw eggs include:

Lightly scrambled eggs

Poached eggs

Hollandaise souse

Homemade mayonnaise

Some homemade salad dressings

Homemade ice cream

Homemade cake


Homemade cake is not healthy for pregnant women because it contains raw eggs that are not good for your overall health. you should use a cake only which uses pasteurized eggs because they are safe for a pregnant lady.

raw eggs avoid pregnancy

Being safe during your pregnancy depends on your better selections if you are choosing the right foods during your pregnancy would be best for both of you.

While eating homemade cake makes sure it is cooked well or use pasteurized eggs for you and for your baby's health.



Organ meat

If you are pregnant then organ meat may be a good source of several types of healthy nutrients which are essential for any pregnant woman. These types of food can contain iron, vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Zinc, selenium, and copper which are very good for both of you.

But it doesn’t mean that you can eat these items in a large amount if you are in taking in a large amount that may be harmful to you and to your baby. Eating too much organ meat during the first trimester of your pregnancy may lead to miscarriage so be careful while eating these types of for during pregnancy this is why doctors avoid this food during pregnancy.

Although this is mostly associated with vitamin A supplements, it’s best to keep your consumption of organ meats like liver to just a few ounces once per week.



While you are pregnant you should don’t take caffeine products or you should limit them according to your doctor's prescriptions. It is important to understand how caffeine products such as coffee, tea, soda water, or other beverage are dangerous for you and for your baby.

When you sip it out of the limit it passes through the placenta from mother to baby and can harm your baby a daily limit of caffeine or similar beverages are less than 200 mg. if you are maintaining them regularly then there is no need to worry but crossing the limit can harm both of you. So keep in mind that don’t take caffeine while you are pregnant.

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You may be one of the millions of folks who live their daily cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, or cocoa. You’re definitely not alone when it comes to our love of caffeine.

anti stress

Over-dose of caffeine products during the pregnancy can appear in low birth weight at the time of the baby’s delivery. A low weight during birth can lead to a high risk of death of a baby or it May appears as a chronic disease at the age of adulthood.

Raw sprouts

It is said they eat sprouts to be healthy but while pregnant don’t eat raw sprouts or consult with your doctor before eating them. Because sprouted foods are maybe contaminated with salmonella. These types of bacteria need a humid environment to grow up and sprouts are the best places for them to be grown up.

These types of bacteria can’t be out just washing them so it would be best to either cocked them or don’t eat them.

For this reason, you’re advised to avoid raw sprouts altogether. However, sprouts are safe to consume after they have been cooked, according to the FDA.


Unwashed produce

Pregnancy is the blooming stage of any woman it helps you to become a complete woman but your choice of being healthy is important while pregnancy. At the time of pregnancy, a woman desires to eat lots of different types of food items.

At the time of pregnancy, you should avoid eating any food items without washing them. Unwashed food items contain several types of bacteria that can harm both of you.

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Unwashed food items can include Toxoplasma, E. coil, salmonella, and Listeria that come from soil or contaminated water. While eating contaminated food items may appear in the form of flu.


Eating unwashed food items can appear as serious eye or brain damage at the birth of a baby.  

It would be your duty to make sure you are eating healthy food items during your pregnancy to keep your baby healthy so don’t eat unwashed foods.


Raw milk, cheese, and fruit juice

Recently a research paper was published that shows the adverse effects of drinking raw milk that is not good for your health. If you are pregnant you should avoid eating them without properly boiling them.

Raw milk or unpasteurized cheese or similar items contains lots of harmful bacteria, such as Listeria, E, coil, and campylobacter. These harmful bacteria can be found in them naturally and need deep boiling to remove them so don’t eat or use these food items while you are pregnant.

To minimize the risk of infections eat only pasteurized milk, cheese, and fruit juice. Or consult with your doctor they can help you to choose the best food items during pregnancy.


Alcohol is not good for your health whether you are pregnant or not alcohol is dangerous for your health, this is the tag line of any wine bottle but people never stop drinking alcohol. If you are also addicted to alcohol it is our advice that doesn’t drink until you birth the baby it would be very harmful to your baby’s health.

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If you are not stopping then this can leads to fetal alcohol syndrome that further appears as heart defects and intellectual disability in your child if you are ok to bear this type of risk then do what you want to do but later don’t blame God or anyone else for this.

Processed junk foods

Like many doctors who care for pregnancy and child development, they say that women need more nutrients during their pregnancy and they should care about them. But very few women do this because they need an education that helps them to understand the value of nutrients products.

Processed junk foods do not have as many nutrients as a pregnant woman accursed for both. All the junk foods are low in nutrient value and high in calories, sugar, and fat if you continue with them they would be harmful to your baby.

Junks foods are made to increase the weight so they added fats, carbohydrates, and sugar to increase your weight which may increase the risk the chances of the operation during the delivery. And it would be a risk for both of you.

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The bottom line

Pregnancy is the best experience for any woman this is the time when a lady prepares to be a mom and this process is not as easy as we heard that any baby is called mom, or maa because being a mom is the hardest examination of any lady.

So best of luck to the entire ladies who are pregnant and ready to land a little one in this living world.

As a lady, I would like to say that care about your food whatever you are eating to nourish your baby must be fully hygienic and full of nutrients values.

A portion of healthy food will help you to give a healthy baby that will lead to a better human being for the next generation and again it would be the best work for humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq on prengnecy food

Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnancy needs lots of care to protect your baby as well as the mother there are some foods or habits you should avoid during pregnancy. In Indian culture, pregnancy is a sacred process and people celebrate it but there are some foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. Such as raw milk, and raw fish. Excess oily food or junk foods you must avoid during your pregnancy.

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy?

As we have discussed what is pregnancy and how to care about your baby’s health and mother's health some fruits may harm you if you eat them while pregnant. So you should avoid them till delivery and these foods are grapes, pineapple, and papaya these are some common fruits you should avoid during your pregnancy.

What are the Vegetables to avoid during pregnancy? 

At the time of pregnancy, women need lots of iron, protein, and folic acid but it doesn't mean you can eat any vegetables to get nutrients at the time of pregnancy you should consult with your doctor they can suggest you best vegetables according to your health condition. There is some vegetable you should avoid during your pregnancy is a sprout,

mung beans, alfalfa, clover, radish, etc you should avoid to protect your baby during your pregnancy and make your life healthy and happy.

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Things to avoid during pregnancy that causes miscarriage?

Pregnancy and food selection has a direct relationship if you choose the right food and the right steps while pregnancy would be best for both of you otherwise there would be a chance of miscarriage. And the things that pregnant ladies should keep in their mind to avoid miscarriage they should avoid smoked seafood, raw eggs, raw milk, raw meat, animal liver, aloe Vera, sprouted potato, etc.

Foods to eat when pregnant first trimester?

A list of foods that you should avoid during your pregnancy while you are in the first trimester are:


Eggs, sweet potato, legumes, nuts, orange juice, leafy vegetables, oatmeal, etc.

Foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart?

In ancient times, women are caring about how to deliver a further baby and they find out solutions for this they find some food items for smart and attractive babies. If you also desired the same result here is a list of foods that can help you if you consume them while your pregnancy.

Broccoli, banana, lean meat, cheese, dried fruit, figs, chives, leeks, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, etc.

Note- all the information mentioned above in this post is only for the knowledge purpose.





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